white floral playsuit outfit of the day girl wearing outfit post black heels
white floral playsuit outfit of the day black heels

Happy Boxing day! I hope your day has been filled with leftover meats, mince pies, and copious amounts of cheese. As I write this I'm thinking of the turkey and ham sandwich I'm going to make (and devour), along with a slice of Yule Log. 

So another Christmas has passed and we've got a whole 364 days to wait until it swings around again. My Christmas was actually pretty quiet this year, it involved unwrapping some Bronze Goddess (yasss), a trip to the pub, and a roast dinner I couldn't manage. 

Before this post becomes solely about food, a little word on my playsuit. This white flared sleeved number came from Tobi and I'm rather happy with it. It's a little bit more boob-ey than I'd normally go for and I don't often wear white, but I'm all for anything floral and it'll work well for both day and night. 
There's a tonne of playsuits on the website, it's set by default to USD but you can easily change the currency and they ship to the UK without any pesky custom charges. Wins.

Also, I feel very 2009 - 2010 posting outfit photos in my flat, I'm going to attempt to switch it up a bit in the new year and rope one of my buds into taking some outdoor photos for me. So now I'll look awkward outside as well as in!

One final note - boxing day sales. Has anyone found some reet bargains? I'm useless at trawling through all the websites.


Benefit precisely my brow before and after review blog
benefit cosmetics beauty eyebrow precisely my brow pencil review before and after
benefit cosmetics precisely my brow review before and after beauty cosmetics
Benefit cosmetics precisely my brow eyebrow pencil review blog beauty
benefit precisely my brow products review before and after beauty eyebrow
benefit cosmetics brow review precisely my brow kabrow gel beauty before and after

I bought Benefit's Precisely, My Brow Eyebrow Pencil at the same time as I bought Ka-BROW, partly because I wanted my eyebrows to look super defined and awesome and partly because I'm easily talked into a purchase by a counter gal.
Tbh when she showed me this I didn't think I was going to like it, I've tried Soap and Glory's Archery pencil before and didn't really get on with it, so when persuasive counter gal (I didn't catch her name) came at me with something looking similar I recoiled slightly, in fear that I was going to have drawn-on looking brows for the rest of the day.

I was wrong. This actually works really well in conjunction with Ka-BROW. Whilst that sculpts the brows and tames them into a rather nice shape, the Precisely My Brow pencil goes in and ads that extra bit of definition, making your brows look more "fluffy" and like actual hair, if that makes sense.

As you can see from the before and after snaps (where I'm wearing both products), together they do a rather lovely job of making my brows stand out, as well as giving them a more angular shape. The colour isn't too drastic either, I went for shade "medium 03" which is the lighter of two medium shades, and it matches my botched box dye hair colour quite nicely.

As it's Benefit it's obvz not going to be the cheapest of products, and £20 is a little steep. Although a little goes a long way so it'll last yonks and you'll get your money's worth out of it.

So would I recommend? Definitely! Especially if you're willing to part with the cash and use it as part of a dynamic duo with Ka-Brow.

What're your favourite Benefit products?


Leather A Line High Waisted Skirt velvet s t shirt grey checked checkered jacket blazer outfit post
Black leather a line skirt velvet pink t shirt checked checkered jacket blazer outfit post

Well it's been a long time since I've posted any form of outfit photo, mainly because I've been feeling uncomfortable (and just meh) about my body, and partly because I've been too skint to purchase new clothes. But I went on a jaunt to Rushden Lakes a couple of weeks ago where I went crazy and ventured out of my comfort zone with this leather A-Line skirt and checked (checkered?) blazer. Not sure if I'm feeling the outfit as a whole, maybe once I'm feeling a bit more confident I'll embrace it. For now I'll just inwardly grimmace whenever I see myself.

On a completely unrelated note and a bit more of a "lets get down and personal" one, you may have seen me tweeting incessantly, or at least a bit more often than not, about mental health recently. As someone who suffers with my own personal mental health issues, it's something I've previously shied away from talking about because I've either been so completely overwhelmed by it, or I've embraced the stigma and became sort of embarrassed. Which is ridiculous and I want that to change. Asap ideally.

