Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Mask

tigi bed head urban antidotes mask tigi bed head hair resurrection tigi bed head hair resurrection

Every so often I overly focus on one thing about my appearance and end up trying all the products in order to make it better. Sometimes it's wrinkles, sometimes it's skin tone, but most of the time it's hair.
Mine seems to have stopped growing and alas, it's malting. So rather than shoving a tonne of dry shampoo in it and hoping for the best, I reckoned it was time to give in and coat it in as much treatment as possible - is "reckoned" a word? 

So I was asked by Just My Look if I wanted to try a product and instead of giving in to my incessant need to fake tan I took heed of my new found life choice and pondered over their hair treatments before going for the Tigi Bed Head Resurrection Mask. The Tigi masks are graded 1-3, with three being the most intensive and claiming to breathe "life into locks that are on the brink". Not sure if my barnet is on the brink of anything, but like anyone who can't stay away from styling products, it's certainly frazzled and dry.

The directions for this are pretty vague, I quote, "Spread between hands and apply from mid lengths to ends. Leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse."
Wet or dry hair? Between shampoo and conditioner or after? Instead of conditioner? Who knows. Throwing all hair caution to the wind I decided to use this after shampooing, and here's where I go really wild, it gets left on for a whole half hour. Sometimes 40 minutes if there's an episode of homeland on. It smells really nice though, and the longer you leave it on the longer the smell lingers around. 

So has it rescued my hair from the brink? It's certainly made it softer and taken away the sticky out frizz parts. Time will tell in terms of growth - the ingredients tell me there's only one silicone tucked away in there (dimethicone) so buildup shouldn't be a problem and it shouldn't just be a "quick fix" product. 

Keeping Makeup Fresh For Spring

spring makeup tips

I wear pretty much the same makeup every day. That's a lie. There's no pretty much. I DO wear the same makeup every single day. The decision to change this comes at a handy and convenient time - I'm moving and have discovered a whole host of (albeit grubby) products I forgot I owned. So here's how I'll be changing things up, because if you can't change your hair change your makeup.

Blush over Bronze
This is something I've read a tonne of times but have never "done the swap", normally I'd pile on the fake tan and bronzer all year round. Although this year I seem to be embracing the pale skin more (the fact there's carpet in the bathroom has hindered fake tan application somewhat) so plan on going wild with all the cheek products. Saying that I don't really own many, but the two I do dabble with on occasion are Benefit's Sugar Bomb and Mac's Warm Soul. They're aimed at the more fair skinned folk but anyone can do a swapsies.

(Major Lazer said) Light It Up
Throughout the winter months my eyebrows have got darker and darker which doesn't really sit well with a "fresh faced look" so the plan is to go lighter. Not crazily bleach them, just stop piling on the darkest powder I can find. I normally use the Hi Impact Palette but have recently ventured forth into the world of the pencil / weird ink thing from Brow Archery and I like it. So the plan is to match my natural colour and not look as much like Helga Pataki. 

Embrace the Non Chapped-ness
Lips are gross in the winter. Well mine are. Because of this the days are spent applying Carmex and grumbling that any form of heating makes them chapped and dry. Alas! With nicer weather comes nicer, less disgusting lips so we can all inject colour into our faces with lipstick. Obvz I'll be going for the usual pinks and corals. I'm a fan of the Kate Moss Lipstick in 08 and Mac's Angel - both of these have been unearthed in the previously mentioned discovery. 

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