Summer in the Winter

coral skater dressboohoo skater dressquilted skater dress

Dress: £8 at Boohoo (only size 12's left)
Shoes: Newlook (similar here)

Because I just love pointing out my outfit flaws, check out the fake tan mishap on my hand in the first photo. I should have my own circle of shame going on! In my defence it doesn't look that bad in real life, I blame photoshop curves.

This dress is definitely a nod to the summer but sometimes it's nice to don something other than black on a night out in the winter. I was discussing something similar with my hairdresser the other day, people tend to dye their hair darker in the winter but I'm always t'uther way round and prefer to brighten things up during the dark days, anyone else the same? Speaking of darker days these indoor outfit photos are not working for me at all in that every photo looks like it's been snapped on a pound stretcher disposable, sigh.

This is completely irrelevant but yesterday I visited a "soft play" area with my Sister and Nephew, how do Mum's cope in these places? The cons definitely outweigh any pros, here are the things that left me shuddering/never wanting to go back.....

1. The stench. A delightful mixture of sweat and grease from the canteen style food.
2. The noise. From the screaming children to the screaming parents who complain at anyone if their child gets tripped or pushed, either will leave you with a headache.
3. The germs. Snotty kids touching anything in site and running around with bare feet.
4. The moral dilemma. Do you refuse to join in the frolics and cause upset to the child you're with? Or do you risk various infections for a smile?

If I ever have kids I'm going to have to come up with a plan to avoid these plasticy mazes of doom.

Maybelline Color Drama: Berry Much

color drama berry much maybelline color drama maybelline color drama berry much color drama berry much swatch

I went to Boots the other day with only concealer and eyeliner on my mind, until I saw that beautiful poster all over the store offering the wonder that is 3 for 2. There was no other needies on my list so I thought I'd treat myself to a wantie in the form of a Christmassy berry lip.

Cue the aptly named Berry Much from Maybelline. I think the Color Dramas (it feels so wrong spelling it like that) are relatively new as they took centre stage on the stand, there were ten colours to paw over ranging from my usual muted pink to a more daring orange. I thought I'd go down the festive route because, well, there's less than a month to go and I haven't done anything else festive so far.

The product is a lipstick in the form of a pencil which makes applying bolder shades a lot easier, you just draw it on like a lip liner and then blend into the middle, simple. I did find that you had to blend extra carefully though, as the colour did tend to clump in certain areas, in fact I had to wipe it off completely before trying again due to clumping.
The finish is described as velvet but I'd say it's much more matte, and once on your lips it does stick around for a while, that is until you try to drink tea and then it ends up all over the shop. Tis bizarre though because that swatch on my arm would not budge, even with the daddy of all cleansers peaches and clean.

I wouldn't say this is the greatest lip product I've tried in terms of formular, but the colour is a gorgeous berry shade and will give you that nineties lip that seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. At £4.99 it's not going to break the bank either.

Have you tried any of the Color Drama pencils?

District 13

tartan shirt checked shirt lumberjack shirt girls

Shirt: Newlook
Skirt: Topshop (old, similar here)
Coat: TK Maxx
Boots: Vagabond

Today hasn't been that eventful, a 70 year old swore at me for pulling out of a junction whilst he was indicating to pull in said junction, I bought some concealer, and ate a pie. A meat and potato pie. I've never actually tried a meat and potato pie but it was one of Asda's substitutions in a delivery of many substitutes - who on earth decided to swap my rice balls for frozen pizza straws? I'll never know.

Outfit wise I'm really late on the whole shirttuckedintoaskirt bandwagon but I like it, although I do find that a lot of shirts seem to be quite tight around my neck, it's not something I've ever had to worry about in the past but now I've developed a bit of a complex about my fat neck, can you even loose neck fat? Gross.
This coat was a complete bargain too and one which I shamelessly copied Leanne with, I'd never have thought to look in TK Maxx for coats but they had loads of gorgeous ones in there, I did debate whether to go with this or a Michael Kors number in camel, but sensibility won and I went for the cheaper option at £35.

