Florals are my favourite

floral trousersfloral leggingsjack wills hatjack wills bobble hat

Floral Trousers: Boohoo
Top: Newlook
Shoes: Primark
Hat: Jack Wills
Jacket: Miss Selfridge

I am not coping well with this cold weather, as soon as it gets to October I get so excited for the dark nights, halloween, christmas, and shoving ALL THE FOODS into my body. But come January I'm craving lighter evenings and bare legs. For the time being I'm shivering in a beanie with badly fake tanned feet.

This is definitely not #spon but I'm really loving boohoo at the moment, these trousers were a mere eight pounds, eight pounds! I also bought this rather lovely pastel collared shift dress for a tenner which is the perfect length for the office. Gone are the days I thought it was a bit market-y, it's probably my favourite shop at the moment.

And non fashion stuff related, what on earth am I watching on itv at the moment? It's supposedly Stars In Their Eyes but Harry Hill is completely killing it, in a bad way. Awful jokes and stealing the limelight does not a good programme make.
Also, completely out of context but you NEED to try the belgian shortbread from the bakery section of Sainsburys, or as I call them, slabs. Big old slabs of heaven that go perfectly with a cup of tea. Gimme.

It's not in my jeans

 photo truereligion_zps38ea4f1c.jpg

Buying jeans is my worst task ever. In fact, because my legs look stumpy in most cuts/fits/styles, I don't really wear them anymore. Even thinking about jean shopping now is giving me jean fear. How many times can I say jeans?

Anyway I reckon it's the fact they come in inches, you can't just grab your usual dress size and be done with it, oh no. You need to deliberate whether to squeeze into the inches you want to be, or embrace the inches you know you'll be (especially after Christmas) and be done with it. Unfortunately I always go for the former and tell myself that the necessary extra tug around my belly will give with time, then they get tumble-dried and the jean fear sets in again. It's like a big vicious jean cycle.

As much as I'd love to hide in my legging bubble, I'm making an effort to be healthier this year and do some toning up at the same time. Once I have the Kayla Itsines pins of dreams I'm going to be a smug shopper and shimmy my bootay into every pair just because I can. Skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, boyfriend jeans, none will be safe!

I've been told that True Religion jeans are a good investment if you're a hardcore denim fan. They're not the cheapest around but the prices are on a par with Levi's, and if you're off to America anytime soon they're a lot cheaper over there! They've got a tonne of skinny styles to choose from, my faves are the Chrissy Super Skinny Women's jean which look sort of acid washed and would make me feel down with the kids with the whole 90's fashion re birth. I also really like the look of the boyfriend jeans for the summer, hot weather and tight denim is not a nice thing.

Where do you get your jeans from? Any recommendations?

MeMeMe Ultimate Eye Palette in Rich Plum

me me me palettesmokey eye paletteeyeshadow palettesmokey eye

I was sent the Ultimate Plum Palette by the lovely folk at MeMeMe to play around with and share my findings. I'm a massive fan of their baked shadows (have a peep at my post here) so couldn't want to try out my smokey eye skillz with a regular pressed eyeshadow. Yeah I just spelt skills with a z.

To be brutally honest I felt this palette was a bit "so so" and I've kind of struggled to write a post about it. There are things I really like and things I wasn't too (roy)keen on so it's probs best to split this post into pros and cons and let you be the judge.


The colours in the pan are gorgeous. Shimmery and delicious purples and silvers run alongside neutrals making this palette perfect for travelling if you have to pack light. The mate black shade is also really matte indeed and it was pretty difficult scrubbing this off my arm! As with most palettes there's a decent sized mirror for "on the go" application, and it comes with a fluffy brush as opposed to a cheapy sponge eyeshadow applicator.


Although the colours are beautiful and look amazing once applied, application took forever due to the amount of fall out. There was loads. It dusted all over my cheeks and I looked like a chimney sweep. You also need to sort of layer the eyeshadow in order to get the best colour payoff. As you can see from my swatches above, the colour comes off quite sheer at first - but layering = more fallout!
The other downside is the price, it's not extortionate at £15 but there are a lot of drugstore brands out there doing the same sort of thing for the £7 mark.

So those are my thoughts, granted it's not the best review as I'm sat on the fence with this. I loved the finish result but it took a long ol' time and a lot of concealer.

Have you tried any of the MeMeMe shadows? What did you think to them?

Teletubby Head

lace midi skirtpoppy lux midi skirtlace print skirtmidi skirt

Skirt: c/o Poppy Lux
Top: Boohoo
Shoes: Newlook

Someone at work said my hair looks weird in a bun, like I've got a purple ball on my head. Ah well, I'm liking the teletubby look at the moment.
I'm also liking this midi skirt which is actually the first I've ever tried, I've always been a bit paranoid about them making my legs look stumpy/drawing attention to the waist, but I'm pleasantly surprised with this one from Poppy Lux. Tbh (does anyone still use tbh anymore?) they're a brand I'm always stalking online as everything is so flattering and they always seem to have a sale going on.

Hope everyone's having a fun filled Sunday, mine's been a chilled one and I'm planning a mammoth bath later with a huge youtube catch-up session. I just need to clean my bathroom first....and do the washing, and clean the kitchen, and hoover. Sigh. I might just leave all that in favour of some bloglovin' though, it's been an age since I've sat down with a brew and nosed into the lives of others.

I feel like I should have more exciting things to say but I don't. January has been a complete non existent month for me spent feeling unfit in the gym and watching way too much tv. As much as I love the winter I'm looking forward to warmer days and holidays.

Silver & Purple Hur

silver purple hair pastel grey hairsilver hair

Argh I've been awol for quite some time. Truth is I've not actually done a lot other than put a shed load of toner on my hair. So rather than loads of photos of me doing exciting things during my month away from blogging, here are some photos of my barnet.

Because I've been away from the blogging world I've missed all the new years resolution posts, needless to say (I had the last laugh, if you know this quote then 103232 points - DON'T BE BLUE PETER) I didn't stick to any of last years resolutions, ho hum. So this year I didn't actually make any, I was one of those people that dragged themselves to the gym during the first week of January but even that's dwindling now and I'm contemplating eating a snickers....

I've also been obsessively watching The 100 which is amazing, although it's weird seeing Rosie from The Sleepover Club acting all serious, nearly as weird as Calvin from Hollyoaks with an american accent.

So there's my little catch up. I have no excuses as to why I've been absent other than "I've been eating and watching tv" but I should now be back to enjoy my fifth year of blogging!

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