Benefit Watts Up Highlighter Review

benefit watts up summer bronze highlight benefit watts up bronze highlight benefit watts up bronze highlight benefit watts up bronze highlight swatched in natural light
benefit bronze highlight watts up swatched with flash

I'd say that Benefit's Watts Up is one of the best highlighters for summer. If you want to come across all glowing and radiant without looking glittery, shiny, or like you're just a bit clammy, then this is the one.

It's a champagne cream to powder highlight that'll sit nicely on most skin tones, I'm on the pale side and Watts Up leans more bronze-y against my fair skin, but if you're darker than I then it may stay true to it's champagne-ame.
Because of the cream to powder formula, it's super blendable and sits comfortably on top of heavy foundation or naked skin without looking clumpy or "too much". I apply straight from the stick onto my cheekbones and then use either the Real Techniques Stippling Brush or my fingers to blend it out. Hiding underneath is a sort of bingo dabber to help you blend, but it really isn't that practical is more of a packaging gimmick than anything.

Speaking of packaging, I'm a sucker for anything that'll look nice sitting on my dressing table and as with most Benefit products, this lightbulb esque tube is pretty eye catching against it's rivals. It's got a twist tube and a handy plastic cap to keep things fresh, although the slight bulkyness could make it a no if you've got limited makeup bag space.

So yes, Watts Up is an amazing natural highlighter that will brighten you up on a dull day, it's on the pricey side at £24.50 but a little will go a long way.

What're your favourite highlights for summer?

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A Pleasant Weekend In Birmingham

old building in centre birmingham birmingham art gallerybirmingham art gallerybirmingham library new building travelodge broad street birminghambirmingham broad street travelodgemirror selfie floral cami view of birmingham from broad street hotel

Last weekend I had a rather lovely two night stay in Birmingham thanks to Travelodge. I've never been all that fussed about staying in a fancy five star hotel if the plan is to be gallivanting around a city  - give me an easyhotel over the Ritz in London any day!
So two nights spent in the hustle and bustle of Broad Street sounded like a win to me. And it was. It really was. Titanic Reference.

I won't lie, the rooms are pretty basic which is what you'd expect in a cheaper hotel, but mine was spotless and so quiet! I was expecting stag and hen groups a plenty, and phallic shaped straws to be littering the corridors, but once the door was shut I didn't hear a peep. I'd recommend taking your own hair dryer though, especially if the idea of drying your hair in five minute intervals because it keeps overheating doesn't appeal to you....
That being said price is always the deciding factor for me, and if you're booking a few weeks in advance then this seems to be the cheapest hotel on Broad Street by a few cocktails.

Speaking of cocktails we went to a bar named "Players" which I know sounds horrendous (at least it wasn't PLAYAZ), but their cocktail menu was amazing. Not only were there a million to choose from but they were half price before 12. If your ever in those endz then try the Jammy Dodger, it's delicious.

Food was scoffed in GBK and Jurassic World was viewed for the second time.  I won't give away any spoilers, just my thoughts on the boy's swishy hair - terrible.

Where are your favourite haunts in Bham?

Camis, Lace Shorts & Holes in the Wall

matalan holiday budget outfits cheap budget summer clothing cheapest summer outfits holiday
Floral Cami: c/o Matalan
Lace Shorts: c/o Matalan
Shoes: Newlook
Bruise: c/o Ice Skating

Don't take photos at 7pm in sunlight. You will need to filter them. A lot.

If you're after some cheap but extra cheerful holiday outfits then I'd recommend having a peruse of Matalan's Holiday Shop , this cami and short combo will be perfect for summer evenings swigging sipping cocktails and will only set you back £17.00 for both. There's also some purse friendly practical necessities over there too,  things that can be boring to shop for on their own will easily slip into a clothes order.

As much as I love this outfit I'm not happy with the photos. Probably because you can see where we've filled in holes in the walls, there's that weird wire thing going on in the background, and I was ambushed by a cat. Plus despite visiting the gym on numerous occasions I seem to be expanding? Numerous occasions might actually be a bit generous, but still not enough to expand, gah. Has anyone got any tips on how to become a lean machine in 3 months?!

Hidden Country Clubs & Being Rained On

ax paris floral playsuit blogger outfit outfit photo playsuit steps ax paris floral clothing country garden two bloggers sat on steps ax paris playsuit shirt dress 2 blogger outfit photo
(Me)Playsuit: Ax Paris
Cardigan: Primark
Boots: Vagabond

(Tanesha) Dress: Tesco
Boots: Office

The pesky rain refused to stay away today, there were plans of dancing merrily around fields of bluebells and frolicking with flamingos but they were washed away with drizzle. Instead we found a "Country Club" in the town centre and illicitly posed on their steps as a passer by looked confused.

I don't know if I've mentioned this already but I started a new job back in April and met the lovely fellow blogger Tanesha as well as some other lovely folk that don't blog. It's pretty neat to be able to natter about the internet, writing stuff, and beauty without being met with the "wait, you pose on a self timer and put the photos on the internet?" stare. She's a very snappy dresser with a tonne of wit/shoes so you should deffs have a peep at her blog Tanesha Marie.

Last night also saw an ice skating adventure which was, er, knackering. I've been attempting the Kayla Itsiness workouts recently, but skating in circles whilst trying to dodge all the smug young whippersnappers with their own skates was just as much as a workout! I kind of want to become one of those people that spray up ice when they stop really quickly...

What have you all been up to this weekend?

Sizing Up (in) H&M

polka dot high neck shift dress polka dot shit dress shoulder length curled hair

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Newlook

Jeepers. H&M clothes have either shrunk a lot or I've grown upwards and outwards in the last few weeks.
This dress is a size bigger than I normally go for and it's still a little snug, what say you H&M? I don't know if it's one of those "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" moments, like they're keeping all the cool clothes up the escalator and the Gandalf of said cool clothes decided to stop making them any bigger to stop non 16-year-old-Kylie-Jenner-alikes wearing his creations. Who knows?
Long sentences aside, it's a shame the dress is a weird length as I like a bit of navy, I just know that one more round in the washing machine is going to make it non existent.

Off topic and sort of irrelevant to a polka dot dress, but I've uploaded a whole two videos semi-recently to my youtube channel which see me pulling things out of a bag and waving empty product containers to a camera, go and watch, they're a must see.

Super Casino has just started which is a reminder that it's late and Bedfordshire calls....although if you ever find yourself watching Super Casino then  it's worth tweeting them, the presenter reads them out no matter how irrelevant, they'll even sing nursery rhymes! This post is not sponsored in any way by Super Casino.

I'll Take One In Every Colour

next navy crepe dress next navy pencil dress next crepe dressnext office dress

Dress: Next
Shoes: Clarks

You know when you find a dress you like and you want it in every colour? Well that's happened with this dress. I have it in black too and I'm now eyeing up the coral. There's also a floral version...
It's got these weird little dart things in the middle that I guess could either be the best thing in the world or not, depending on your figure. I tend to carry most of my weight in the middle (the dreaded apple shape) so the saggy middle dart things work for me!

Also excuse the resting "I hate the world face". I don't know why it's there.

So it's Sunday and once again I'm putting off doing some mundane chores by blogging. How do people own such clean houses? I'm currently sat with a pile of laundry around me, a sofa full of cat hair, and unwashed crockery. If anyone fancies popping over for a cleaning spree let me know, I'll provide strawberries, tea, and stories of times gone by.

I reckon I'ma waste more time by crafting a new Spotify playlist too, a concept alien to me until last month. I feel like I've been given a magical key to 90s nostalgia and I'm never looking back. 112 Peaches and Cream? Yes Please.

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