How to stop Pandora charms from moving

pandora blue rope leatherstop pandora charms movinghow to stop pandora charms movingstop pandora charm moving rope leatherkeep charms in one place

Pandora clips c/o Joshua James Jewellery
Clear Rubber O Rings: Ebay

When I was asked if I wanted to feature something from Pandora obvsies I said yes. I already had the rope bracelet and the two charms but they'd move around constantly and always end up under my wrist where you couldn't see them. They'd catch on my desk at work too which was a pain. Attaching

Enter the little plastic rings that have been my saviours. For 99p, if I wanted to, I could dance my way through life waving my arms around and never suffer at the hands of a rolling charm again. From what I can tell from the powers of google, the rings don't fit under the charms so you'll have to buy clips to perform this sorcery, but Pandora have bought out loads of new designs and the clips don't look ugly anymore.

Attaching the rubber/silicone ring to the bracelet is actually quite difficult and you'll probably need tweezers to do it, so I'd recommend eye measuring where you want everything to go before putting them on. I didn't do this. I am foolish.

Have you got any jewellery tips?

Exante Diet Review

exante diet breakfastexante diet shakesexante diet snacksexante diet mealexante diet chocolateexante diet bar
*Meals provided for review
I'm not actually a stranger to Exante, a tonne of the ladies at work all proudly shake their little orange flasks like a town crier whilst selling the benefits and telling me how many lbs they've lost that week.
So for anyone that hasn't heard of this new concept of diet management/weightloss, I give you the Exante Diet. Basically if you want to go hardcore it's a meal replacement plan, but if you just want to kick your eating habits into shape its an "exchange one meal for ours" plan. 
Even though there are loads of meals and snacks to chose from, there are only two calorie groups so the easiest way to categorise them are the 200 calorie eats and the 150 calorie eats. There are five different plans ranging from 3 lots of 200 Kcal meals each day (the hardcore Total Solution Plan) to the Simple Solution plan which is the same concept but allows you to eat your own "actual" food as well. 
Obviously I'm not championing the former for anyone who just wants to lose a few pounds, and neither are Exante, they have a snazzy health check calculator here which will tell you if it's safe to even try their most relaxed diet. If you have a healthy BMI then the advice is just to carry on eating healthy.
In my case I'm pretty much an average height and an average weight. I have insecurities about the  parts I want to change (my belly is expanding thanks to cream eggs, and an old boss once told me I had bingo wings which has given me a complex) but these issues can be tackled with exercise, so I didn't feel like any of the structured plans were for me.
Instead I've been eating/drinking the Exante products for breakfast or lunch, then just snaffling whatever I want for dinner. It's stopped me snacking throughout the day but I still don't go hungry at night. Wins.
Rather than go into every product I've tried, here's a quick rundown of my thoughts:

The shakes are ok. I'm not going to pretend it's like drinking a Mcdonalds milkshake because it's not. They're water based so can be quite thin if you use the full amount of water, and you can really taste the protein. I got round this by adding a bit of milk to thicken them up, but that defeats the whole object really. The vanilla and toffee caramel were the best of the bunch, the banana wasn't the best. One of the town criers at work told me that adding coffee to the chocolate shake is a win but alas, I don't drink coffee. 

The porridge and the pancakes were actually quite nice and didn't taste overly processed at all. They're packed with proteins and minerals but still taste pleasant and the raspberry flavour overpowered anything else in the porridge. I wasn't that keen on the eggs but wouldn't turn them down if I was hungry. There's also plain porridge available, and blueberry & raspberry pancakes.

These are deffs the best "packs". The majority are 200 calories but the spaghetti bolognese is only 150, which is odd as it was my favourite. There's no rules to which packs you eat and when, so if you were doing one of the plans you could have a shepherds pie for breakfast if you wanted to. The shepherds pie was also quite tasty, although they all seemed to have a slow cooker esque smell to them which is fine with me as I do love a slow cooked meal.
Exante also do their own sausages and burgers, and pizza mix so you can feel like you're cheating even when you're not. 

