Pre Christmas Mini Break

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Me and Thomas have visited London for a pre christmas mini break on many an occasion. For some reason the hectic atmosphere and crowds don't bother me in November/December, they're overpowered by Christmas cheer and festive spirit and a rainy day Oxford Street is turned into a winter wonderland with the abundance of christmas displays and flurries of fake snow. Last year we went all out and headed to New York for Thanksgiving which was such an incredible experience, Miracle on 34th Street is one of my favourite Christmas films so seeing Macy's all lit up and watching the inflatable turkey first hand made me feel all tingly inside

This year we've got nothing planned so I'm trying to think of something a little different that won't leave us penniless. I want shopping, culture, and the odd event, and ideally I want something close by too. So I'm thinking Edinburgh as it's got tonnes of culture as well as gorgeous historical buildings. I've already had a look on Hotel Direct and there's some gorgeous hotels in the city centre that'd be perfect and cosy after a day bracing the cold!

I've been having a peek at what's on in the city too and there seems to be so much going on! I don't know if I'd be able to drag Thomas along but Harvey Nichols are holding a fashion show at the end of the month, I've also had a nose at the Pout Edinburgh event which looks pretty fab - it's basically a massive fashion/beauty event with drinks, music, and a fashion show. It's also helping smaller independent designers get there name out there which I'm a massive supporter of.

If I go a little later there's some pretty good indie circa 2007 bands playing but it'd mean making a decision between The Subways and the Rifles....something the 17 year old inside me refuses to do.

Or I could just go for pure festivities and wait for the Christmas Markets, I've gone to the Birmingham one a few times but I'm guessing the gorgeous Edinburgh setting will make it all feel extra special. I think they have one of those extra high swing chair things that I've always wanted to go on too! Plus ice skating with the Edinburgh Castle as the backdrop would make for some sweet photos. I've been nosing online at other blog posts and I hadn't realised here's an old and new part of town either so I'm going to have the camera permanently glued to me!

So I think I'm sold on Edinburgh, now to get saving! Are you going anywhere for a pre christmas break this year? I've also been looking at Iceland purely for the Northern lights but I reckon that's going to have to wait 'till 2015....

Hair Trade I&K clip in extensions

dark blonde hair extensionsash blonde extensionshair extensions before afterhair extensions before after clip in extensions blondedark blonde clip in extensions

I've dabbled with hair extensions before but I always face the same two problems. 1 - My hair is an array of ashy blonde tones and I can never find anything that matches, 2 - They never stay in. I had some put in for my wedding which did manage to last the whole day but I had a host of hairdressers and around 3 cans of hairspray to make that happen!

So when I was asked if I wanted to try out some extensions from Hairtrade I'll admit, I was a little apprehensive at first, but I've recently cut a load of hair off and was missing my longer tresses so I thought I'd give them a go. I went with the shade P18/613 in 14 inch which do look a bit stripy on the website but they're honestly really blendable in real life and I was rather chuffed with the colour match.
So onto my next problem, how to stop the clips from falling halfway down my head within five minutes. Google gave a simple answer which proved easy and effective - backcombing. Lots and lots of back coming. I parted the back of my hair into sections and on the top inch of each section went mental with my Denman dress out brush which matted my hair enough to sink the clips in and hold them into place.

So this is the final result! I'm actually really happy with how they look, I've had clip in extensions before that have looked really wiry and fake, but these are so darn soft and silky. They come as straight extensions but I've always found that curling them makes it less obvious to see where your hair ends and the extensions begin, I just did my usual with ghds to get these waves.

Do you use clip ins? If so let me know any more tricks for styling/keeping them in place!

What I wear to the office

office dressesoffice clothingclarkes shoesclarkes heels

I started working in an office straight out of uni at the spritely age of 23 and I remember panicking on my first day and not having a clue what to wear. I think I opted for a play it safe pair of black skinnies and a blouse - very daring!
I worked with a lot of elderly folk and got into such a rut with office wear, I ended up donning the same uniform of black trousers and a 3/4 length top for a good 3 years until I moved jobs and started to work around people my own age. The olds used to notice everything and would make a massive deal if you turned up to work in a pair of heels or something,  ("ooh look at you in your new shoes, going somewhere special?") so I just stopped bothering.