So recently I've had a bit of an epiphany and wanted to open up about mental health in general, speak about my diagnosis, and reach out to others who are going through similar sort of stuff. Soooo I bit the bullet and made a mental health youtube channel and I'm thinking of maybe incorporating the subject into my blog, which would mean after eight whole years of blogging I might finally get a bit more thought provoking - who knows.


benefit ka-brow ebebyo cream gel review
benefit kabrow eyebrow sculpt review pomade cream gel cosmetics makeup
Benefit cosmetics kabrow eyebrow gel cream blog review beauty

So I visited my local Benefit counter the other week when they had a pretty darn good offer on, it was 3 for 2 with an extra 10% off. I’d planned on buying something for my unruly brows anyway but the offer drew me in and I ended up with ALL the brow products. 

Rather than plague you with products I thought I’d do a single review for each, in the order that they go onto the brows. Sooooo the first thing in this somewhat of a brow mini series is Ka-BROW, a cream/gel that claims to sculpt and define brows. I was matched up with the shade 03 as I like my arches to be quite dark and off I trotted home eager to try out my new purchase. 

2 weeks on and I’m pretty pleased with the results this has on my face. Previously I’d been using the High Impact powder, so I thought making the move over to a gel product would take some getting used to. It didn’t. My wavy brows become instantly tamed and it gives such a great shape. It’s also waterproof too which is a win if you’re a lucky duck off on holiday. The gel formula isn’t too sticky at all and it doesn’t clump in the brows like I feared it would. 

Overall this is a definite win, the only downside is the brush it comes with, I found it a little bit flimsy and a tad too soft – instead I’ve been using my Real Techniques Brow brush and it works a treat.

I haven’t ever used any other brow pomade so I can’t compare this with the likes of NYX or the Anastasia brow products. But as a newby to brow gels I’m super pleased with the results and I’m now waving goodbye to my trusty ol’ powder.   

What are your favourite Benefit products?


Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops Moon Potion
Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter Drops Moon Potion Cosmetics Beauty
Barry M Cosmetics Liquid Chrome Moon Potion Highlight Beauty Cosmetics Blog Review
Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlight Moon Potion Review Swatched Blog
Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlight Review On Cheeks Before and After Swatched Beauty Blog Review

I normally buy highlights in powder form. Ha I say normally, I hardly ever buy them, but the few that I own are powders. Other than Benefit's High Beam which I'm a huge fan of.

Anyway I saw the Barry M Liquid Chrome Highlighter drops all over Instagram, and like most I'm drawn to shiny things, and even more drawn to something that can turn me into a shiny thing, so I bought Moon Potion with high hopes.

Oh how it didn't disappoint, this stuff is so shimmery and so iridescent. The liquid formula means that even a heavy handed Harry like me can apply it properly too. Annnd the pipette applicator stops you from using way too much and turning into a disco ball.

At £6.99 from Boots its a steal for sure, and I'm pretty sure all cosmetics are on 3 for 2 at the moment so you could even go wild and try the other shades, there's a nice golden one I have my eyes on....

What's your favourite highlight?


schwarzkopf got 2 b hair product review drugstore cheap
schwrzkopft got 2 b hair care review hair growth cheap drugstore

As much as I love a good "high end" hair product, especially a mask, sometimes the highstreet (or drugstore) just get it right. I've been using the Schwarzkopft Live hair dye in Urban Brown for over a year now, alongside a lot of their styling products. So I thought I'd put together my top five cheaper hair products for when you're working on a budget!

Got2b Playful Styling Primer

Like all Got2b products, this smells rather nice. It says you can put it on dry or damp hair before styling, but I've only ever tried it before blowdrying. Basically is makes your hair super easy to style after using. I find that if I use a curling wand after applying this, the curls last soooo much longer and the product doesn't build up at all so you're not left with that unwelcome greasy look that some products give you.

Got2b Big Volume Push Up Volumising Spray

If you're one of the minority that watch my youtube videos, then you'll know I've been using this for yonks. It really is the best hairspray I've ever used. Again, it smells like sweets and it gives amazing hold without being crispy af. It seems to last forever too AND you can normally get it on offer in supermarkets. Win.

Got2b Glam Force High Hold Hairspray

This one's probably better for when you're wearing your hair up. As it's "high hold" it's not as airy as the Big Volume push up spray but it holds in a topknot pretty darn well. I use this in the morning at around 7am and my hair's still in place when I get back from work at around 5:30.

Got2b Powderful Volumising Styling Powder

I use this in freshly washed hair to add texture and give a "toussled" look, I've tried volumising powders in the past that feel really gritty and leave your hair almost looking dirty, but this pretty much does what it says on the bottle by giving a tonne of volume without making your hair really matte and dry.

