Dungarees & A Wooden Watch

dungarees stripe shirt denim outfit wooden watch jord light denim dungarees fashion outfit stripe top striped top with denim dungarees

Dungarees - £18
Striped T Shirt - Primark
Sandals - Primark
Watch - c/o JORD

Probs a bit late on the bandwagon with the dungaree thing but I'm heading to shores afar in a few weeks and these will be perfect for walking around in the humidity and taking down children in line for a photo with Mickey Mouse.
I'd planned to get a pair from Primark but didn't for two reasons 1. They had them in a section full of minion stuff 2.They ran out of my size. Suppose number 2 was more of a deciding factor but I really don't like minions.

These are from wearall and actually fit a bit better than the Primark alternatives, I like that they're not too gapey on the hips and don't flash off tonnes of skin.

The watch is the biggest watch I've ever owned. It's also the woodiest. It's made of wood. All watches by Jord are handmade and if chunky timepieces aren't your thing, there's loads of smaller versions on their website too. There's also a few rose gold numbers on there which would be great for out out nights.

I kind of feel like this post isn't very personal, but other than spending my nights in the gym trying to get a body like Kayla Itsines and failing at Yazi I haven't really been doing much - how've you been spending your week? I'll live vicariously through you.

Turned away for having small ears

festival fashion boohoo playsuit cardigan outfit  boohoo floral playsuit outfit

Playsuit: c/o Boohoo
Cardigan: c/o Boohoo

I feel like Zack from Hanson with straight hair. Or Taylor. Or Isac. Mmmbop.

90s trios aside I was recently contacted by Boohoo and asked to put together an outfit for £50 from their Festival shop, this floral playsuit and cardigan came together at a purse friendly £32 - I was also sent a hat but after 48723432 failed  photo attempts I've finally realised that hats are not suitable for my head.

Apparently piercings aren't suitable for my ears either, this weekend I skipped merrily into a piercing shop to get this done but was turned away for having small ears...has this ever happened to anyone else? Kind of feeling defensive over what was described as "tiny spaces" now but still want it done, weekend dilemma.

Also, this playsuit is very short and I realise this. There's plans on the horizon for lean runners legs but I'm only a few weeks in and failing to see any results as of yet. How do you long distance runners do it? I get to the three mile mark and feel like I'm melting, just like Alex Mack. Kudos to anyone that understands that reference. She wore lots of hats though.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

revlon colorstay nude foundation revlon colorstay foundation nude swatch revlon colorstay nude swatchrevlon colorstay before and after foundation revlon colorstay before and after foundation

I've been using double wear for an age but got to a point where £30(ish) for an everyday foundation was a bit much, or a lot much. Plus it's thick and makes your skin feel like it's drowning a bit, even if it is a miracle worker.

So a search for a "drugstore" cheap everyday foundation began and Revlon Colorstay without the U entered my life, and by search I just asked on twitter and read some reviews. It was this particular review that swayed it for me and I parted with £12.99 in boots before heading on my merry way to scarf down the meal deal I also purchased (the vegetarian spicy bean wrap is a must).

And the result? It was a mighty fine wrap. I jest. I like it. It's not too heavy but has a relatively long amount of wear. As in I put this on at around 7:30am and it's still there at 4pm. I realise my "before" picture is pretty horrendous but it does kind of show the amount of coverage you'll get from it and it did a good job of toning down freckles/redness. It's not the cheapest of foundations and doesn't come with a pump or any sort of emptying out device, there's also has a slightly odd shade range on offer in that most of them are yellow toned. Although this does seem to be the case with a lot of highstreet foundations nowadays.

Have you ever tried colorstay? What did you think?

Chilling Out Maxin Relaxin All Cool

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Whenever I see photos of bubble baths, face masks, and chocolate on instagram my first thought is, "I want a relaxing night with all the lush gear in the world", but mine usually end up in getting overheated in the bath, flustered with a face mask, and then eventually eating so much chocolate and cake that I feel guilty the next day.
This year, visiting my parents in Spain has been as relaxing as it's probably going to get, and the fact it was the hottest summer ever over there meant that moving an inch brought on a sweat. So there was nothing else to do other than read, eat a lot of meat riddled with condiments, and float around on a lilo covered in factor 50 and wishing there was an occasional bit of cloud cover. 
All of the above was very zen/be at one with my thoughts and I reckoned I should probably find more things to do once home that aren't as hustle and bustle as my usual routine. So here's how I've been adding different activities into my er'day working week.


As a nipper I swam competitively for 7 years and ended up with some huge shoulders and green hair as a result. But it kind of took over my life and wasn't fun anymore so I ended up quitting to do cool things like under 18s "nappy" nights on a Friday..... I don't go to these (that much) anymore so swimming has re entered my life, not only is it a great way to get rid of any tensions, it's an awesome work out too.


Something I'm urging myself to do more of. Any fiction recommendations would be wins. 

Have a night in 

Whether it's X factor with friends or a board game, sometimes nights in are just as fun as a night "out out".  There's nothing quite like the thrill of cluedo  with a few drinks. If not, how about a spot of Bingo? There's loads of games to play from the comfort of your own home, whether you're playing for fun or if you've got your eye on their progressive jackpots!
Collaborative Post

A Smock Dress & Rizzle Kicks Queue Jumping

girl wearing check smock dress boohoo gingham smock dress outfit boohoo smock dress fashion boohoo dress smock outfit

So I bought this dress from boohoo because I like gingham, and I like smock dresses because sometimes I get really bloated (darn carbs) and they hide a massive stomach quite well. But looking at these photos now I kind of resemble a child in a school summer dress....remember the excitement when it was finally time to wear one of those? If you want to look like a primary school-er like me then it's now only £12 in boohoo's never ending sale.

I'm also aware these photos are a bit lack lustre in expression, they were taken with fellow blogger and good egg Tanesha under the instruction to "smize", but a curious security guard peeped at us throughout the whole photo taking process and made the whole thing a little awkward. 

I didn't wear a smock dress yesterday though. Yesterday a smock dress would have been silly because a Thorpe Park night time adventure was to be had. If anyone lives near there then I really recommend trying out their "summer nights" deal. It's only £15 and you get all the adrenaline you could ever need between 4pm-10pm with hardly any queues! I guess this can be seen as a bad thing as it did mean we rode "Saw" three times in a row, which in hindsight after a hearty Nandos probably wasn't the best.
Also Rizzle Kicks were there and they pushed in front of us to get on Colossus, twas a highlight. 

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