So yeah when I finally changed jobs It was such a relief to be around people who still watched Hollyoaks and Xfactor, and wouldn't bat an eyelid if you turned up to work flashing a bit o'leg or a bare shoulder. It was like a whole new shiny world of office wear had been revealed to me and I couldn't wait to go dress shopping.

That was nearly 2 years ago and I'm still going strong with the dresses, why pay money for trousers and a top when you can get a dress for half the price? I've recently gone cray (maybs it's a midlife crisis) and have started wearing heels too; it started off with chelsea boots but now I've gone the whole hog with full on courts! So when Clarks asked me if I wanted to pick a pair of their shoes I couldn't resist and opted for these gorgeous and insanely comfortable oxblood Mary Janes. To be honest I usually just opt for Primark shoes for work but after trying these on that will be achangin'! I don't know if you can make out in the last picture but they've got this built in cloud of softness for your feet which really makes a difference if you're going to be wearing them all day, and due to the ultimate comf it really doesn't feel like you're wearing heels at all. I now want them in black, sigh.

Do you work in an office? Where do you go for your work duds?

When I go to Lidl I sing "Lidl by lidlll" thanks to my Dad

 photo sugarhill1_zpsc288bb48.jpg photo sugarhill2_zpsedcb00b5.jpg

Top: c/o Sugarhill Boutique
Skirt: Topshop (old)
Boots: Ebay

I was kindly sent this top from the lovely folk at Sugarhill Boutique and I reckon I've worn it over five times already. I love that it's kind of gaudy but still wearable, and I'm always up for a floral print!

Tis a short one from me today as I'm celebrating my Birthday two days early by coat shopping  followed by stuffing my face with Mexican food at Las Iguanas. Hope everyone's having a great weekend and all that jazz!

How I got my Michael Kors Selma bag for £65 off

michael kors selmagrey selma bag michael kors bag mk selma bag

I've been eyeing up the Selma bags for a long time but I'd always thought £315 is a bit ridic for a bag, even if it is a long laster. I'd debated checking out Bicester village as there's an outlet store there, but I'd heard a few tales of "made for outlet" bags, and after a bit of research I saw that there were a few little giveaway signs that you'd purchased it from an outlet - e.g. the lining is different, the zips are different, and the stitching can sometimes be wonky. If I'm going to shell out on a bag, I do not want wonky stitching and tacky lining.

This colour was actually being sold for £260 and I used a discount code to get it down to £250.
The grey has sold out now but you can still get the Selma in red, brown, or beige for £255. Just click here to visit Zalando , pick the bag that costs £300 and use the discount code ZAVCBXSEP at the checkout to get 15% off. Et viola! Selma for £60 off the usual price.

Early christmas presents all round?

These fashion zombies don't walk this world alone

poppy lux smock smock dress monochrome smock cheap chelsea boots

Dress: c/o Poppy Lux
Chelsea Boots: Ebay
Necklace: Forever 21

As soon as I ripped my way through the oh so nice crepe paper packaging and saw this gorgeous monochrome smock dress from Poppy Lux I had to put it on straight away and dance around my garden. Smock dresses will always be a comforting "go-to"for me, if I'm feeling bloated and gross during the not-so-fun time of the month they're perfect at hiding any chocolate binges I might had scoffed and they're also extra comfy.

S'gunna be a short one from me today as I'm off into town to see if I can find the perfect coat in the appalling lack of shop choice we have in Northampton. Every year I have an image in my mind of what I'm after but never end up getting it, this year I want either a trench style or pastel blue. Or both. Maybe. Probably.

Oh and if anyone knows the song my title is from I have instant online love for you. 

