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I want to go back to how my blog used to be, when I'd show my outfits even if they are are bit, er, mundane. I'm not fashion blogger by any means but I've been inspired by the lovely Lucy Wood and her #averagegirlsize movement which has really struck a chord with me.

As you probably know, I'd previously been a bit down about my weight. I take a lot of medication that has impacted my size massively and I'd gotten to the point where I just didn't feel comfortable anymore. But since following the averagegirlsize hashtag I've learnt to embrace my in between size and who knows? I might even go back to wearing outfits that don't just consist of jeans and a t shirt! So if you don't follow Lucy on instagram, or you're not subscribed to her on YouTube, then definitely go and have a stalk.

But going back to how my blog used to be, I used to post outfits and then simply write what was gwan' in my life at that point. And I liked it like that. It was nice to look back on both visually and textually. So here's to 2012 me, who didn't care about numbers, would write a load of rubbish, and try to be funny from time to time. I was a lot happier back then, and after going through a rough time recently, happiness isn't something to be scoffed at.


vivid hair extensions Northampton blonde before and after
vivid hair extensions Northampton blonde before and after
blonde hair extensions before and after vivid hair Northampton
Blonde hair extensions before and after bonded vivid Northampton
pre bonded hair extensions before and after blonde vivid Northampton
vivid hair extensions Northampton blonde pre bonded before and after

Before I go into details, I just thought I'd explain straight away that Vivid in Northampton are offering my lovely readers a hefty 10% off a full head of hair extensions if you mention my name when booking, wins!

Just over a year ago, I got my first set of hair extensions from Vivid and I was obsessed. I'd always wanted long locks but my dry and frizzy hair refuses to grow past my shoulders, and by the time it gets to that length it always looks damaged, thin, and super lifeless.

So. I loved them so much that (after finally lifting my hair to the colour of blonde I wanted) I decided to go in to get another set fitted. I went for a full head of bonded extensions, although Vivid do fit tape-ins and micro bead extensions.

The first stage of my hair transformation was a consultation with the lovely Nicole, I explained that I wanted a darker root stretch at the top, blended in to my super blonde ends. She said this was definitely do-able and we then went on to discuss the different methods of extensions available, I'd had bonds last year and they lasted a good 5 months so this seemed like the best option to go for again. I went away feeling confident that my hair was going to be looked after, and excited for the following week's transformation!

vivid hair salon extensions Northampton
vivid hair extensions northampton review salon
vivid hair extensions northampton review before and after
vivid hair extensions northampton before and after salon review

On transformation day, my appointment was at 12pm and I was made to feel welcome straight away with a brew and some pick & mix! As I tucked into the treats, I was introduced to Jemma who would be colouring my hair. I showed her a tonne of pinterest snaps and she got to work, explaining that the roots might look quite dark at first but they'd soon fade to look like the 232312 Perry Edwards pictures I showed her....

Once the colour was done both Nicole and Jemma looked at the ends of my hair and decided they wouldn't blend in with the extensions that well, so they took the time to re dye, wash, and blow dry my hair just to make sure the end result was perfect!

Then it was time to fit the extensions, Nicole was super friendly and my time in the chair went so quickly. I think I was in the salon for about 4 hours but it flew by, especially with the copious cups of tea and a glass of prosecco!

Over all I'd totally recommend Vivid in Northampton, as I've loved my hair both times I've had extensions fitted. If you're hair won't grow and you want a quick fix then extensions are such a good choice.

And don't forget, you'll get 10% off the full price if you quote my name when booking! So definitely visit Vivid's Facebook page and book your consultation!

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