Pandora: An Easy Gift Idea

pandora braceletpandora pink charmpandora heart charm

I jumped on the Pandora bandwagon quite late really. I actually bought the bracelet along with the pave ball charm last year in New York as a christmas present to myself, and whilst in Mexico I had some pesos left over at the end of the holiday and the heart charm called to me!

They're a good idea if you have family members/boyfriends/husbands that don't really have the foggiest when it comes to Christmas or Birthdays, just subtly direct them to the charms you've been eying up online! I know a lot of people love to build them up to a mammoth charm filled bracelet, but I prefer them to be a bit less busy and the charms are easy to swap around if you're lucky enough to have spares.

The website has actually got a gift ideas section if you're still after that element of surprise, I've just had a nose and there's some gorgeous gift sets on there which give you a bit of a discount if you buy the charms and bracelet together. I'm already eying up the pink rope bracelet.

Pandora are also hosting a pretty awesome competition with  Red Online to win a spa break for you and a friend. All you have to do is nominate a friend who represents one of their essence values - if one of your friends is extra caring, has tonnes of dedication, or always has belief in you, all you have to do is nominate them and tell Red Online why they deserve a spa break. A pretty easy thing to do so I'm definitely going to be entering!

Do you own anything from Pandora?

Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Standout

revlon standoutstandout matte balm matte balm standout swatchrevlon matte balm

I've had these photos on my laptop for yonks (hence the long hair) but for some reason have never actually gotten round to blogging about the greatness that is the Revlon Matte Balms. It wasn't until I used them last week that I thought I best get my blogown and do a post.

So the Revlon Matte balms came out at the beginning of the year and there was major hype about them, in my eyes the hype was justified as these are the only products specified as "matte" that haven't made my lips look all crumbly and gross.

Jumping slightly on the chubby stick bandwagon, Revlon provided us with a matte alternative for those who prefer higher pigmentation and longer staying power. But halt. Not only are the colours vibrant and eye-catching, they also contain Shea, Mango, and coconut butter to keep your lips hydrated along the way. Wins all round.

I reckon the reason I fell surprisingly in love with a matte product was because they're not entirely matte, it actually applies quite creamy but dries to a lovely velvety texture which does an ok job of hiding dry lips!

With the onset of dreary (barlow) weather in the uk I can tell Standout is going to be one of my best buds, the gorgeous deep red colour comes off as a berry tone against my fair skin, and who doesn't love berrys in the winter? Especially if they're in a pie. With custard. And a fire. Mmmmm.

YSL Touche Éclat: 01 Luminous Radiance

ysl touche eclatysl touche eclat luminous radiance ysl luminous radiance 01
Tom actually bought this for me on the way back from Mexico, and it's only recently that I've started to use it more regularly. Probably because I'm not one for highlighters in the summer, why make you skin look even more dewy in the clammy heat?
Anyway I'll admit, this was purchased purely for the hype, I hadn't ever tried it out but really wanted to own the sleek golden tube with the oh so satisfying click.

A second admission, I originally thought this was a concealer. I reckon I'm not the only one as a quick google for the product brings up numerous detailed reviews of how it combats eye circles. It doesn't. If you suffer from dark circles you're going to need a heavy duty concealer (I recommend Benefit's erase paste or Collection's lasting perfection) to hide them before using this product to highlight the area around the circles - taking the attention away from the pesky bags.

The YSL Touche Éclat is actually a luminizer, a highlight without too much shimmer but packed with   tiny particles that'll help you look all glowy and radiant. It can be applied down the centre of the nose to make it appear smaller, to inner eye corners to make you look awake, on the brow bone to make a smoky eye "pop", and to the cupids bow - and that's just a few ways to use it!

I have the shade 01 which I think is the original shade, it's perfect for me as I've got pinky undertones to my skin so it blends in really well. I know I'm supposed to go for yellowy shades to counteract the pink, but I do all that that with a primer.

As a highlight it has a sheer finish and I wouldn't say it lasts very long, so it's definitely one to take out with you if you have a busy day planned for regular touch ups!

How do you use your Touche Éclat?

Hi Impact Brow Palette

hi impact browshi impact brow palette swatch

A while back I was asked if I wanted to try out the Hi Impact Brow Palette, I'd been using the Benefit Brow Zings loyally for over a year so was intrigued to find out if something could better did.

The Hi Imact Brow Palette contains four shades of brow shadow that can be used to create the perfect shapely brow or a matte smoky eye. I haven't tried the latter yet but I've been told they can be used as eyeshadows so will be giving that a go later. The shadows are really pigmented and leave your brows looking defined all day - I apply makeup at the hideous hour of 7am and I'm still looking David Browey at 7pm!
It's a universal palette for all hair and brow colours and I'm pretty impressed with it's ashiness. I've found that the cheaper brow kids (elf, sleek) tend to lean towards the orangey side and I can't say I've noticed many orange arches in my time. I've been using the second darkest shade as I prefer to go quite dark, and it's this shade that beats my brow zings hands down.

It's also got a mirror for on the go application and the brush it comes with isn't half bad either! As brow brushes go it's pretty dense and it's big enough to get a decent grip which sets it ahead of any other palettes I've tried.

At £18.99 it's not the cheapest of brow kits but it's cheaper than the HD brow offerings and I'd deffs opt for this over brow zings which is £24.50.
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