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denim smock dress boohoo with cold shoulders

Denim Smock Dress: Boohoo

Hurrah! My pictures finally look brighter. I took the plunge and invested/spent a helluva lot of money on the Olympus Pen and I'm so happy I did! Although I did cry a little inside when I saw the cost of the 45mm lens that ur'blogger has  - I just want that blurry background damnit!

One of my favourite things to do at the moment is look at all of the lovely summer clothes on boohoo, set the order from low to high (who on earth would ever set it from high to low?!) and go cray adding everything into my basket. There's so many nice summer dresses on there for a mere £6.... and yes I realise I've admitted to being a crazy spinster with an odd choice of pass time, but small things and all.

I now have an a basket spilling over with virtual dresses and no funds to pay for said dresses. Although I did buy this rather lovely denim look smock dress that's OH SO COMFY. I can eat a billion burgers and no one would ever know! A definite recommendation from me.

Are you a fan of the food baby busting smock dress?


I bought the Morphe 12S Soul Of Summer palette last year and fell in love with it pretty much straight away. I ended up using it daily for months and it completely overtook my usual faithful mac shades.
So when I saw a blog competition to win the Morphe 35O palette I obvz entered, I don't normally enter blog giveaways but this palette was calling out to me. Then a few days later I found out I'd won and did a little joyous dance.

The palette is made up of a mix of 35 matte and shimmer shades, and there's not one colour in there I wouldn't wear. Without sounding like some sort of eyeshadow connoisseur, they're all velvety smooth and buttery, and apply like a dream. What impressed me most with the Morphe eyeshadows though is the staying power, these bad boys will go on in the morning and not budge until I come to take my makeup off at night - there's not a hint of a smear either and they don't gather up in the crease like some cheaper eyeshadows tend to do.

There's also a whole host of orangy shades which are all over the place at the moment, so as well as being awesome value for money at a mere £23.50, it's also rather on trend, which I guess is why it seems to be sold out in most places. I did see a waiting list on cult beauty though which might be an idea to join if this review is tempting you into buying it.

Have you tried anything by Morphe?


mac lipstick in the bullet
mac ruby woo
girl wearing mac ruby woo
mac ruby woo blonde hair pale skin

I don't really know what to say about Mac Ruby Woo that hasn't been said a million times before. I bought this a couple of months ago in Duty Free before I went to Venice and I fell in love. Having always been a bit afraid of red lipsticks I tentatively asked the Mac Lady (that's what they're called right?) what red shades they had, and she told me this was their best seller for like 232231 years in a row. She assured me it suits all skin types and you know what? I think she was right.

I've been searching for the perfect RED red lipstick for an age, and I don't know why I never thought to try Ruby Woo. It's a Retro Matte finish which means it's super matte and doesn't budge at all - a winner for someone who smudges lipstick all over her face most of the time!

Have you tried Ruby Woo?


I've put together a little collection of things I'd purchase if I won the lottery, a sort of unobtainable-for-now wishlist if you will. Whilst the gucci, mulbs, and olympus pen bags are the norm, I'd also like Mr Motivator to be my PT, and a chihuahua to keep me company. Oh and those Doc Martin Shoes will be mine at some stage.

I'm not a huge gambler though, I've played the lottery a handful of times, tried my hand at bingo twice (and lost), and eagerly scratched away with a 1p piece at a scratchcard or two but I'm not the luckiest of people. In fact I'm pretty unlucky.
But constantly hearing the phrase "we'll do that when we win the lottery", I thought it might be time to get involved, after all, you can't win something if you don't enter in the first place.

So I was approached by the lovely folk at lotto land and asked if I fancied a peruse around their site, it basically works like a regular lottery but you "bet" on the numbers rather than purchasing a ticket, meaning you can try your luck out on the Irish Lottery, or the American Powerball, whilst sitting at your laptop in the UK, or any other country for that matter.

You do everything through lottoland itself, so if you bet on 6 numbers and it happens to be you're lucky day, they'll pay you rather than the official lottery operator, and they match up the prize value too. It actually works out better than buying a lottery ticket, as you can get involved in draws all over the world, and lotto land can offer free bets and extra features (like a double whammy of a jackpot!).

But how do they afford that? I hear you cry. Well it works on an insurance model meaning every single bet is insured and the larger wins are covered by insurance.

Simple no? So if you fancy a dabble in the Australian, American, or even the French lotto, have a peep at Lottoland, obvz Ts&Cs and gambling conditions apply.

What would be on your lottery wishlist?


I've wanted hair extensions forever, and it wasn't until I made the silly decision to chop all my hair off in September that it became more of an obsession with getting my long locks back. So I finally bit the bullet and had a consultation at Vivid Hair a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday at 1pm my dreams of a long thick barnet became a reality.

I asked a couple (or a lot) of questions before and whilst having them done, so I thought I'd share the little bit of knowledge I've obtained.

Are Hair Extensions Expensive?

Yes. If you want quality extensions fitted by a professional then you're going to have to fork out the dolla. Ideally you want to use the best hair possible, and that comes at a price.  So you're looking at anything from £250 - £350, depending on whether you get a half or full head. I'd recommend finding a salon or stylist that uses Beauty Works Hair too.

Will The Extensions Match My Hair?

Yes! Even my hair, which is a mix of 32321 blonde and brown shades was matched pretty well. Your stylist should go through loads of sample extensions with you to find the best fit, and if they don't - run and find another salon!

How Long Will Hair Extensions Last?

I've had Pre Bonded Extensions which are glued in, and they'll last up to five months depending on how well they're looked after. You can also have Micro Ring hair extensions which cost the same and will last up to eight months. I didn't go for these as my hair's quite thin and the rings wouldn't grip very well.

How Often Can I Wash Extensions?

In order to keep them in good condition, it's advised to wash your hair once a week. As they're not fitted to the top layer of your hair, you can always just wash this part a bit more if you find your crown is getting a bit greasy.

Can I Swim With Extensions In?

It's best that you don't, as the chlorine can turn the extensions green and also mess with the bonds.

Can I Still Use Silver Shampoo?

A question I needed the answer to as I use it on the regular! I was told to try not too, but again if I really felt the need, to just use it on the crown of my head.

Can I Still Dye My Roots?

If you bleach your hair then it's likely you'll get some re-growth during the 5 months the extensions are in. You can't dye where the extensions are, but you can always have your T-Section bleached or highlighted to hide the roots.

So I hope that's been a bit helpful if you're thinking of taking the plunge and getting extensions fitted. I'm so happy with mine and couldn't recommend Vivid Hair more!

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