I also sat on the edge of my seat for two hours this weekend for The Hunger games which was as incredible as everyone makes out and I got to see a pretty nice looking sunset outside my window.

english sunset

EnvyDerm Lip Treatment & Plumper

envyderm lipgloss envyderm lip envyderm lola envyderm swatch envyderm lola

I hate my thin lips and love trying new products, so when I was asked if I wanted to try the Envyderm lip treatment and plumper combo obvsies I said yes. I'd heard about their eyelash conditioning serum before but didn't know they'd created a conditioning wonder for the lips!

The Intense Lip Renewal Therapy claims to reduce fine lines around the lips, boost fullness, and give you a lovely soft pout. I've been using the lush lip scrub before applying this at nighttime, although it can also be worn under your lipstick or lipgloss. I have actually noticed a difference but to be honest I wasn't taking care of my lips at all beforehand, so I don't know whether to put it down to the product or the fact I'm being a bit more generous with my lip tlc. Either way I'm less chapped nowadays and can actually wear a matte lipstick without it looking all gross and crusty. Oh and it smells gorgeous, sort of coconutty and sweet. It's not the cheapest of products at £28.95, but maybe one to add to your christmas list if your lips are as shoddy as mine.

The Volumising Plumper Lipgloss is definitely my favourite of the two products, probably because I'm impatient and can see results straight away with this. It contains capsaicin, an ingredient found in hot peppers,  which gives your lips a slight irritation and causes them to plump. Sounds scary but it's really more of a tingle than a burn!
It has quite a sticky consistency so will stay put for ages, plus it smells all fresh and minty which is nice and refreshing (if a lipgloss can be refreshing!) on a morning.  There are nine colours to chose from as well as a clear gloss if you're a neutral kind of gal, mine's in "Lola Shimmer" which is a really subtle rosy pink shade, perfect for every day wear. As lip plumpers go it leans towards the higher end price wise at £18.95, but I did notice more of a difference with this than the soap and glory version, so the extra £8.00 is worth it in my opinion!

If you like what you see, you can use the code ENVYBLOG which will give you free delivery on the Jica website until the 30th November.

Waterproof Eye Makeup

waterproof makeup

I know this is probably more of a summer post as the first thing I think of when it comes to waterproof makeup is the beach, a pool, or a holiday in general. But after the treacherous walk to my office today in the middle of a downpour resulted in zombie makeup, I thought I'd go through the waterproof makeup in my collection.

The Good

Benefit They're Real push up liner - I've already done a full review of this little miracle (who hasn't?) but as waterproof eyeliners go, this is incredible. Water won't make it budge, eye makeup remover won't make it budge, nothing short of scouring your own skin (gross) will make it go away. Before you apply this you need to know it's sticking around for the long haul. Perfect for rainy days and days spent by/in the pool. Slight downside to this is that if you go wrong there's no going back, and it's quite easy to make mistakes until you get the hang of the rubber nib.

Mac Liquidlast liner - This is a typical old school style liquid liner and one you need a steady hand for. But once applied it isn't going to run, smudge, or flake. I used this everyday in Mexico and it fought humidity and sea water well. It also made me look better in underwater selfies...yes I am that vain.

The Not-so Good

Benefit BADgal waterproof liner - As much as I love Benefit, I just can't really see what makes this different to my (much cheaper) rimmel kohl eyeliner. It's not that black and it's not that waterproof, in fact it has trouble sticking around during a dry day at the office. It has a sponge tip on one end which is supposed to give you a simple smoky eye, I don't know if I'm applying it completely wrong but instead it gives me a smudgy black eye. In my opinion it's deffs not worth the £15.50 price tag.

Maybelline The Rocket volum express mascara - This doesn't seem to be waterproof? I haven't read the fine print so maybe it's only supposed to be "splash proof", but I wore this on holiday, jumped in the pool, and nothing was left. Not even smudges. It just all came off completely. The brush is a bit bulky with the bristles too close together which does nothing for my lashes,  they don't look longer or thicker at all. To be honest I'm not too sure why I'm still hanging on to it!

Do you have any recommendations for some heavy duty waterproof makeup? I've been peering online and Tarte Cosmetics has a Lights, Camera, Splashes waterproof mascara which I'm tempted to try.