The snack bars and the chocolate balls were my least favourite, again in my opinion you could really taste the protein. However the ladies at work swear by the chocolate orange bar (picture above) so the majority vote is yes on these. 
So did it work? Well I've been using the Exante products mainly for lunch in the office, they're convenient and easy to make and they've helped curb my cravings for sweets. Scales wise I've lost around 2lbs but I wasn't really aiming for a drop in weight and I just wanted to force ma bod into better eating habits. For anyone interested in weight loss then I'd recommend having a peek at the reviews here, there's also a tonne of voucher codes if you are planning to buy in bulk!
Have you ever tried anything like Exante? What were your experiences? 

#DateNight with Kaleidoscope

crochet shift dresswhite crochet dressbandora bracelet pink charmssilver hair pastel lilac hair

Dress: c/o Kaleidoscope
Boots: USC (Now only £12.50!)
Bracelet: Pandora
Watch: Michael Kors

I was challenged by the lovely lot at Kaleidoscope to pick an outfit that could be worn on three separate occasions 1- A date night, 2- A family outing, and 3 - An evening with friends.
This crochet number definitely ticks all three of these boxes! I'll admit, when I first savagely tore the packaging apart I thought it might be a bit too long on me, but I completely ate my words (thoughts?) when putting it on, it's the perfect length for a spring day out shopping but can also be toughened up with a biker jacket and heels on an evening.

I've gone with a transitional lipstick as well, the Kate Moss 08 lipstick which I'm OBSESSED with at the moment, sadly it's not making me look like Kate Moss....

It's been a slightly uneventful yet cold day today. I took my car to get fixed this morning after receiving a recall notice (apparently dodgy wiring is nothing to worry about!) and had myself a free and frothy hot chocolate which was a warm bonus. Then I ventured into Boots to by hairspray, such enthralling times.

The Out Out Dilemma

bodycon dress over 25bodycon for older

Dress c/o La Redoute - Now only £14!

Now I'm a bit older (*cough 27 cough*) I find the whole concept of out out clothing a bit difficult. Not that I could ever pull off bodycon but you know, seeing all those sprightly 18 year olds throwing shapes without arm wobbles can be a bit of a downer. Especially as you just know they're going to be gorging on pizza and mcdonalds after all that drink. Darn them.

This dress from La Redoute helps me get over the fear of the Lloyds Bar, it sits somewhere between a shift dress and a bodycon number and clings to the more flattering parts of ma bod which is always nice. Plus it's now on sale for £14, bargain.

For anyone else suffering with the post 25 year blues, I've found some cheap out out outfits that hide a multitude of sins. I actually own the inlovewithfashion version of the black playsuit and it's perfect for anyone with an apple shape like me.

night out outfits

Wrap Playsuit // Monochrome Skater // Midi SkirtCropped Cami // Floral Playsuit

What are your go to outfits for nights "on the raz"?

Benefit Hoola Bronzer Review

benefit hoolabenefit hoola reviewhoola bronzer hoola bronzer before after hoola bronzer before after

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - £23.50

I'd been after a matte bronzer for ages, after years of shying away from the whole contouring concept I thought it was about time I embraced it, this may be partly down to the fact I've put on weight and my cheekbones are currently in hiding.
Enter Hoola by Benefit, it's one of the most notorious matte bronzers and has been the most popular selling bronzer in the UK for a few years now. This is down to the fact that it's so versatile, it suits so many different skin tones and can be used to contour, as an all over glower, or even as an eyeshadow.

The product itself is muted, matte bronze with not even a speck of shimmer. It has a really great colour payoff when applied to the skin and can be easily built up for a harsher evening contour look without looking muddy or worse, khaki coloured. It has a lovely silky finish and looks gorgeous on top of both heavy and light foundation. In the photo's above I've gone for an "almost not there" application to give you an idea of just how subtle it can be.
Hoola comes with a standard Benefit box brush which I normally discard straight away, but the straight edges made it quite easy to apply for a contouring newbie, saying that I'll probably invest in a decent contouring brush soon - any recommendations?

As with a lot of Benefit packaging, it's pretty bulky and not the best for travelling, but the typical kitsch design makes it a gorgeous addition to my dressing table. It might be best for hardcore bronzing fans to use one of their deluxe samples for travelling so the cardboard packing doesn't become damaged.