Got2b Oilicious Styling Oil

Wowzers, this stuff is incredible. It does exactly what Morroccan Oil did for my hair at a fraction of the price (a mere £3). It contains argan oil and a few pesky silicones BUT it leaves my hair frizz free and a heck of a lot smoother than the static mess I get without using it. Plus it smells like holidays which can only be a good thing.

Have you tried any Got2b products? Which are your favourites?


lotd outfits under £50

Mustard Biker // Gold Playsuit // Blue Pinafore

So I'm in the position I find myself in every month, waiting for payday and making endless lists of things I want to buy when that glorious day arrives. I've only recently found Look of the Day but their sale is incredible and there's a tonne of items for a mere £5. Obviously I then got carried away and started looking at things that were slightly more than £5, but that mustard jacket though. All the heart eye emojis....

I've been spying these checkered blazers everywhere at the moment too, with those far trendier than me wearing them over the top of a slogan tee for an androgynous and effortless look, and as much as I want to jump on that bandwagon, I just don't think I could pull it off.  

I also had to include playsuits as they're my current go-to on a night out, in fact they've always been my go-to. The gingham playsuit is a total steal and the gold playsuit would look wins if you're celebrating something special.

Which autumn / winter trends will you be joining in with this season?


maybelline lash sensational review
maybelline lash sensational close up of brush review
maybelline lash sensational mascara review before and after
maybelline lash sensational mascara review before and after

Soooo despite there being a tonne of long lasting hype around Maybelline Lash Sensational, it wasn't 'till my bestie Caroline bought it that I decided I needed to have it too. I used to be a massive fan of Maybelline mascaras but recently L'oreal have enticed me away with their Miss Baby Roll offering and I hadn't looked back.

But for £8.99 I thought I'd give this a go and initially I really liked it. The plastic wand is slightly curved making it easy to apply to the pesky corner lashes, and the formula didn't seem to need time to "thicken up" like a lot of mascaras do.

But over time the clumps came, the formula became sticky, and applying it just became difficult, especially on the bottom lashes which would end up in a big smudgy mess. I'd say this was at it's prime for about a week before things started to go downhill.

Would I buy it again? Oh no. I feel bad that I strayed away from L'oreal and will definitely be repurchasing Miss Baby Roll for the 1231th time when I'm next in Boots.

Have you tried Lash Sensational? What did you think to it?


RPR repair my hair treatment mask review
RPR repair my hair treatment mask for hair growth review

As you know I've had a bit of a nightmare with my hair recently, and I'm now trying everything in sight that promises to repair, strengthen, or make my locks grow.

The RPR Repair My Hair treatment claims to do the first two, and as a result of that I'm hoping for Goldilocks style hair asap. It's a Keratin mask which means it's packed full of delicious proteins to mend damage hair, and I've been trying it for a few weeks now to see if it does just that.

So does it? YES. I find with these masks that they always need leaving on for longer than the instructions say, so I shampoo my hair first, rinse it out, then slather this on wet hair whilst in the bath. I usually leave it for a good 20 minutes before washing it out and conditioning. As soon as you wash it out you can feel a difference in your hair, mine is always so dry and coarse after shampooing but this turns it silky soft and easy to brush afterwards.

The main ingredients are Aloe Vera (which is meant to be amazing for hair growth), Ginseng, and Coconut Oil. The mixture of all three means it smells divine and reminds me of holidays. I also like that the packaging is a tube rather than a tub, as you don't end up going overboard and scooping way to much out.

Would I recommend this? Yes! For a high end treatment it's not too expensive (£14.50) and it really does seem to do the trick, it doesn't just simply coat your hair in silicones like a lot of masks do.

I'm still on the lookout for amazing hair products, so if you have any recommendations let me know!


KOKO Couture hair  extensions chiara 3 weft
KOKO couture hair extensions california blonde chiara 3 weft
koko couture hair extension review chiara3 weft california blonde
KOKO Couture hair extensions wefts clips

If you've read my previous post then you may know about my disaster with pre bonded hair extensions, and if you haven't, well, in short they got ripped out of my head pretty painfully and took half of my hair out with them. I know. Horrific. There were tears. Lots of tears.

So when KOKO Couture got in touch and asked if I wanted to give their clip in hair extensions a try I was mourning the loss of my long locks so obvz said yes. I knew I wanted a straight set so went for the Chiara 3 weft straight extensions in the hope they'd give me length and thickness. Tbh I was a bit stuck over which shade of blonde to go for as they had a tonne on offer but all I had to do was send them 2 snaps of my hair in natural light and alas, they matched me to California Blonde - which I believe is shade 613/16.

