MUA £1 Pearl Eyeshadow in Golden

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Without sounding snobby, I'm usually more of a high end eyeshadow-er. Despite wincing everytime I think about how much my mac palette cost I still end up oohing and aahing over any Urban Decay bronze/gold offerings and coating my eyelids in the 'spensive stuff.
So I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this £1 eyeshadow from MUA. At just over the price of a Double Decker (79p nowadays!) this pearl finished delight is ridiculously pigmented and applies so well with a fluffy brush, there's no fall out and the colour seems to want to stick around which is nice. I suppose because it doesn't crumble the slight downside is that it's a little difficult to load onto the brush, but once it's on there you're onto a winner!
I can't really say much else, if I had a hat I'd tip it to MUA...That's a lie, I do have hats, just not the tipping kind.

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