I'm bouncing off the walls again

floral trousersprinted trousers selma bag

Floral Trousers: Newlook
Shirt: Newlook
Boots: Vagabond
Bag: Michael Kors (for some reason the Grey is £55 off here)

After I'd taken these photos and was sat in my living room all wrapped up in Tom's dressing gown (yes I wear it over my clothes), I realised my button was undone in every single photo. It's the only downside to these gloriously comfortable trousers and one which will no doubt cause embarrassment in the future, the button is sort of back to front in order to keep it hidden but it pops out all the time. Sigh. I do love the print though, and the fake silky material makes it feel like you're wearing pyjamas outside of the house which can only ever be a win. Word of warning for any fellow apple shaped gals though, definitely size up! My usual size was so tight around my stomach that my ovaries were wincing in pain.

Also, I know I mentioned this above but my Michael Kors Selma bag was from Zalando for £55 off it's usual price. I'm not sure if this particular grey shade is last years shade or something but all the other colours are still full priced at £315. Mad.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend, I bought some horrifically gaudy unicorn slippers and watched The Babadook yesterday, god that kid was annoying. I've also been watching this guy on youtube a lot and wishing I could rap.

MeMeMe Cosmetics: Shimmery Delights

mememe cosmeticsmememe eye inspire quadmememe shimmer stackmememe eyeshadow quadshimmer stack goldbronze eyeshadow

MeMeMe Cosmetics were actually at the Fabb event I went to a couple of weeks ago and they oh so generously sent everyone away with some of their products. I'm already a big fan of their Benefit high beam dupe (review here) so was excited to try out their new releases.

Eye Inspire Catwalk Quad in Goddess Eyes

This quad is pretty much everything I want in an eyeshadow. Shimmery, bronze, pigmented, and long wearing. All four colours bend perfectly together to create a gorgeous metallic smokey eye, and with it being a baked product there's no fall out which is my biggest peeve with the naked palettes. The highlight colour stands out as an inner corner highlight but will really "pop" if you wet your brush first - something else I love about baked products.
This is great for travelling and is a steal at £5.00, they've got a few other colour combinations so I'll definitely be having a look at these when I'm next in Superdrug.

Shimmer Stack in Gold

The Shimmer Stacks are highlighters made up of five separate colours and can be used on your face or as eyeshadows. There's three to chose from, Gold, Bronze, and Pink; to be honest I'd say the gold comes off as more champagney but never the less it's a beautiful subtle highlight that gives a warm glow to the skin. I'd definitely recommend swatching these first as the colours look a lot darker in the pan but for £10 you get something similar to a mineralise skin finish and less than half the price.

Another great thing about MeMeMe is that they don't test on animals, so not only are they affordable, they've got a good set of ethics too!

Doing Monochrome For The First Time Ever

topshop monochrome skirttopshop skirtmonochrome skirtvagabond grace chelsea

Skirt: Topshop
Boots: Vagabond
Top: Newlook
Necklace: Forever 21

As the title would suggest, I'm not really a monochrome kinda gal, I'm not sure why as I really like this outfit, barring the fact that the boots make my calves look massive....but they're oh so comfy so I'll overlook the fact I spent £80 to have larger than usual calves. The skirt is the first thing I've bought from Topshop in forever, I know I'm a bit of a hypocrite as I complained about the whole Oxford Street ambience and feeling like an alien in there, but this was purchased from my not so stylish town on a weekday so the experience was a little better. To be honest it's probably the most expensive skirt I own but whenever I do clench my teeth and part with my hard earned cash in topshop, I do tend to find whatever I've bought lasts a heckuva long time.

In non fashion related news about myself, the last two months have been pretty rubbish so I've spent this week being busy and forgetting about them. On Monday I made myself feel very sick from fairground rides, I stupidly went on one of those really high swing chair things and decided at 50ft in the air I wanted off. Not a good idea. I also had a better than expected trip to the cinema to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and afterwards wished I could look like Megan Fox. Then on Friday night I made myself feel very sick again thanks to the below....

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