Feelin' Shifty

patterned shift dresstunic shift dress

Dress: c/o Newlook
Heels: Newlook

I can't stop ogling over shift dresses at the moment, I have a problem. I also have a bit of a problem with my upper arms so these type of dresses are fab at hiding unwanted jiggles.
This dress was actually sent to me but I've been really impressed with Newlook this summer, they've got such a massive choice of party dresses and most of them are under 30 squid which in my case leaves more more money for a night on the dazzle!

This little number is by Cameo Rose and is a bit more clingy (oh er) than my other shifts, so if you're planning on a meal before a night out then I probably wouldn't recommend it! Although if the plan is to sink a couple of jagers and dance the night away then this is the one to go for, they've got a similar design in a million different patterns too so there's plenty to chose from

I really like the one on the right and payday is coming up tomorrow so it might just might find its way into my basket, and because it's another shift I can pretend I've had it for yonks - winning.

Sheila goes out with her mate Stella

60s shift dressfloral shift dressmedium length wavy bob

Dress: Glamorous c/o House of Fraser
Boots: Ebay
Rose Gold Bangle: Primark

I've found the one, the perfect day to night dress. Sandals and a kimono would make this great for a festival or summer bbq, but shove a pair of heels and some dark 60's eye makeup and you have a night outout dress.
You may beg to differ but I really like the fit of this too, some shift/swing dresses don't have much shape and you end up looking a bit like a crazy sack lady, but this is quite clingy around the hips to show off a bit o'figure. The slight downside is that it's quite short, if your a taller laydee then deffs size up, I'm 5ft 5 and I'd have to watch my slut drops with this one...I jest, it's all about the running man.

Speaking of slut drops has anyone watched the new series of Geordie Shore? I'm a hardcore fan so I don't think I'll ever abandon it but it's just not the same any more! They're all driving expensive cars and have new lips nowadays, bring back the Gaz and Charlotte days. Marnie needs to go away too.

A Lazy and Meaty Sunday

My day started with good intentions, or at least last last night started with good intentions. I set my alarm for 8:43 (I always have to have it on 3, odd quirks and all) thinking I'd get up and wash the car before enjoying the day, although a long drawn out dream about snakes kept me in bed until 11am and I was pulled out of my slumber by Thomas yelling in my face and recording it - what a keeper.

Clearly by that time it was too hot for manual labour so I just sat and painted my nails blue to match the car instead, procrastination always wins. Whilst doing so I was joined by the ginger and white cat that seems to be stalking me at the moment, as soon as she hears the slightest bit of movement in the garden she's there making it her home - she may look cute but she's the devil, I tried to give her a stroke once and have learnt not to do so if I want to keep my hands.

We don't really get to spend Sundays together as Tom's a slave to the pub trade so as a little celebration I booked a table at a, erm, pub. I wouldn't go as far to say it was the "perfect sunday roast", my Mum's yorkshires are killer and no one can make a roastie like Tom, but it was pretty close! I'd highly recommend the Windhover if ever you find yourself in the Northamptonshire countryside.

After rolling through the door I had a little snooze and watched some Orange is the New Black, Big Boo and Doggett are definitely my faves, the latter now she's got teeth and creepily grins at everyone.

 So that's my Sunday, probably not the most exciting but it's been nice just enjoying the sun and eating all the beef.

Under £20 - Festival Outfit

festival fashioncheap festival outfitkimono
(all c/o F&F)  
Kimono  //  Cami  // Skirt

Alas I'm not actually going to any festivals this year but if I was this is exactly what I'd wear. A light kimono for the chilly eves and a tight(ish) skirt that'll keep me cool but won't bum flash if I were to go a bit fan girl - so jealous of anyone seeing The Sunshine Underground and Mayday Parade at Reading!
The whole outfit cost a only nineteen pounds which I reckon is pretty fab, so I'd definitely recommend the f&f sale if you're looking for some last minute festival bargains, they've got some pretty cheap festival friendly pumps too.

So as I won't be getting up close to any of my favourite bands/artists this year I thought I'd show you my dream festival line up, I don't really talk music that much on this here blog but here are a few people that'd make me dance like a crazy person in a field, even if it was muddy and gross.

Everything's always predominantly

floral shortshigh waisted shortslily lululily luluginger cat
Shorts: c/o Lily Lulu
Top: Topshop (old)
Shoes: c/o Matalan (now only £14!)
Necklace: h&m

I was sweltering yesterday so decided to give these shorts from Lily Lulu a whirl. I'm not normally a short person, especially if they're high waisted, but I love how light these are and there much more practical than a playsuit, no more naked toilet visits! I was a bit daring with the colour (ooh I'm mad me) too as I normally stay away from yellow, I just find it makes my legs look paler than they are. But I'm all for embracing ghost legs at the moment so here they are in all they're glory.

