What Is BPD borderline personality disorder

I've been meaning to write this post for yonks and haven't ever really gotten around to sitting down and typing it out. I'd love to say it's because I've been super busy jet setting, but in reality my mental health hasn't been amazing and I've been making an effort to prioritise getting better first. Completely on the mend now so I thought it's the best time of any to write my first ever mental health post all about one of the things I've been diagnosed with...

Borderline Personality Disorder (or BPD). What is it? How is it diagnosed? What are the symptoms? ALL the questions.

So Borderline Personality Disorder is the most commonly recognised personality disorder and is diagnosed by a specialist doctor (usually a psychiatrist), but if you reckon you're showing signs of BPD then I'd deffs recommend seeing your GP first to discuss it,

I've stolen this next part from Mind. But basically to get a diagnosis you'd be showing at least five of the following symptoms:

1. You feel very worried about people abandoning you, and you'll do anything to stop that happening.
2. You have very intense emotions that last from a few hours to a few days and can change quickly.
3. You don't have a strong sense of self, and this can change depending on who you're with.
4. You find it very hard to make and keep stable relationships.
5. You feel empty a lot of the time
6. You act impulsively and/or do things that could harm you.
7. You self harm or have suicidal feelings,
8. You have very intense feelings of anger which are hard to control.
9. When stressed you can also suffer with paranoia or dissociation.

Obvz some of the symptoms will be more prominent in some people, and they can affect people in different ways, but that's generally an overview of it. For some more detail check out the NHS BPD Page.

So is there a cure? Well no. There's a whole bunch of medications that can help with some of the more severe symptoms, and talking therapy such as DBT is said to have incredible results - but in reality it's more about managing BPD rather than curing it. Annoying.

I realise this has been pretty brief and I haven't gone into my own diagnosis story or how each of the symptoms affect me personally. I wanted to keep it kind of factual for my first ever mental health post and not get into the nitty gritty straight away!

As always, holla at me on twitter and we can become besties, I'm over @imeloweez


Under £10 playsuit polka dot jumpsuit select fashion

Polka Dot Playsuit - £7.99
Adidas Superstars - £30.00
Mulbery Lily

So I'm all about the cheap clothing and I accidentally stumbled across Select Fashion when searching for Isawitfirst. Thanks to the power of adwords, Select appeared above what I actually wanted and I ended up clicking on it in error.
Good thing really as there are SO MANY bargains on there. If you're rather partial to a jumpsuit like me then there's a tonne at £7.99....they're not the most amazing of quality but for that price I'm not too fussed. They also have a load of culottes starting from £5.99....and I do love a comfy pair of culottes.

So yeah. I'd definitely recommend having a peep, especially if you're just starting uni and money is quite tight.

In other (more personal) news, I actually received THE BEST news on Friday but things aren't set in stone yet and won't be until Monday. So I'm trying not to get overly excited but I'm already grinning insanely like the cheshire cat, even as I type this.

And secondly, I never really know where I'm going with this blog. I love posting fashion content but I'm thinking of venturing into the world of mental health on here. I have a dual diagnosis and would love to help spread awareness, I just fear that it's something you won't want to read? I dunno.....let me know your thoughts.
And without going off on a tangent, I just kind of feel like the blogging world has accelerated into something so un obtainable and I want to keep my little space as real as possible. That's not to say I don't enjoy seeing bloggers have an ace time in Bali etc, but for me blogging has always been about being relatable - and with mental health being such a massive subject I feel I'd be silly not to throw my own experiences into the mix.

So yes. It'd be wins if you could suggest some "keeping it real" blogs for me to follow as I feel my feed is lacking them a bit at the moment!

Over and out.

£14 OUTFIT, £35 VANS

pink vans leopard print a line skirt slogan t shirt primark outfit

My skirt was a mere tenner and my t shirt was a bargain at £4. I even lucked out on the pink vans by buying them from the kids section, they go up to a size five and are SO MUCH CHEAPER. The wonders of tax free footwear.

I would say though (and I'm not the only one), the leopard print skirt comes up so small. I sized up and it still bulges around the stomach area...lovely imagery I know.
I find Primark to be so off with sizing which is pretty unhealthy if you're conscious of your weight, which I am at the moment. I wear their clothes ranging from a size 8 to a size 14, and my friend Emma recently sent me an article showing that their size 12 jeans vary on the waist by around 4 inches per pair!

And don't get me started on their "New Improved Sizing" that they've recently introduced.....

Despite all of the above, I'll still shop there as 1. I'm poor, and 2. I'm useless at picking capsule pieces so just go cray around the isles instead screaming TAKE WHAT LITTLE MONEY I HAVE.

So here's to Primark and their ridiculous attempts at measuring out their clothing.

This post seems very passive aggressive. That wasn't the tone I intended when I first started writing this. Soz.

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