Mulberry lily medium black
mulberry bag lily medium black
mulberry small handbag lily black
lily mulberry bag small black

I don't own anything designer, well I didn't until now. I have two Michael Kors bags but I suppose they're more 'high end' than actual designer.

So when I opened the John Lewis bag to find a Mulberry paper bag inside on Christmas morning, I actually became one of those girls who squeal. Probs a really high pitched embarrassing one. After said squealing I realised I was now the proud owner of a Mulberry Lily and I'm thrilled with the colour, the size, the smell, the style, the everything.

I'm a bit useless at describing bags, because, well, it's a bag. But it's a beautiful bag that'd be the first thing I'd rescue if my flat was on fire, and I'm currently trying to get over the fear of using it.

I just feel there's places that a Mulberry bag shouldn't go. The first time I let it see the outside world I needed to wee pretty badly so we both (yes I'm referring to the bag as a person) ended up in a grimy public toilet and I actually felt bad for the bag. LIKE IT'S A CHILD.

I must stop.


Newlook Jacket £12
Levis Super Skinny Jeans
Primark Shirt £7
Primark Shoes £3

Coats in the New Look sale are so cheap at the moment, I've bought two in the past month for a grand total of £27 and I couldn't be happier/warmer/more smug.

This blog post isn't flowing very well so I'll just rattle off some things I've done this week. I started my new job, went bowling, watched a lot of Ray Donovan (Lena ftw), ate pop tarts, had an amazing bubble bath, used some new hair products, put a tonne of silver shampoo on my head, went for two long walks, tried out a local cafe, and carried on vlogging.

Next week I'm planning to drag my (albeit bigger than it was last year) bottom to the gym and attempt some long treadmill runs. Wish me luck.


I'll be honest, I originally only bought this because it was rose gold I thought it'd look nice on my dressing table. I went for 'Chauffeur' as it kind of blended in to my growing lipstick collection of mauves and browns (I really need to start changing this up) and it was one of the only shades left that hadn't been mauled to death by eager tweens in Superdrug.

'Chauffeur' looks a lot browner in the packaging than it does on the lips, as you can probably tell. I think they're supposed to be a matte finish but there's a slight (Charlie) sheen to it making it not too dissimilar to Mac's Cremesheen formula. It doesn't last that long on the lips and didn't survive me snaffling dinner BUT for a mere £3 they can't be scoffed at.

I'd definitely recommend these for a) Anyone on a budget and b) anyone looking to brighten up their dressing table!


About 4 weeks after I dyed my hair brown I regretted it, everyone told me I looked tonnes older and it didn't really suit my pale skin. Plus my mum had told me a while ago I looked like Fizz from Coronation Street...
So after using something similar to Color b4 (video here) I trotted to my hairdresser of six years and asked her to make me blonde again.

I ended up going from brown to blonde in two sessions, on my first visit I had balyage applied to cool down the warm tones and I was left with something similar to the before snap. Because I'm ridiculous and can't leave my hair alone, I used one of the L'oreal Feria Ombre kits afterwards which gave me a super warm ombre - alas, the "before" snap.

2 months later, aka yesterday, I went back to the salon for a full head of highlights to tone down the warmth and take me back to an 'ashy' blonde - and it worked! My hairdresser used Olaplex on my hair to reduce the damage and I'm oh-so-happy with the result.

The next stage in my quest for good hair is extensions, so if anyone has had any experience with them (bonded or micro rings), I'd love to hear about your experience!


I bought this dress for a mere £10 in Primark, granted I should have tanned before hand as I look a bit ghostly but I like it, it's kind of 60's esque and anything with a 3/4 length sleeve is a win for me.

I always struggle with writing outfit posts, other than "here's me in a dress" I'm kind of at a loss of what to say unless I drastically change the subject.Which I'll do now.

Yesterday was my last day working as a copywriter and I'm so stoked to start my new job on Monday. I might even wear this dress to mark the occasion. Changing jobs was a bit of a toughy as I'd only been writing for a PR agency for three months, but I wasn't happy there and I'm a massive believer in 'if you don't like something - change it', so my CV might look a bit choppy but hopefully it's for the best.

Alsoooo along the lines of changing things, I'm going blonde today! Wins.

And finally, I don't think I've mentioned on the blog but I've started weekly vlogging, my latest escapades can be found here but to be honest, it's just me rambling to a camera.


I'm not sure why I picked this lipstick up originally, I'm going to assume it was the colour as I'm a sucker for mauvey-browney lipsticks and have been for the past year or so. I think my lips were super chapped and flaky at the time too, which is both tmi and why I went for something a bit more moisturising and balmy.

So this is Rimmel's The Only 1 Lipstick in Mauve-ment. Rimmel claim it's a "no comprimise all in 1 lipstick" with the perfect balance of colour, moisturiser, colour, comfort and staying power. Sadly I don't agree.

There's definitely a good colour pay off and it's oh-so moisturising...BUT it doesn't last very long AT ALL. In fact I took a snap for this post with it on my lips (I looked horrendous which is why it's not included in the post) and the colour stayed on for around an hour tops, and during that time it faded loads and ended up looking like a pale pink.

