Style Steal: Ashley Olsen Inspired

ashley olsen style steal

Satin Shift Dress // Playsuit // Rings // Bangle // Cuff // Drop Earrings // Off Shoulder Dress 

I used to do these type of posts waaay back in 2009 and I'm not sure why I stopped as I love having a right ol' root around online, it's the best form of procrastination when you've got a load of washing/housework to do! For the longest time as a tween I was obsessed with the Olsen twins, I remember going to the hairdressers and showing them print offs from "Two of a Kind" and asking for the exact same haircut but sadly it never ended up the same. And the movies! Who else remembers all those cheesy made for tv films that always used to be on Nickelodeon? Passport to Paris and Holiday in the Sun were my faves, I had pretty much all of them on vhs too : /

Moroccanoil Frizz Control: sleek hair & less silicones

moroccanoil frizz controlmoroccanoil frizz

I was sent the moroccanoil frizz control spray via hair trade to try out and I'll admit that on first appearances I wasn't actually too sure how the product itself differed to the original moroccanoil. Both are applied to damp hair and both are frizz taming products, so other than the packaging what's different about this?
Well as soon as I applied the frizz control spray I knew I was going to prefer it to the oil treatment. It's much lighter and spritzes onto the hair easily, making it comb through wet hair effortlessly without feeling like it's coating it and weighing your tresses down. You can then either blow-dry your hair or leave it to dry naturally - I thought I'd put the frizz control to the test and see if it could battle my 10 year old hairdryer that normally leaves me looking like a scarecrow.
It won the battle! I noticed a difference in my hair straight away, it was smoother, less wiry, and relatively fuzz free. The spray pump also gives you a bit more control over how much product you apply too, with the original oil I sometimes go a bit overboard and just end up looking greasy.
So onto silicones, after the initial hype of moroccanoil it then faced a backlash of criticism at the amount of silicones it contains. Silicones are used in hair products to create an instant sleek n' shiny look but all they really do is give the illusion that you're boasting a beautiful barnet and don't actually do much to repair the hair. They can also build up to prevent any natural moisture working it's magic and can eventually leave you with dryer hair than you began with.
It was because of this I thought I'd have a peek at the ingredients in the moroccanoil frizz control, and I was pleased to see it contained less silicones than the oil! I'm no expert but from what I've read the three main ingredients in moroccanoil are cylopentasiloxane, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, all of which are non water soluble silicones that need a good scrub with a clarifying shampoo to remove. 
However as far as I can tell, the Frizz Control only contains dimethicone making it better for your your hair in the long run.

So overall this product has been a winner for me and I'd highly recommend it for anyone with wiry hair like me. I'm now off to find the perfect hair dryer to go alongside it!


So I don't leave my blog update-less whilst I'm away I thought I'd pilfer my parent's wifi to pop online. The above picture sums up pretty much all I've done with my time for the last 5 days with the odd meal and beach visit thrown in. I've seriously eaten all the food which is also shown above!

I've also chomped my way through Sophie Kinsella's new book which I definitely recommend if you're looking for something light hearted yet still witty, and I've lost my fair share of table football and pool games. It's a sad day when you lose your self-proclaimed "table football champ" title to a smug winner but I still stand by the excuse that my keeper was missing a head...

And like a million others I've sat through a tonne of world cup football games which sadly clashes with my Big Brother time, I'm going to have to have a massive catch up when I get back. I feign an interest but really I've got my head buried in candy crush trying and failing to pass level 275, it's impossible I tell you! Ladbrokes have also come up with their own way to pass the time with their world cup bingo card, it's a bit of a generalisation (they refer to men hogging the tv whilst us woman tut at missing the soaps) but it's all in good fun and to be honest, I do hate missing the soaps.

So on that note (and the fact it's started to rain here, sigh!) I'm off to make everyone brownies for tonight. Hasta luego.

When I came to Spain and I saw people party

floral 50s dresssugarhill boutique dresssugarhill boutique

I was kindly send this dress by Sugarhill Boutique and it's perfect. I love that the length is long enough to wear in the office without looking all "ooh look at my thighs" but it's fitted enough to still show off your figure. Obvs I love anything floral too! They've got a tonne of gorgeous dresses on their site so I'd definitely recommend having a peek.

I'm looking slightly less glamorous as I sit and type this thanks to a massive coldsore currently taking residence on my face, but I'm also in sunny Spain so where there's an up there's a down I guess!

Tomorrow we're off to Mojacar which is the closest beach to my parent's house so I'ma attempt (and probably fail) to get my tan on whilst eating enough chicken and mexican food as humanly possible. Along with the best ever lemon meringue thanks to Moms I'm going to have to be rolled off the plane Violet Beauregarde style. 

 photo shoptheposthearts3_zps87bec554.jpg

Love's got the world in motion

shift dressdress for apple shapeshift style dress60s style dress

*excuse the white legs and brown arms, I can never get the tan ratio right. 

I've finally come to terms with being "apple" shaped, I mean, there's other fruit's I'd rather resemble but being apple shaped doesn't necessarily mean you're rotund, it just means that there's a little circle right in the centre of your bod where all the weight goes to. My body type was confirmed when I got measured up for my wedding dress and the ol' waist was a whole two dress sizes bigger than the rest of me. 
I've got my Dad to thank for passing on the body type that most women would least prefer, but rather than wallow in the fact that body con dresses always make me look like I'm wearing a rubber ring underneath them, I thought I'd consult google to see if I've ever really been dressing for my shape.