Price wise it's definitely more high end, my other bronzers have all been under to £10 mark so it was a splurge for me, but one I'm happy with! You get quite a lot of product for your dollar and I reckon this is one I'll still be using next year.

Have you tried Hoola? What are your favourite bronzers?

Valentine's Day Made Easy


It's awkward if your other half asks you what you want for Valentine's day isn't it? I find this is because of two reasons.
1- I like to pretend I'm above the whole thing and ooze an air of nonchalance about the day, "We don't need a single day to show each other we enjoy each other's company do we?"
 2 - Whilst playing it super cool as above, Im secretly thinking, "I want you to get me something super thoughtful but I don't want to tell you what I'd like".

If you're like me then fear not! Pandora have removed the awkwardness out of Valentine's day with their new Wishing Tree. You pretty much attach what you want to the tree in the form of a love note obviously the soppier the better gift!) and Pandora will subtly drop hints to your partner for you. By subtly dropping hints I mean they'll email them exactly what you want. Wins. They'll even go as far as suggesting some jewellery you might like based on your choices.

I've had a look at their gifting collection and have chosen some of my favourites.

pandora valentines

Are you hoping for anything from Pandora this year?

The £5.49 Kylie Jenner Lip

velvet teddy dupevelveet teddy drugstore dupekylie jenner lipstickkylie jenner lipstick dupe

Rimmel Lasting Finish in 08

I ventured into an unusually busy town centre last weekend with the plan to purchase Revlon's Mauve It Over which is apparently a pretty exact dupe for Mac's Velvet Teddy. Sadly it wasn't to be as I couldn't find it anywhere - has it been discontinued?
Anyway I'd heard the Kate Moss lipsticks by Rimmel had some Kylie Jenner esque shades so after uh-ming, ah-ing, and "is this too dark for me?"-ing, I finally opted for shade 08, which is a cop out of a name if you ask me.

There were actually two shades I was torn between, shade 03 was probably more of a match for Velvet Teddy but looked a bit beige against my pale skin, where as 08 leans slightly more pink toned and suited my fair skin a lot better.

The Kate Moss lasting finish lipsticks are a matte finish and highly pigmented. They're supposed to last up to 8 hours but I reckon Rimmel are telling porkies here, I just had a cup of tea and all of it smeared around my mug (as in crockery not face). Longevity aside though I do really like both the shade and formular of this lipstick, it's a nice step away from my usual blue toned pinks and the ever-so slight creaminess stops it from showing everyone you have chapped lips.

Do you have any "drugstore" recommendations for a Kylie Jenner lipstick?

Rimmel London Extra 3D Lash Mascara

rimmel mascararimmel 3d lashrimmel 3d lash before afterrimmel 3d lash before after

Rimmel Extra 3D Lash

I actually bought the Rimmel extra 3D lash mascara on Brogan's recommendation, she mentioned in a video that it's a purse friendly version of Benefit's They're Real (which I'm a massive fan of) and that pretty much sold it for me.

At £4.99 it's probably the cheapest mascara I've purchased in a while, and for everyday wear I'm impressed! Rimmel claim it volumises as well as lengthens and I'm hoping from the pictures above you can see it actually achieves this -  my lashes are kind of non existent to begin with and the 3D lash gave me amazing length after 2 coats.
It definitely leans more towards a lengthening mascara as I didn't notice any sort of curl at all, so with this one you'll need to whip the eyelash curlers out if you're after a fluttery "oh I naturally look like Bambi" look.

I'm not exactly sure where the 3D terminology comes into things, a quick read of the boots website tells me it's supposed to be the brush, but to me it just looks like a regular mascara brush? Or are all other mascaras animating their brushes nowadays? Who knows.

It also lasts the whole day in the office which is something I look for in anything I'm smearing on my face, the toilets at my work are gross and I do not want to be re applying in there during my lunch! Saying that, it removes nicely with a bit of baby lotion (the stuff of dreams), and hasn't irritated my eyes at all.

So for an affordable, everyday mascara I'm really impressed with this. Probably not one I'd reach for on a night out as it lacks the oomph factor, but if it's length your after then this is the one.

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