And for me it's not comforting because of the smell. I don't know why I continue to buy Rimmel lipsticks as I really can't stand the crayon-esque smell they add to all of their products. THEY SMELL SO BAD. I think it might just be a preference thing though, as other people seem to love the Kate lipsticks and the Apocalips lacquers, and they all share the dreaded scent.

So for me, this is a goodbye to Rimmel lip products and the Only 1 lipstick sadly wasn't the one - sigh.


So it's 2017. I did make some goals but I've already eaten chocolate and failed to attend the gym. Ultimate failz.
Instead I thought I'd take a snap and talk (very briefly) about all of the rather fabulous beauty products I've been using this year. Because, well, I like them.

Mac Lip Pencil in Whirl - Has transformed my life. I can now sache around pretending to be Kylie Jenner, despite the fact my lips are tiny and I'm old enough to be her (cool) auntie.

Hi-Imact Brow Kit - I reviewed this back in 2014 when I had thin brows. Which means I've been using it 'urday for two years. And there's still loads left! The shade I use is the perfect ashy brown for blondes, and you can really go to town with it to make a Cara Delevigne Style brow. I'll be sad to see the end of this beaut.

Mac Blush in Warm Soul - Oh dear. I reviewed this back in 2013. Meaning I really need to stop using out of date make up...pah it's nice and peachy and I'll love it forever!

Kiko, Collection & Rimmel Eyeliners - Cheap as chips and products I buy over and over and over again. Although this year I've strayed away from the winged eyeliner somewhat...wild.

L'oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara - The best mascara I have ever used. It even interfered with my love affair with They're Real. My review includes a wee before and after, go have a peep.

L'oreal Infallible 24 hour Matte Foundation - Jeepers this foundation is good. I've not tried it out for 24 hours but it lasts a good 7 hour working day and covers up all of the redness. Slight downside is the shade range, it's not that extensive.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - A blogger favourite. I needn't say more.

Mac Matte Lipstick in Whirl - It's even better than the lip liner. Although I just clicked the post and now I'm morning the loss of my long blonde locks.

Morphe 12S Palette - Since buying this in September I haven't used any other palette. I'm a sucker for all things shimery, gold, and amber so this eyeshadow perfection.

Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighter - The best highlight I've ever owned. And it was £3.00. Wins.

Barry M That's How I Roll Mascara - Not quite a contender for the Miss Manga but for a "drugstore" mascara it's a close second. It's basically a copy of Benefit's Roller Lash. But a helluva lot cheaper.


madame la la tan madame la la tan and bronzing ball madame la la bronzing ball madame la la bronzing ball bronzing ball swatch madame la la madame la la bronzing ball after

Whenever I watch Geordie Shore I feel the need to tan, so opening an email from the folk at Madame La La just minutes after watching Chloe pelt Marty with chicken nuggets was, in a way, an omen.

I'm normally pretty loyal when it comes to fake tan and get through bottles upon bottles of the L'oreal Sublime Bronze in an attempt to not look so deathly pale - so when I first saw how dark the Madame La La mouse was, I thought I was going to turn out pretty darn brown.

Turns out I didn't end up David Dickenson like at all!  I applied the mouse at night (without a mitt, a fail on my part) after a mammoth vlog catch up session in the bath, and my first pleasant surprise was the smell. Gone are the days of burnt biscuits, this smelt like tanning lotion, a win for anyone as you can pretend you're somewhere far far away.
The second pleasant surprise was that it didn't smear all over my pyjamas OR bedsheets. ANOTHER WIN!

The next morning, after snoozing a billion times, I showered and was left with a rather healthy, golden sandy-esque glow that has stood the test of time. A THIRD WIN!

So if you're after a hat trick of wins and a lovely looking glow, then definitely have a peep at this tan - it even goes on well without a mitt. It lasted around three days before the colour started to fade, but it's definitely buildable and really quite natural.

The bronzing ball isn't like anything I've ever used before, it's incredibly pigmented and oh so glowy, I did attempt to use it as a contour before realising I'm useless at contouring, so found it worked better as an all over bronzer for me. Team it with the Real Techniques stippling brush and you've got yourself a double act better than the greats (Ant & Dec, Fred & George, Charlotte & Gaz....).

So overall both products are pretty ace and I'd deffs recomend them to anyone - not just Geordie Shore obsessives like myself.

What are your favourite fake tans?


high neck floral shift dress forever 21 high neck floral dress

Dress: £15.99 Forever 21

As the title suggests, I love a high neck and I love a floral print. So a dress that incorporates the two is a win in my eyes. I actually bought this last month in Dubai as everywhere was air-conditioned and I don't cope with the cold well....especially when I'm trying to snaffle a cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.

Speaking of, if you ever go, I'd HIGHLY recommend Chris' Outrageous Cheesecake.

Fudge. Brownie. Sponge. Coconut. Cheese frosting. Heaven.

I was alsooo debating whether to include the obligatory New Years eve stuff, as it's 21:24 as I'm typing this and in 2 hours and 36 minutes 2017 will be upon us - and despite being someone who doesn't like the 'New Year New Me" concept - I'm kind of embracing it this year. Other than the usual fitness resolutions, my goals for next year are to travel more, do more, and accept myself. Oooh deep.

So whilst most of the UK is drinking prosecco and counting down from 10 to 0, I'm blogging with a brew and contemplating starting my one line a day diary. May not be the wildest of nights but I'm rather content!

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