A Farewell to Topshop

 photo dorothyp1_zps6488
4921.jpg photo dorothyp2_zps3f02c446.jpg

Dress: £20 Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: £20 Newlook, similar here
Necklace: Forever 21

Last week me and Thomas boarded a train set for London for our wedding anniversary with a plan to shop, eat, and watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the musical. I had planned on wearing this dress to the royal drury lane theatre, however it was slightly bum grazing and I felt a bit exposed so with half an hour to spare I dashed into the nearest shop which happened to be Dorothy Perkins.
Setting foot in there was like one of those ta-da moments you see on tv, whilst milling around the shop and frantically grabbing at dresses I had an epiphany. I can now happily make the transition from Topshop to Dozza P and I don't care if that makes me more of a 30 year old than a 20 year old!

This pivotal moment in my life came after a horrendous visit to the Oxford Circus Topshop a couple of weeks before hand. I walked in and felt like I'd opened a door to the 90s, not the cool "lets watch Saved by the Bell and play the Sega 90s" but a sort of 90s cult that only 18-20's could join and they weren't about to let anyone stand in their way of the scrunchies, backpacks, and ill-fitting jeans on offer. I accidentally brushed one with my handbag and got a snappy response, she was probably mad that she hadn't thought to wear her frame-only glasses that day, but non the less the whole thing was a horrible experience and I won't be returning.

So I'm welcoming Dorothy Perkins and it's age appropriate clothing into my life with open arms. I realise this post is a little bit hypocritical as I'm still sporting the ohsotrendy bleach london hair colour, but I'm living on the edge and blurring the lines of student and late twenties office worker. I'm mad me.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara

loreal miss mangamiss manga mascaraloreal mascaramiss manga before aftermiss manga before after

I'm not a fan of this mascara. It was the pictures from this review that made rush out and buy it, but as you can probs see from this snap of my clumpy lashes, it didn't work out very well for me.

I did check a few reviews before buying it, I've been on the hunt for the perfect drug store mascara which gives me all the joys of Benefit's They're Real for a long time and I've kissed a few mascara shaped frogs in the process. Reviews seemed to be a bit of a mixed bag on this one, whilst some sang it's praises others seemed more than happy to see it binned.
I chanced it anyway and parted with £9.00,  gone are the days when a boots mascara cost you a fiver! So like an impatient child, as soon as I got home I took off my my makeup so I could give this a go, and the results? Ugh.

For me it was just gloopy and thick, it felt like I was brushing tar onto my lashes and it dried like cement. Even Tom who knows nothing about makeup noticed something different and said I looked creepy! It wasn't lengthening or curling, it was just thick, so so thick. Robin Thicke.
I cast it aside and went back to using my trusty They're Real, it wasn't until that ran out a couple of weeks later that I was forced to re use this and to be honest, like all mascaras, it had got better with time but I wouldn't say it's worth £9.00 at all. So back to the drawing board, or back to Barry M's Lash Modelling Mascara which is pretty fab for six quid.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Winter Wishlist

winter boots and bags

Vagabond Grace boots // Michael Kors Selma bag // Shiny Chelsea boots // Ted Baker bag
Clarks Chelsea boots // Marc B Willow bag // Topshop boots

I know it's hardly winter just yet, but the X factor has started which has left me dreaming of cosy nights in, crisp afternoons, and fires. Or in my case a little gas heater as I have no fire or central heating in this cold little house.
So whilst battling the crowds on Oxford Street this weekend my wintery mind wanted two things, boots and bags. I also took note of all the nicely dressed people floating through the hoards of shoppers (how do they do it? I look bedraggled after one shop!) and decided this year I'm going to spend a little extra dollar in the hope that both of these things last longer than a month. Don't get me wrong, I love my ebay chelseas but they're well worn, falling apart, and I can hear them begging me to send them to shoe heaven whenever I'm pulling them on. 
So these are my picks, I know the patent cheapies from Matalan are a complete contradiction on what I've just said but they're cheap so I can always buy them on top of another pair! Other than magic steps at the age of 4 I've never owned a pair of Clarks shoes but apparently they're extra comfy so the chelsea boots from Brantano will be perfect for winter walks.
Bag wise I'm majorly lusting over the Michael Kors Selma bag but the price makes me wince, I've always been a low end hughstreet gal (is this even a thing?) so  £300 on a bag is a bit insane for me, but it's just so classic and I can't see it ever looking out dated. Sameises to the marc B and Ted Baker bag really.
What are you lusting after this winter? 

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