Tigi Bed Head Small Talk: A Quest for Better Hair

tigi bed head small talk

I've been using the Tigi Bed Head Small Talk for a few months now in the hope it will turn my lank and damaged hair into something a lion would be jealous of, as well as turning every barnet swishing moment into something worthy of an advert.
Sadly there's been no slow motion moments so far but I'm sure it's only a matter of time...

Tigi claim this is a 3 in 1 product that adds shine/controls frizz, protects against heat, and gives a light hair spray esque hold. I claim it delivers all three, but the secret's in how you use it.
The first time I tried it was a failure, so I guess here's a tip on how not to do it - don't get carried away by the rather lovely smell and apply loads to damp hair before blowdrying straight. It gets gunky and you'll be left with a sort of slimy texture on limp hair. Plus I committed the crime of applying to the root. Rookie mistake. Much gunk.

So to get volume and frizz free locks, I use a really small amount (like a pea) to the ends on towell dried hair, half blowdry which gets rid of the grunge look, then leave my hair to dry naturally. Later on/the next day when I take to the curlers there's still volume, my ends aren't as frazzled, and I'm protected against all the heat. Oh and the sweet smell of bubblegum with a hint of cola bottle lingers around for ages, you'll want to eat your own hair.

I probably wouldn't pay full price for this, but Tigi products are forever on offer and a quick google confirms it's only £7.50 on allbeauty at the moment. Edible hair is definitely worth that.


  1. Omg yess I had the exact same experience when I used this some years ago! It smells soo good so I put heaps of it into my hair and it became all gooey and yucky. Afterwards I got a hang of how to use it the right way. Good to know it wasn't just me! ;)

    Bad Taste Toast - A German/Australian Style Blog

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