Benefit badgal bang mascara review beauty blog
Benefit badgal bang mascara review before and after beauty blog
benefit badgal bang mascara review before and after pictures beauty blog
Benefit badgal bang mascara before and after beauty review
benefit bad gal bang mascara review with before and after pictures blog

So. After giving the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara a somewhat scathing review I thought I'd lighten the mood with a product I actually like.

Although. Had the Too Faced mascara not been incredibly crap, I wouldn't have ended up buying Benefit's BADgal BANG (all the caps) and I wouldn't be walking around loving my longer and fuller lashes. 

There's a gazillion reviews on this mascara doing the rounds so I'll keep it short and sweet. Alas I wasn't sent this as a PR sample, I parted with a hefty £21.50 for this so I was really hoping it'd live up to the hype.

It Does.

The brush doesn't look like anything special, other than the fact it's super bendy I don't have much to say about it, the magic all seems to be in the product itself. 

As you can probably tell by my hideous makeup free face, I don't have a bunch to work with when it comes to lashes, but BADgal BANG gives a tonne of volume and a lot of oomph after one coat. I wouldn't go all heavy handed when applying this as I reckon more than two coats will give you the "spidery" look. 

It doesn't seem to give a curl though. I thought it was me but I've just google imaged some snaps and it seems to give the same almost spikey effect on everyone.

Is it competition for my fave They're Real? Jurys out on that one, I like the formula but the spikey ball brush on They're Real might just sway it for me.

Have you tried the BADgal BANG mascara yet?


Too faced better than sex waterproof mascara review
too faced better than sex waterproof mascara review
Too faced better than sex waterproof brush mascara review

So a couple of weeks ago I bought the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara in a bit of defiance. Despite Benefit's They're Real being my favourite mascara ever, I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon and buy Bad Gal Bang. Partly because there was just too much hype, and partly because deep down I was probs annoyed that I wasn't one of the gagillion bloggers they sent it too.

Anyway I went rogue and parted with £19.00 in Selfridges in the hope that my lashes would be transformed into something long, fluttery and bambi esque.

They weren't.

Other than the packaging, which has little plastic water drops all over it, there really isn't anything good about this mascara.

It's clumpy. It sticks your lashes together. It smears. It clogs all on the brush (is clogs a word?). It smudges. Basically it's everything you don't want in a mascara.

I've been using it for two weeks now and it hasn't aged well either. Sometimes mascaras get better after a few uses. This doesn't.

So the moral of the story. Don't refuse to jump on the bandwagon. Sometimes the bandwagon is the place where everyone has the best lashes.


Boohoo Black Embroidered Skater Dress ootd
boohoo embroidered black skater dress outfit post

Howdy! It's been a while since my last post. Things have changed in the last two weeks. I'm now an auntie for the second time AND I have blonde hair. Two things that are probably only exciting for me.

But yes. On Wednesday 14th February my new niece Willow was welcomed into the world, I haven't seen her yet but I'm planning on venturing to my sister's after I finish writing this post for ALL the squeezes and cuddles.

There's not much more to tell tbh, my weekend consisted of a trip to Ikea, afternoon tea with my bud Emma, then a carvery with the mother. Clearly my quest to reduce my waistline before the big American trip is going well.

Oh, and this rather detailed embroidered skater dress was kindly sent to be from boohoo. It's kind of half way between a skater and a smock (and I do love a smock), it's forgiving and tres comfy so I'd deffs recommend.

And finally. Other than the fact that I'm all about the short paragraphs this afternoon, I'm going to be trying out the Directions Silver Toner later on in an attempt to make my hair a silvery grey and less, er, yellow. I might go wild and film it.

How's your weekend been?

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John Lewis Wacoal Lingerie Underwear Black Lacy Bralet
John Lewis Wacoal Black Lace Underwear Lingerie Bralet

Whether you celebrate Valentine's day or not (tbf I don't normally), getting new underwear is always a win. There's something about a matching set that instantly makes you feel a bit more put together and in some cases, more confident.

So. If you've been hinting at your loved one to treat you this Valentines day, or even just in general, but reckon they won't have the slightest clue where to start - John Lewis has got your back.

Their Partners Guide To Buying Lingerie is super helpful and gives some sneaky tips for your partner to follow in order to buy you something you'd actually wear.  They even offer a plan B if all else fails!

I lucked out and received this oh-so-pretty set from Wacoal, I've been after a new Bralet for a while as my go to playsuit for a night out is prone to slipping down and I end up spending the whole night hoisting it up. A pretty bralet solves that problem, it's comfy, covers all areas and doesn't really matter if some of it is "on show".

So all in all, a job well done from John Lewis! Do you celebrate Valentines day? What are your plans?


Lee Stafford Hair Growth Product Review
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Product Range Review How To Grow Hair

Ever since my hair extension disaster I've been doing all sorts to make my hair grow, from bunging it up without blowdrying it, to banning straighteners, to trying an abundance of different hair masks.

I'd completely forgotten about the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Range until I bombarded my friend Emma with questions on how she managed to grow out her hair to super long in around a year. She told me to use less heat BUT to also give the Lee Stafford products a go. They're not overly expensive (Boots normally have them on 3 for 2) so I bought a load in the hope my tresses will thank me for them in the long run.

So my thoughts?

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo & Conditioner

You're probably going to get the least value for your money with these, as the bottles aren't massive, but at £7.49 each they're the cheapest things in the range and it's suggested that you use all the products in conjunction with each other.
Like most slightly higher priced shampoos, this doesn't lather up that much (apparently the more lather, the cheaper the shampoo), however they smell lovely and leave my hair feeling super squeaky clean. The texture of my barnet afterwords is really quite smooth too, and the shampoo and conditioner definitely reduce frizz whether my hair is left to dry naturally or with heat.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Scrub

This is definitely my favourite product in the range. It's basically what it says on the tin. A scrub. You put this on before shampooing, just rub it into your scalp and leave it on for three ish minutes before rinsing it out. It claims to unblock the hair follicles whilst stimulating the scalp and therefore encouraging it to grow. Again, it makes my hair feel extra clean and weirdly it just feels nice scrubbing something into your head - kind of like having one of those massages at the hairdressers.

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Scalp Serum

The scalp serum will set you back £9.99. The idea is that it ads moisture to the root and helps strengthen the hair. To use this you simply pile on 2 pipettes worth of product onto your head and comb through, it can be done either on wet hair after washing, or dry hair and left overnight. If you're doing the latter it will definitely need combing out the next day as it does dry a little bit crusty. As with the other products, it smells like a dream.

Lee Stafford Coco Loco Coconut Hair Mask

Normally I use the Hair Growth treatment mask, but they'd ran out in Boots so I decided to give this a whirl. In all honestly I prefer the hair growth one but this smells all coconutty and lovely and it's a little cheaper. It's really thick and promises to repair dry, damaged and weak hair (which mine deffs is!), while also softening and enhancing shine. My hair did feel a lot softer after using it, and the odd time I did blowdry, there was limited frizz!

So I guess the only thing left to discuss now is whether these products actually work? Well. Since combining these with reduced heat and using only a wet brush and tangle teeezer, my hair has grown around 2 inches. I know that doesn't really seem like much but my tresses are ridiculously slow at growing and they were SO damaged after the trauma that was the extensions. The ends are still dry but the length is there so I'm rather happy!

Have you tried the Lee Stafford products? What did you think?

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