I haven't written on here since my trip to see Eminem last week but it. was. incredible. There were a few complaints about the sounds quality and to be honest it wasn't the best, but the atmosphere was amazing and Eminem wasn't hobbling around the stage with a walking stick like I initially feared. It was actually quite weird for me in parts, he did a few songs from The Eminem Show which took me back to my angry 15 year old days and it kind of made me feel like an angry 15 year old again? I know a lot of people say they experience "the feels" when seeing a band/artist play live but this was quite bizarre!

Anyway I got over it and had an awesome time in London with Tom and as always spent too much money. Just a quick pointer, if anyone's going to wembley anytime soon and is planning to grab some food beforehand, don't go to Pizza Express. It wasn't like a regular Pizza Express, the food was different and plasticy and the portions were so much smaller. I know they were busy but they really rush you to finish your food and get out of there as well, not a great experience.

So now it's a week later and I'm sat on the sofa in my pyjamas listening to the rain contemplating whether to sacrifice my comfy position to go and get a brew. It's a wild one this weekend!

Giveaway with Matalan: Win a Kindle plus over £100 of Matalan Goodies!

huge matalan giveaway

The lovely folk at Matalan are offering Frolics and Fashion readers a chance to win one of their summer packs, which includes a Kindle as well as over £100 worth of Matalan swag! You can enter via the rafflecopter widget thing at the end of this post : )

The giveaway is obvz based around summer and it's to celebrate their new Swimwear Buying Guide which helps you choose the most flattering bikini/costume for your body type. I used it to pick a gorgeous tropical print Julien Mcdonald number (by going for the "smaller chest" option) and it fits like a dream. I'm not confident enough to show ma bodeh on this here blog so I've oh so artfully laid it on some grass for your viewing pleasure.

Enter The Giveaway Here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

I wish I knew a song about sunflowers, I'd put the lyrics here

motel sunflower dressmotel tiara dressmatalan sandalstiara sunflowersunflower print

Dress: Motel via asos
Sandals: c/o Matalan

Another sunny day, another smock. KitKat chunkies have been on offer in tesco a lot recently and I'm ashamed to say I've eaten my own,  Tom's, and everyone else in the village's share. This is why I like smocks.
I was sent the shoes and I love them but I need to get the perfect amount of grub on them, it's like when you get a new pair of converse and you want them to look worn in straight away but you don't want to batter them completely as you know, they're new.

I'm off to London at the weekend so maybe I'll rub them on tube seats or something for the desired effect? We actually managed to get tickets to see Eminem at Wembley and although I suspect he may have peaked in 2002 (be honest now, I bet you tried to freestyle after watching 8 mile too) I'm still excited to wail along to some of my old faves. I feel dead old though as the support acts are completely unknown to me and I don't remember what their names are, ah well.

New Hur

shoulder length wavesmid length curls

I've been debating the chop for a while but the part of me that doesn't like change was persistent in reminding me that it had taken four years to grow it. I don't really know why my hair grows so slowly, I used every treatment mask Boots has to offer, and when that didn't satisfy my need for long locks I went further up market with the likes of redken and label m only to be left with silky smooth hair that still refused to grow.

It wasn't until I was being narcissistic one day and looking through my own blog (yeah I do that sometimes) that I realised shoulder length hair wasn't the enemy and that super long wavy tresses will always be a pipe dream. Plus my mum says I look like Billy Connolly with long hair, thanks mum.  

So onto Pinterest I went to look at styles, after lusting after Meg, Lizzie, Kimberley Walsh, and Lizzie Olsen's hair I started to notice a pattern so thought I'd go for it. I got the chop at Octopus in Northampton which is where I've been going for a couple of years now, there's such a nice atmosphere there and today I got a shot glass of skittles with my brew which went down well! I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in the area, the prices are really reasonable too.

So whaddaya think to my chop? Any other retired male celebrities I resemble?

Mac Brave Red Lipstick

mac brave red lipstickmac brave redbrave red swatch mac

Pretty much all of my mac lipsticks are pink, I'm just drawn to them. The amount of times I unknowingly pick up creme cup thinking it looks like some miracle shade before realising I already own it and wear it nearly every day is uncanny. So when I was in nuyawk (accents aren't my speciality) yonks ago I thought I'd go wild and try a red, partly because I'm crazily reckless and partly because they're cheaper in the usa.
Brave Red is a cremesheen lipstick which is my favourite mac finish, they're pigmented and keep your lips relatively moisturised but also have a great colour payoff. Hopefully you can see from the picture above how pigmented the colour actually is? The photos also show it looking lighter in the swatch than the bullet which is true to form -  whilst appearing to be quite a deep red, Brave Red in fact a neutral red which should suit both warm and cool skin tones. Saying that I've found it suits me better when my hair's a darker shade of blonde, when it lightens in the summer and the dreaded freckles come out I tend to stay away from red lips.
Staying power wise it doesn't last as long as a matte formula but it's all about pros and cons, it might not withstand time if food and drinks are involved but it will keep your lips looking dewy and plump without drawing attention to any chapped-ness. 
Obvs its not too cheap either but Mac lipsticks are just so good! And from a completely shallow point of view they look nice and neat all lined up together. 

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