Tartan Shirt Black Skater Skirt Black Chelsea Boots Outfit

Excuse the fact I'm gormlessly looking at my phone in this picture, I use it as my remote and despite taking 232311 photos, this was the only one where I didn't look like a marshmallow. 

This is the final item of clothing I was oh so generously sent from Tobi and I was sort of channeling (or just copying) an old outfit post I did about five years ago when I put this together. I haven't worn a skater skirt in forever but I forgot just how comfortable and easy to wear they were. I also clearly forgot I own an iron.....again, apologies. 

Completely off topic but this weekend has been a bit like a time warp. On Friday I went to a Pop Punk evening where the DJ played ALL the hits from Jimmy Eat World to Mayday Parade. And then on Saturday I ventured to a small town near me that I hadn't been to in forever and felt all nostalgic.
The reason for said visit is that my sister has finally moved there, which is great for me as I no longer need to trek 2 hours in the car whenever I want to see her - hurrah!
But going back to the pop punk night, if you're in the Northamptonshire / Milton Keynes area then I'd definitely recommend it, it was at some remote bar in Stony Stratford but loads of people turned up and jived the night away.

What have you been up to this weekend?


Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Review

I've been in the blogging community for quite some time now and over the past 9 years I've always dismissed skincare. I know, I know, how ridiculous of me. But up until now a cleanser is all I've used and that's only because it gets my makeup off easier than my previous lotion.

But now I'm post 30 (SIGH) I really should be looking after my skin more, which coincides nicely with receiving the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair as part of a Christmas present. I'll be honest, other than hearing loads of people rave about this, I didn't know much about the product itself. But now I've been trying it out I thought I'd pop up a review for anyone else wanting to dabble in high end skincare.

So what does it do? Well it's an over-night serum that claims to reduce lines and wrinkles, and give your skin a more radiant and youthful look, which is something I definitely need. As with anything I'm about to slather onto my skin, I was a bit wary of what it'd smell like, but it's actually a non offensive almost citrus-ey scent that doesn't linger around too long.

It's not too oily either and my skin seems to "drink" it up straight away, meaning you're not going to get a gross pillow during the night. I think you're supposed to put it on before a moisturiser so I dug out my anti aging cream that I bought a few months back and I've been using it under that.

Once it's applied you really don't notice it's there, and your skin doesn't get that horrible clammy feeling that some products give you.

So does it work? Am I wrinkle free? Well no. I don't think anything's going to completely eradicate my laughter lines BUT my skin does feel wayyyy less dry than it did, and it's cleared up a lot after pre Christmas eating left me all oily.

At a staggering £53.00 for a mere 30ml it's not exactly purse friendly and I don't know if I'd buy this for myself, but receiving it as a gift was pretty nice and I'll definitely be finishing off the bottle!

Have you tried Advance Night Repair?


Primark Cord Black Embroidered Pinafore Dress
Primark Black Cord Pinafore Dress Outffit

Alas I can't link to this outfit because both the dress and stripey top were from Primark and they STILL don't have an online store. Who remembers when Asos sold Primark? Everything sold out super quickly so it's obvz a good idea non?

This pinafore actually looks a lot better with flats and tights, no idea why I decided to go bare legged for these photos. I've got these flats from Clarks and they go together quite nicely.

So. After all my whining in my last post I didn't actually get to the gym. I know. Fail. I AM going to go tomorrow after work and attempt to run on the treadmill. It's been quite a few months and I know I'm not going to be able to do ALL the miles like before which will be a bit disheartening but we've got to start somewhere right?

And a total change of subject to this weekend's plans which have been a bit non existent. I did the annual wardrobe clear out today so I'm feeling a bit more organised and refreshed, plus I found a load of clothes I forgot even existed which was nice. It's kind of like going shopping when you delve into the depths of a cupboard or drawer you barely open and find some hidden gems.

Oh and I also went to visit my good friend Caroline who was dog sitting for the cutest French Bulldog puppy I've ever seen. Her name is Annie Goblin and I wanted to take her home. Shame I live in a rented flat and can't have a soon as I move out I'm getting myself a Chihuahua and I will be buying it clothing.

How's your weekend been?


leopard fur short jacket black skater dress black vagabond boots

So it's a new year. And like the majority of people I'm heading to the gym tomorrow. Such a cliche. Seriously though I'm venturing off on holiday in April where I'll be wearing a BIKINI. So I need to run a lot of miles and do all the weights to get back down to what I was this time last year. All the christmas chocolates, mince pies and cheese have now vacated the cupboards and I've managed to muster up some motivation so hopefully it'll last. 

Another semi resolution is to resurrect this blog. I've been posting photos of myself and my frivolous purchases for eight whole years now but lately I've neglected my little space on the internet in favour of pyjamas and copious tv time (so much Dance Moms). So i'ma up my game with my photography and get back to posting regularly. 

And finally I'm going to continue looking after my barnet. I was totally addicted to heat (woah oh oh) and fried my tresses before stupidly having extensions in. This resulted in major hair loss and lots of tears so I've been bunging it up everyday for the past two months and I'm starting to see growth! Wins.

And finally finally this dress is another Tobi garm, they've got a pretty awesome sale on at the moment so have a peep!

What are your new year's resolutions?

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