makeup revoluution contour and highlight MAKEUP REVOLUTION CONTOUR HIGHLIGHT KIT primark contour face brush makeup revolution contour swatch

I don't normally contour as I'm pretty heavy handed, meaning I slather on products and usually end up looking like I've been rolling around in mud. But I've piled on a bit of Christmas excess (or December excess) and as a result, my face has gone a little rounder - so instead of going to the gym, for now I'm trying contouring.

This contour, highlight  and bronzer kit from Makeup Revolution was a mere £3.50, and my rationale was that it wouldn't be a waste of dollar if I ended up looking like a swamp monster. But alas I did not! Teamed with the cheap and cheerful duo fibre brush from Primark, the contour shade applies really well and is the perfect 'medium' shade for all skin tones. It reminds me a little bit of Hoola by benefit and doesn't go streaky at all.

The bronzer is quite orangey but it works really well if I'm tanned to the max with my usual L'oreal Sublime Bronze, which does have a bit of an orange tint to it.

The only thing that isn't that impressive is the highlight, even with my heavy hands you can't really see a difference, and at this time of year I want to be shining bright like a diamonnnnd. The Makeup Revolution strobing highlight is far better in my opinion.

What are your favourite Makeup Revolution products?


Leather pinafore dress outfit post
Leather pinafore dress in wine
Primark leather pinafore dress
pirimark wine pinafore dress

Dress: Primark
Top: Newlook

I'm undecided on this dress, I eyed it up at £10, considered it at £8, and grabbed it when it was reduced to a mere £5 in Primark. I'm unsure if it gives off an x rated vibe but I do like the colour.

I've sat down to type and don't really have a whole lot to say. My work 'Christmas do" was on Thursday and a ball was had - it was at this bizarre place called Bistro Live where they play all the classic organised fun dances and make you gyrate on top of the tables. Odd but not terrible.


barry m nuditude barry m brown lipstick 169 barry m lip paint nude barry m nuditude lip paint

Oh Barry M, how you confuse me with your product names/numbers. This lipstick only has the number 169 underneath, it's taken a lot of peeping on google to find out it's actually the Satin Super Slick lip paint in Nuditude.

I do like a Bazza lip paint though, they're a go to budget brand if you're after a lipstick that's both pigmented and really creamy - as much as matte lipsticks are becoming my faves, sometimes the weather isn't kind to my lips and a creamy finish is the only thing that'll hide the chapped mess on my face.

These lip paints are a steal at £4.49 and there's a pretty nice mauve shade in the range too that I was tempted to purchase. Regretting that I didn't now.

They're not the most long lasting of lipsticks, but I do find anything with a creamy formular to slide off quicker than others, but again, for £4.49 it's not really a problem and the rather nice 90s shade overshadows it anyway.

Are you a fan of Barry M?


seventeen lip stain berry crush red red lip stain and lip liner rimmel exaggerate rimmel call me crazy seventeen red lip stain

Red lips, hats, and false eyelashes. All things I want to be able to pull off but haven't ever felt confident enough to before. BUT. Today I bought a hat. And yesterday I managed to glue on some false eyelashes without blinding myself. And I've found a red lip that works for me! Ish.

Also. My hair doesn't look like this anymore thankfully. Dye-saster.

So, Seventeen's Berry Crush Lip Stain and the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Call Me Crazy might not be the best of products alone. But together they create an oh-so-red festive explosion of brightness and I like it. I'm a really messy eater and most drinks end up around my face, so if I want to go for a bright lip then it's inevitable that it has to be a stain rather than something glossy.

The Seventeen Berry Crush lip stain can be a little drying, but it's double ended (ho hum) and has a rather nice lip balm on the other end. I'm not too sure on the name, at first I thought they were supposed to be scented but it doesn't seem to be the case - and I can't find the shade name on this product but it's the only red in the range.

The Exaggerate Lip Liner is slightly more orange toned but it gives that "oh look i've got depth to my lips" if it's used with the stain. And they stay in place forever. Like actual forever. You have to pretty much scrub at your lips to get it off, which for me is good thing.


affordable winter boots

Top Row 1 // 2 // 3
Middle    1 // 2 // 3
Bottom   1 // 2 // 3

Kudos to anyone who read the title in time with Kanye West's "All of the lights all of the lightttssss" because that's how my mind ticked away when writing it.

So I put all my favourite ankle boots into one place, and some of them are oh so affordable. I actually have the leopard print boots and kind of feel like I'm channeling Noel Fielding when I prance around in them paired with some black jeans  - "She goes to Marks for her bits, she don't do her main shop there. No one does."

I wear boots all year round so this isn't just a winter wishlist, I'd probs wear all of these in the summer AND on nights out out, especially those embroidered beauts.

Which are your favourites? Do you have a trusty go-to pair?

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