£20 Primark Day To Night Outfit

 photo IMG_1684_zpsz59cleyr.jpg  photo IMG_1681_zpskydexdze.jpg  photo IMG_1704_zpscknuvorn.jpg
Skirt: £8
Cami: £4
Shoes: £8
All Primark

These snaps look a bit washed out. I'm not sure if there's such thing as too much natural light but I definitely get a lot of it in the new flat.
So this whole outfit was a mere £20 from Primark, and in my non expert opinion it's definitely one that can go from day to night with a quick change of shoes and some jewellery. I've had a mock on the skirt already with an observation it looks like a rug...It's a comment I can't really defend as I do see the similarities. But it's one of many A-line skirts I'm wearing on rotate at the moment.

In non cheap outfit related news I now have a hamster living with me in my little bachelor pad, his name's chuck and he makes these creepy little squealing sounds like something from the exorcist. He's just a bit of a diva. I've also got a new job, new hair, and a new found appreciation for dinner date.

Dying Hair From Blonde To Brown With Schwarzkopf Life XXL

home dye blonde to brown schwarzkopf urban browndying hair brown from blondehome dye schwarzkopf xxl urban brown

Two weeks ago I somewhat impulsively decided to dye my hair from blonde to brown at home. It was probably a stereotypical "new hair new me" decision which is a bit silly in retrospect, but I thought I'd show you the result.

I ventured over to the dark side in two stages, both times using the Schwarzkopf Live XXL box dye in Urban Brown, as all the youtube videos and blog posts I'd read said that blondes who want to go brown need something with a red tone to add some warmth in. You can do this in two ways, either dye your barnet red first before going an ashy brown over the top, or just go for a more chocolatey shade. If you don't add any red in it's likely you'll end up with a sort of khaki tint to your hair.

I went for the latter but made a bit of an error during the first attempt, if your roots are darker than the ends then you should be coating the ends of your hair in the dye first, then leaving it to develop for a bit before whacking it on the roots. Sadly I didn't do this and the colour didn't take that well.

After the first dye attempt the dark brown shade was a bit of a shock and I could only see Russell Brand whenever I passed a mirror.  I took to shampooing the hell out of it. Second mistake. Even if it looks a bit odd you should leave your hair for 2-3 days after box dying so that the colour can lock in.

Two weeks later it had completely faded to a light brown/dark ginger shade so I re dyed it and viola! Russell is back. Ish. I'm kind of undecided on the shade, if it fades out completely chances are I'll go back to blonde!

The application process was super easy, the dye mixed really well and didn't make a mess in my bathroom at all. Due to clumsiness I did get it all over my nose and ears. Apparently if you grease yourself up with vasoline you can prevent this.

What do you do when you want a re vamp? Reach for the box dye or head to a salon?

L'oreal Miss Manga Punky Mascara Review

loreal miss manga punky loreal miss manga punky mascara wand loreal miss manga punky before and after loreal miss manga punky before and after

I wasn’t a fan of the original L'oreal Miss Manga Mascara so when I saw Miss Manga Punky for a mere pound in Boots I was a little apprehensive. Then I stopped being apprehensive. It was a pound.
It’s also great.

In my mind there was an 80% chance of a clumpy, sticky mess, which is what I got from the original and normally it’s all downhill for predecessors.

L'oreal have definitely got it right the second time around with their “Punky” version. The best thing about this mascara? It does nothing it claims to do, which is giving you spikes instead of eyelashes. I didn’t want to look like a hedgehog and as much as I like cactuses I don’t aspire to be one.
Instead it makes your lashes look extra long with the right amount of curl. The brush is a plastic conical shape which makes it perfect for both top and bottom lashes, and instead of bristles it’s covered in tiny spikes. These seem to pick up the product really well and you’ll only need one coat to look all glamorous with eyelashes full of volume.

 Does the mascara last all day? Yup. It doesn’t smudge either which is a problem I get a lot with bottom lashes and usually end up with extreme looking dark circles. Sadly it’s not normally £1. It’s around the £8 - £9 mark but it’s still way worth it at that price.

 Have you tried the punky version before?

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