Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 101

 rimmel kate moss lipstick rimmel kate moss lipstick 101 pale pink matte kate moss lipstick swatched on hand pink

If anyone (and I highly doubt this) is thinking, "Golly where have you been?" The answer is no where really. I took a mini break from blogging, partly because I had bad roots that were offensive to photograph and partly because I was uninspired.

So why has a matte lipstick inspired me to blog? Because it's pretty darn good.

My first dabble into the Kate Moss range was with the 08 lipstick and I loved it, but I thought it needed a more subtle friend that could be applied without really thinking too much about it, so in came 101.
Like pretty much every lipstick I own, it's a muted blue toned pink, but this one's different, this is matte. It's matte without being too drying and applies a lot better than I expected, I find with a lot of matte lipsticks you end up dragging them and making a big clumpy mess of your mouth, but the Kate Moss formular "glides" on well without making your lips look like you're in need of a scrub.

For  £5.49 the staying power is impressive and lasts a few hours and obviously I'm a big fan of the colour, the downside for me is the smell/stench. A lot of people really like the synthetic melon smell which attempts to mask the regular lipstick but for me it's a no - yes I've appointed myself the Simon Cowell of smells for today.

Overall this is a great shade for a decent price and I can see why so many people rave about this range. If I wasn't saving every penny for a holiday I'd definitely be adding more of these to my little synthetic stand.


  1. I've seen all the raves about this range of lipsticks too, but haven't picked any up for myself yet. This shade looks lovely on you (loving your blog photos too, Eloise!) x

  2. I need to try some of the Kate Moss lipsticks! This shade is beautiful on you! xx

  3. This is such a nice shade. I only have a couple of Rimmel lipsticks but my favourite is 107 - classic!


  4. wow, colour looks lovely on you. I love dusty cool pinks!


  5. I adore this lipstick, it's usually in my handbag incase as a backup :). It looks lovely on you too.

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  6. I have a hard time pulling off mauvey shades like this, but it suits you so well! Perfect for Spring :)



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  8. I have this and love the color but I agree it can be a little drying for me since it is matte other than that it is my fave shade I own.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

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