Newlook Jacket £12
Levis Super Skinny Jeans
Primark Shirt £7
Primark Shoes £3

Coats in the New Look sale are so cheap at the moment, I've bought two in the past month for a grand total of £27 and I couldn't be happier/warmer/more smug.

This blog post isn't flowing very well so I'll just rattle off some things I've done this week. I started my new job, went bowling, watched a lot of Ray Donovan (Lena ftw), ate pop tarts, had an amazing bubble bath, used some new hair products, put a tonne of silver shampoo on my head, went for two long walks, tried out a local cafe, and carried on vlogging.

Next week I'm planning to drag my (albeit bigger than it was last year) bottom to the gym and attempt some long treadmill runs. Wish me luck.


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