Revlon Colorstay Foundation

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I've been using double wear for an age but got to a point where £30(ish) for an everyday foundation was a bit much, or a lot much. Plus it's thick and makes your skin feel like it's drowning a bit, even if it is a miracle worker.

So a search for a "drugstore" cheap everyday foundation began and Revlon Colorstay without the U entered my life, and by search I just asked on twitter and read some reviews. It was this particular review that swayed it for me and I parted with £12.99 in boots before heading on my merry way to scarf down the meal deal I also purchased (the vegetarian spicy bean wrap is a must).

And the result? It was a mighty fine wrap. I jest. I like it. It's not too heavy but has a relatively long amount of wear. As in I put this on at around 7:30am and it's still there at 4pm. I realise my "before" picture is pretty horrendous but it does kind of show the amount of coverage you'll get from it and it did a good job of toning down freckles/redness. It's not the cheapest of foundations and doesn't come with a pump or any sort of emptying out device, there's also has a slightly odd shade range on offer in that most of them are yellow toned. Although this does seem to be the case with a lot of highstreet foundations nowadays.

Have you ever tried colorstay? What did you think?


  1. Revlon Colourstay is my all-time favourite foundation! I've tried super high-end ones, but keep coming back to it. Though I'm loving the Whipped Creme version even more lately :)


  2. I think you'd really like the L'oreal Infallible 24H Foundation, it offers great coverage and has a quality long lasting finish.

  3. Your before picture is definitely not horrendous aha! Sounds like a really good foundation though, although I heard before that it's not great for oily skin which put me off trying it!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. I've tried this at a revlon event and I quite like it. It does seem like it does a great job.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  5. The before is NOT horrendous and this sounds ace!

    Maria xxx

  6. Love this foundation! I used to wear Clarins "Everlasting" foundation daily but the £25+ used to make me want to cry.. X


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