In all honesty I wasn't sure if synthetic extensions would be for me, any clip ins I've had in the past have been human hair, and I feared synthetic hair might end up looking a bit plastic-y. But the KOKO Couture extensions feel so similar to human hair AND they're made from heat resistant synthetic fibres, meaning you can style them with up to 180 degree heat.

They're also a snip at £17.99, so even though I'm now living life as a brunette, another set that match my hair won't break the bank, and these look pretty natural so I'll deffs be investing in some more.

Do you wear extensions? I'd be keen to hear about your experiences, especially if you've had bonds!


Mac mocha lipstick in the bullet
mac mocha lipstick swatched
mac mocha lipstick on lips

Another week, another browny coloured lipstick. Actually that's a lie, I got Mac Mocha ages ago from Duty Free in America, I'd just been saving it so I could snap it looking all nice and unused.

Mocha is a peachy coloured brown lipstick that looks quite dark against my pale skin tone. I've read some reviews where people refer to it as pink, but I guess how it turns out is all in the base - it actually looks quite orangey swatched so it's definitely one to try before you buy.

It's a satin finish so it gives quite a high colour pay off while still keeping a moisturising texture, and applying it is so much easier than a matte or retro matte lipstick.

As with all mac lipsticks it's a little on the pricey side if you can't get to a Duty Free, as the cost of one of these bad boys has risen to a somewhat large £16.50 which puts it up there with high end lipsticks.

So if you're after something a little more dramatic than Velvet Teddy then I'd definitely recommend Mocha, it'll adapt to any skin tone and has great staying power. You also don't need to apply a lot to get a highly pigmented finish, so it'll last a while and make the £16.50 a littler more bareable!


floral 60s style shift shirt dress with bright heels

Floral Shirt Dress - Boohoo
Coral Heels - Asos

I've linked this dress above and as you can see, the boohoo model makes it look far less frumpier than I do. To be honest as I'm writing this I don't even know if I'll set this post live, because whilst taking the photos and editing them, I just felt uncomfortable.

I know I'm not a real fashion blogger, I'll never look effortlessly cool outside some gorgeous city backdrop and I don't know any photographers who can capture a good angle. It's just me, a tripod, and my phone which I use as a remote. Now that's always been fine with me, I quite like reading those types of blogs anyway, but lately I've had a crisis of confidence and it's down to two shallow reasons. 1. My weight. 2. My hair.

I did a post a few months ago on my hair extensions and how in love with them I was, I'd wanted long hair for yonks and I finally had lots of it. Well. If you watched my vlog you'll have seen the disaster that followed - after a painful removal experience I was left with uneven, thin and damaged locks. It was so bad that I had to get my hair stylist (she didn't put the extensions in) to cut even more off so I could start again. So i'm now left with a short brown barnet and without makeup I look like Professor Snape.

I wont go on about my weight too much, but in a year I've put on over a stone and I'm determined to shift it this autumn. So on a more positive note I plan to get healthier, hit the gym, and start running again.

So that's why I've been a bit awol, I know this post has been one big woe is me BUT it does feel rather therapeutic to bash out my worries onto the keyboard.

In other news I've finally found a new series to watch, the new season of Dance Moms starts soon AND I've spotted a dreamy pair of flats in Clarks. Wins.


Estee Lauder Double Wear Ecru
Estee Lauder Double Wear Ecru Swatched Pale Skin
Estee Lauder Double Wear Ecru Swatched Pale Skin
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Ecru Before and After Pale Skin Freckles
Estee Lauder Double Wear Ecru Before and After Pale Skin Freckles

I have actually done a review of Estee Lauder's Double Wear before, and that also included before and after pictures, but alas Photobucket decided to be little scamps and start charging for hosing, so that blog post is no more.

So here's Estee Lauder Double Wear in Ecru in all it's glory, please excuse the hideous eyebrows, lack of eye makeup, and my grubby pyjama top, but I wanted to show in the pictures how well this foundation covers freckles and I think it does a pretty good job of doing so.

Without a doubt Double Wear is my favourite foundation ever. It's heavy duty, it doesn't cake, it covers everything, and lasts all day. What more could you want in a foundation? Only downside is it's a wince worthy £32.50, but some stores have it on offer occasionally so there's a slight upside.

With my skin being slightly pink, I used to always buy Double Wear in the shade Cool Bone which also veers on the rosier side and it matched my skin pretty well. It wasn't until I ventured into Debenhams to buy this bottle, that the matcher upper lady told me a yellower shade would neutralise my redness. Wins.

