Cape Town

boohoo cape michael kors cape michael kors selma bag black trousers selma handbag boohoo
Cape: Boohoo
Top: Sugarhill Boutique
Trousers: c/o Hybrid Fashion
Bag: Michael Kors
Shoes: c/o Clarks (similar)

In these photos the trousers look wiggly, sort of like a pattern on an old swimming costume I had when I was seven, and yes I did just try and google image it for nostalgia's sake, sadly no results were found.
It's probably because I didn't iron them properly as they have now seen an iron and they wiggle no more. I quite like the fact they're not super skinny, it's pretty practical for tanning as skinny jeans/trousers leave my legs a patchy mess after a hefty application! As mentioned in my previous post, the cape may not be that practical weather wise but it screams PICNIC BLANKET or CHILLY EVENING BBQ. Either of these options is good with me.

So it's Saturday! I've just cleaned the house and now I'm awkwardly typing this as my neighbours peep at me over the fence whilst gardening. It's actually my neighbours boyfriend and I've been hearing way too many of their, er, friendly moments recently making the situation even more awkward....

Other than that I'm about to head out into town to purchase a hair mask as my poor barnet has tortured with toner way too much over the past month. Any cheapish recommendations would be fab.
OH I also need holiday destination recommendations, I'm looking for somewhere that'll be hot in late September (preferably all inclusive) but not somewhere that will restrict me to one hotel  where you need a taxi to go anywhere. Any thoughts will be welcomed greatly!

Swagger Jagger

heart print skater skirt heart print skirt pastel hair pastel hair side braid cher lloyd hair

Skirt: c/o BATOKO
Top: Boohoo
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Newlook (Similar)

I was face timing my sister a while back whilst donning this 'do', she pointed and exclaimed "Cher Lloyd head!" I don't know if it was intended as a compliment or an insult but I secretly liked Cher Lloyd on the X Factor, and whilst I can't snarl like her I can definitely copy her hair/head. Plus I can pretend it's like a mullet and say "Business on the left, party on the right" whilst flipping my mane. Cool no?

I struggle what to write most of the time following photo's of myself. It seems weird to not mention any of my garmz, so from what you can't see in these pictures, the crop top kept riding up and showing my belly off. Not pleasant. I like the skirt a lot though! It's by BATOKO and they do it in a few different prints -the watermelon is next on my list.

Gah Tom will be home in a bit and I'm supposed to be preparing a salad (I'll make a salad! A lovely warm dinner the film), but I can't move off this sofa and put down the snacks, speaking of, hope everyone's having a nice easter and many a chocolate egg/bunny has been devoured! I'm celebrating by venturing out to the cinema later to watch Get Hard, probably not the most gripping of films and hardly a traditional way to celebrate a moving boulder but I'm hoping it'll be funny and I quite like Kevin Hart.

How are you all spending the bank holiday? And more importantly, which eggs did you get?

The hounds(tooth) of love are calling

houndstooth cape dogtoothcape vagabondmichael kors jet set

Cape: c/o Blue Vanilla
Top: Newlook
Leggings: Newlook
Boots: Vagabond via Office
Bag: Michael Kors

Who doesn't love clothing that is both warm and doubles up as a picnic blanket?! This houndstooth cape will engulf you in a cosy embrace during the horrid transitional weather period we're having, and will also be extra practical come festival season. Not that I've ever been to a festival. Too much mud. 

The Michael Kors bag is an "oh crap I need to start saving so will buy one last thing" purchase. I'm smugly free from buyers remorse as part of it was a gift from Tom, part a gift from my lovely ex colleagues, and the rest a gift from myself. As of today mission save for a house deposit is on - and I'm saying "on" with a fierce accent in my head to make it extra true because that always works. Ask Beyonce.

Non outfit wise I have just cackled and cringed my way through Justin Bieber's comedy roast, and as much as I detest myself for saying this he didn't come off very badly at all. Has anyone else seen it? The apology was a bit half hearted but his little end section was pretty funny, it's already on youtube here, if you watch it let me know what you think!

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