white floral playsuit outfit of the day girl wearing outfit post black heels
white floral playsuit outfit of the day black heels

Happy Boxing day! I hope your day has been filled with leftover meats, mince pies, and copious amounts of cheese. As I write this I'm thinking of the turkey and ham sandwich I'm going to make (and devour), along with a slice of Yule Log. 

So another Christmas has passed and we've got a whole 364 days to wait until it swings around again. My Christmas was actually pretty quiet this year, it involved unwrapping some Bronze Goddess (yasss), a trip to the pub, and a roast dinner I couldn't manage. 

Before this post becomes solely about food, a little word on my playsuit. This white flared sleeved number came from Tobi and I'm rather happy with it. It's a little bit more boob-ey than I'd normally go for and I don't often wear white, but I'm all for anything floral and it'll work well for both day and night. 
There's a tonne of playsuits on the website, it's set by default to USD but you can easily change the currency and they ship to the UK without any pesky custom charges. Wins.

Also, I feel very 2009 - 2010 posting outfit photos in my flat, I'm going to attempt to switch it up a bit in the new year and rope one of my buds into taking some outdoor photos for me. So now I'll look awkward outside as well as in!

One final note - boxing day sales. Has anyone found some reet bargains? I'm useless at trawling through all the websites.


Benefit precisely my brow before and after review blog
benefit cosmetics beauty eyebrow precisely my brow pencil review before and after
benefit cosmetics precisely my brow review before and after beauty cosmetics
Benefit cosmetics precisely my brow eyebrow pencil review blog beauty
benefit precisely my brow products review before and after beauty eyebrow
benefit cosmetics brow review precisely my brow kabrow gel beauty before and after

I bought Benefit's Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil at the same time as I bought Ka-BROW, partly because I wanted my eyebrows to look super defined and awesome and partly because I'm easily talked into a purchase by a counter gal.
Tbh when she showed me this I didn't think I was going to like it, I've tried Soap and Glory's Archery pencil before and didn't really get on with it, so when persuasive counter gal (I didn't catch her name) came at me with something looking similar I recoiled slightly, in fear that I was going to have drawn-on looking brows for the rest of the day.

I was wrong. This actually works really well in conjunction with Ka-BROW. Whilst that sculpts the brows and tames them into a rather nice shape, the Precisely My Brow pencil goes in and ads that extra bit of definition, making your brows look more "fluffy" and like actual hair, if that makes sense.

As you can see from the before and after snaps (where I'm wearing both products), together they do a rather lovely job of making my brows stand out, as well as giving them a more angular shape. The colour isn't too drastic either, I went for shade "medium 03" which is the lighter of two medium shades, and it matches my botched box dye hair colour quite nicely.

As it's Benefit it's obvz not going to be the cheapest of products, and £20 is a little steep. Although a little goes a long way so it'll last yonks and you'll get your money's worth out of it.

So would I recommend? Definitely! Especially if you're willing to part with the cash and use it as part of a dynamic duo with Ka-Brow.

What're your favourite Benefit products?


Leather A Line High Waisted Skirt velvet s t shirt grey checked checkered jacket blazer outfit post
Black leather a line skirt velvet pink t shirt checked checkered jacket blazer outfit post

Well it's been a long time since I've posted any form of outfit photo, mainly because I've been feeling uncomfortable (and just meh) about my body, and partly because I've been too skint to purchase new clothes. But I went on a jaunt to Rushden Lakes a couple of weeks ago where I went crazy and ventured out of my comfort zone with this leather A-Line skirt and checked (checkered?) blazer. Not sure if I'm feeling the outfit as a whole, maybe once I'm feeling a bit more confident I'll embrace it. For now I'll just inwardly grimmace whenever I see myself.

On a completely unrelated note and a bit more of a "lets get down and personal" one, you may have seen me tweeting incessantly, or at least a bit more often than not, about mental health recently. As someone who suffers with my own personal mental health issues, it's something I've previously shied away from talking about because I've either been so completely overwhelmed by it, or I've embraced the stigma and became sort of embarrassed. Which is ridiculous and I want that to change. Asap ideally.

So recently I've had a bit of an epiphany and wanted to open up about mental health in general, speak about my diagnosis, and reach out to others who are going through similar sort of stuff. Soooo I bit the bullet and made a mental health youtube channel and I'm thinking of maybe incorporating the subject into my blog, which would mean after eight whole years of blogging I might finally get a bit more thought provoking - who knows.


benefit ka-brow ebebyo cream gel review
benefit kabrow eyebrow sculpt review pomade cream gel cosmetics makeup
Benefit cosmetics kabrow eyebrow gel cream blog review beauty

So I visited my local Benefit counter the other week when they had a pretty darn good offer on, it was 3 for 2 with an extra 10% off. I’d planned on buying something for my unruly brows anyway but the offer drew me in and I ended up with ALL the brow products. 

Rather than plague you with products I thought I’d do a single review for each, in the order that they go onto the brows. Sooooo the first thing in this somewhat of a brow mini series is Ka-BROW, a cream/gel that claims to sculpt and define brows. I was matched up with the shade 03 as I like my arches to be quite dark and off I trotted home eager to try out my new purchase. 

2 weeks on and I’m pretty pleased with the results this has on my face. Previously I’d been using the High Impact powder, so I thought making the move over to a gel product would take some getting used to. It didn’t. My wavy brows become instantly tamed and it gives such a great shape. It’s also waterproof too which is a win if you’re a lucky duck off on holiday. The gel formula isn’t too sticky at all and it doesn’t clump in the brows like I feared it would. 

Overall this is a definite win, the only downside is the brush it comes with, I found it a little bit flimsy and a tad too soft – instead I’ve been using my Real Techniques Brow brush and it works a treat.

I haven’t ever used any other brow pomade so I can’t compare this with the likes of NYX or the Anastasia brow products. But as a newby to brow gels I’m super pleased with the results and I’m now waving goodbye to my trusty ol’ powder.   

What are your favourite Benefit products?
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