Turns out I sort of was anyway as shift dresses seemed to be a suggestion that cropped up everywhere and I'm already a massive fan of these, so when red label got in touch and asked if I wanted to review something I knew straight away what I was going for. They class them on the site as tunic dresses and I'm so impressed with the one they sent me. It's a sort of stretchy material and clings in the right places and it's long enough not to be bum skimming. I'm already eyeing up their other designs.

So despite my weird body acceptance that will probably vanish in the next month, I've spent a lot of my time lusting after Meg, Lizzie, and Lizzie Olsen's hair. I'm off to Spain on Thursday but I think I'll be going for the chop when I get back!

Pasty legs and a lack of eye contact

 photo casual1_zps33a168b8.jpg photo casual2_zpsad3f6aec.jpg

Howdy! I'm so happy it's Friday, not that I have much to do this weekend other than weed my garden (I look so snazzy in yellow rubber gloves) and get some euros for Spain next week. Oh and I'll obvs be watching Big Brother, is anyone else watching this year? Tom's refused to watch with me so I need someone to dissect it with! 
I bought these shoes from Tesco before I went to Mexico as a cheapie throw away pair that I didn't mind getting covered in paint at a glow party, but I ended up liking them too much so kept them for English soil. They're going to be a firm favourite for "dress down" week in the office - wild I know. I don't actually think they sell them online anymore which is a shame as they were only £8!

I know I always ramble on about tv but Made in Chelsea is just becoming too much for me lately,  I can't cope with the whole Alex and Binky sitch, A HAREEM OF GIRLS BINKY, A HAREEM! I reckon even if it turned out one of the girls was "Mummy Felstead" she'd still take him back. Gross.  And there seems to be an uncanny resemblance between Spencer/Sam and David Brent.

I like cats so I put one on my phone

personalised phone casemr nutcase phoneginger tom cat

I've always used cheap ebay cases for my phone that snap within a few months, so when I was asked by the people at Mr Nutcase if I wanted to create my own personalised case I obvs said yes. I browsed loads of floral Cath Kidston esque prints for a while but pretty much everything I own is floral print so I thought I'd go for something a bit different. That's when I saw this weird galaxy cat, it's cute yet creepy at the same time and I love it!
I love how the Mr Nutcase phone cases are a matte finish as it does make them look pricier than the 99p ebay counterparts. At £14.99 for a standard case it's pretty middle of the range price wise and I reckon they'd make perfect birthday presents.

Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

big eyes mascaramaybelline mascarabig eyes mascara wandbig eyes before and afterbig eyes before and after

I don't really know where to start with this review, you know that part in 10 Things I Hate About You when the friend says "I know you can be overwhelmed and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?" Well whelmed sort of sums up my feelings towards the Maybelline big eyes mascara.

I fell for the flashy adverts a few months ago, the ones where we all know the models are wearing a million sets of false eyelashes but we still need to try the mascara in the hope it'll make us look like them. Anyway I don't normally wear any mascara at all on my bottom lashes so I thought I'd give it a go with this because the brush looked cute and I'll always opt for anything gimmicky.

The product is the same in both tubes with only the brushes being different, when I used it on my upper lashes I wasn't wowed by either the lengthening or curling abilities. It just looked, well, average. I tried piling on another coat but this sort of clumped and then throughout the day my eyes were really itchy and a bit flaky.  I quite liked what it did to my bottom lashes but as I said before I've never worn mascara here so I've got nothing to compare the big eyes mascara too on that front

The staying power isn't great either because it seems to dry quite quickly and detach itself from your lashes half way through the day, so no eye rubbing whilst wearing this!

As you can see from the before and after photo I don't have a whole lotta lashes to work with anyway,  but I just don't feel the "after" photo is all it could be? As I said before I've been left feeling whelmed and for £8.99 I expected something with a bit more of a wow factor. It's a mascara I'll use up but I don't think it's a repurchase for me!

Have you tried the Maybelline big eyes mascara? What did you think to it?

I'm writing this watching Michael Flatley

whtie skater dresswhite dresssummer dress photo whitedress4_zpsb693581a.jpg photo whitedress5_zpse858c868.jpg

By the time I had dragged myself out of bed and had a shower this morning the sun was already out, and even though my legs needed a shave (tmi?) I still donned one of my favourite summer dresses and had an afternoon in the garden.
We've actually got a chap coming round to get rid of all those plants or weeds or whatever they are in the first picture. I'm useless at anything outdoorsy and have no idea whether it's a growing weed that will take over the garden or just some pretty flowers!
This little hint of summer has made me so excited to go and see the mum and dad in Spain, they live in a little secluded area where the nearest shop is a drive away -  the thought of a week without wearing my headset and talking on the phone for 8 hours a day makes me so happy : )
Until then I've not got an awful lot planned, I'm already scouring cheap holiday sites for my next trip! Me and Thomas are thinking of Ibiza to see Chase and Status as well as some others but I don't know if I'll be too old amongst all the spritely 18 year olds and hoards of LADS....hope not.

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