She matched me up with Ecru and it's been somewhat of a love affair ever since. I use an ancient Mac foundation pump so as not to waste these extortionate drops of goodness and that has faired really well, the foundation has actually lasted yonks so I suppose there's another plus to parting with all that cash.

So yes, I love this foundation and haven't ever found another like it. If you have then let me know!


Oral B Pro 2500
toothcare flatlay oral b
oral b pro 2500 pink
oral b pro 2500

For the longest time (29 years, eesh!) I've been adamant that a regular ol' manual toothbrush was good enough for me. It wasn't until I had my teeth whitened recently(ish) that I started to become a bit obsessive over how my teeth look and feel. To start with I just drank my tea through a straw, used a tonne of whitening toothpaste, and contemplated trying one of those portable blue-light whiteners.

Then I visited the dentist....

Although a lovely chap, I did feel a bit of distain for him when he told me that alas, I had to have another filling - I'm not a huge fan of being in "the chair" and the last filling I had fell out 3 times, so having one on the other side of my mouth isn't the best thing to happen to my mush.

Soooo a week later, when Pure Smiles emailed and asked if I wanted to give the Oral B Pro 2500 a go, I'd have been silly to have said no.

Turns out I've been silly for 29 years, the Oral B Pro not only polishes your teeth making them whiter, but it Oscilates, Rotates, and pulses for a deeper clean, and really gets deep in between the teeth where a regular toothbrush wouldn't. There's also a handy 2 minute timer on it which is a great reminder that brushing your teeth should be a lengthier process. Probs a feature for children but I find it pretty helpful!
For sensitive soles, there's a pressure sensor that lights up if you're brushing too hard AND there's a massage mode for your gums.

I've been using this bad boy for about a month now, alongside the Oral B dental floss and a max whitening toothpaste, and have really seen a difference. I'm due another dentist visit at the end of August so fingers crossed he'll notice the difference too!


Chlobo jewellery
chlobo mini star bracelet
chlobo jewellery mini star bracelet

I hadn't heard of the brand ChloBo before, but when an oh so kind email appeared in my inbox asking me if I wanted to try something, I had a peep at their website, saw ALL THE PRETTY JEWELLERY and obvz said yes.

After much deliberation over all the rather lovely rose gold bracelets, I ended up going for the mini star bracelet, just because I'm wild and like to mix metals - plus silver goes with anything right? I actually wore this on an impromptu night out-out on Saturday and it looked rather nice with my out-out-fit (which I forgot to snap but was an oh so basic jeans and black top).

Hope everyone has has a fabulous bank holiday. Mine has consisted of a bit too much shopping so I'm thinking of filming a wee haul over on my youtube channel, too much chocolate, too much tv, and a mammoth cleaning spree.

Annnnnd in other news I'm starting my new job next Monday, nervous!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Ah I do love a good ol'fashioned wishlist. I always seem to do them when I'm skint, then when I actually have money I can never find anything I like. 

These dresses are all from Esprit, an online store I hadn't heard about until recently, but perusing through the dresses section I found SO MANY good ones. As you can probably see, I'm in a bit of a denim phase at the moment. Denim and embroidery. Oh and pinafores (I know that ship sailed months ago but I'm clinging on). 
My favourite has to be number six. It's everything I want in a dress. Smock? Check. Denim? Check. Embroidery? Check. A non bum flashing length? Al the checks! I'm also wishing I had a wedding or some sort of family occasion to go to so I can wear number four and flounce around pretending I'm in the Marc Jacobs daisy advert.

In other non wishlist related news I finally finished 13 Reasons Why and was left with all the feelz, I've been for two runs this week and realised I'm no where near as fit as I used to be, I had my daith pierced and contemplated whether the migraine rumours were true, AND I got a new job! 

Back to the dresses. Which is your favourite? 


The Wet Brush
Brand New Wet Brush
Wet brush close up

This may look like an average brush, the bristles may look like average bristles, and the shape may not look like anything out of the ordinary. But alas. This brush is incredible and I wonder why it took so long to join up with my tangled barnet.
But I already have a tangle teezer! I hear you cry. That was my thought for yonks, but after shelling out £10 on this carefully disguised masterpiece I've turned my back on the 'teezers for good.

But it's only for wet hair! I also hear you cry. Nope. This is the perfect brush for all occasions and it's the perfect handbag size.

So what Im saying is that I'm sort of in love. With a hairbrush. But you probably already know that from the title of this post. And if you don't already own one of these little wonders then I'd highly recommend one. Hashtag not a spon.

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