Makeup Revolution Baked Blush: Bang Bang You're Dead

makeup revolution blushmakeup revolution bang bang you're deadmakeup revolution baked blush swatch photo makeuprevblush4_zps63a04aee.jpg

I'm becoming obsessed with Makeup Revolution and I'm already planning on making another cheeky Superdrug order once I finish writing this post! A couple of weeks ago I spent just over a tenner on four Makeup Revolution products and I'm already loving every thing I bought. 
What lured me in was their baked products, I always say it but add a bit o' shimmer into anything and I'll love it,  so when I saw they had six different colour choices at £2.50 each I very nearly swooned.

I ended up going with Bang Bang You're Dead which is a gorgeous deep pink in the pan but actually comes off a lot paler when swatched. It's got little waves of deep pink running through the pan so you can actually build it up to quite an intense colour if your face likes to be all dramatic. Ha I'm picturing the theatre masks wearing this blush now.

To look at, these baked blushes have a bit of a mineralize skin finish vibe but on the skin they're a lot different, it's much more of a wash of colour rather than an elegant wash of pretty shimmer. The finish isn't at all chalky either which is a win.

I've been majorly impressed with how they battle the 9-5 office elements too, I currently spend my days shivering under an aircon unit that wreaks havoc with my makeup but this little wonder product refused to be defeated and lasted a good few hours on my cheeks.

I feel bad saying this as they're 2 POUNDS FIFTY but I do need to cover packaging as I usually go mad for anything gimmicky and I judge products by their cover - the packaging isn't great. As in baked products are prone to cracking and I don't know if the plastic casing would do much to stop that? But lets forget those last couple of sentences as they're 2 POUNDS FIFTY and if it breaks you could just forgo that tub of ben & jerrys and buy another?

So yeah Makeup Revolution are my new favourite thing and I've been harping on about their pallets to anyone that'll listen! If you've been uming and ah-ing then ah no more as it's all currently on 3 for 2 at Superdrug!

No more long rides home

ax paris playsuit floral playsuit ax paris floral

I''ve worn this AX Paris playsuit before on the blog, I know I know, I'm an outfit REPEATER. I just love it though, it's floral, it's the perfect fit, and it's a great all year round playsuit. Plus it's not at all bum skimming like a lot of other brands seem to think is something we're all after this summer!

You know what, despite it being bank holiday weekend I've not actually got anything newsworthy to write down on here, Tom worked pretty much all weekend and I spent it cleaning, washing, and playing with makeup. I hate that time of the month when you're counting down the days till payday so you can get some sort of social life back!

Oh I also spent some time yesterday messing around with my hair to see what it'd look like shorter. I've been debating the chop for a while, lemme know what you think...

Payday Wishlist

Blue Floral  //  YellowTribal  //  Long Sleeved  //  Leaf Print  //  Hibiscus Orange //  Heart Print

I wear playsuits loads on holiday, for some reason I feel more comfortable showing more leg when I'm abroad than in England where, god forbid, someone I know might see my pasty legs! But this summer (if it ever appears) I'm on the lookout for some playsuits I can carry through to autumn with a mere pair of tights.
I love all of these but the blue floral one from inlovewithfashion is probably my favourite, I haven't bought anything from there for a while but everything I do own has lasted forever and seems to be a good fit for my figure. They've got 25% off this weekend too with the code FLASHMAY and I'm pretty gutted my payday isn't until next week!
A short and sweet one for me today as I'm off to make quorn enchiladas for me and Tom tonight, I just thought it was about time I actually put something fashiony on the blog, what with it being my title and all.

Mac Mineralize Eye Shadow: Smutty Green

mac smutty greenmac smutty green eyeshadowmac mineralizesmutty green swatch

Firstly sorry for the rubbish photos, I had to take a few snaps of things on holiday with the overly bright lighting just because I couldn't wait 'till I got home to use them!
So where to start with Smutty Green other than it's probably one of the most stunning eyeshadows I own? Just looking at the emerald-ey shimmeryness in the picture above makes me want to go and put it on right now. Smutty Green is one of Mac's mineralise eyeshadows which was re released back in 2012 and seems to have stuck around.
It's a beautiful black based green with pale green and tiny flecks of silver shimmer with a really rich colour payoff. It's definitely more of an evening colour, and because it catches the light so well it'd look great on a night out and would pop in any flash photography!
I've only tried applying this dry so far, and even without any primer I was impressed with the staying power. To get a more intense look I used a dense brush and patted this onto my eyelids rather than sweeping the colour on which also made the application process less messy. You can get quite a bit of fall out with this so for nights out you'd have to do your eyes first. I've just had a look at swatches of it wet though and it looks incredible so I'll be trying that next.
Obvsies with mineralised products you need to take a bit of extra care with the packaging to stop them crumbling into oblivion, but I lugged mine back on a plane and it didn't shatter so Mac's standard packaging isn't too shabby.
Price wise you'll have to shell out a bit more for the mineralise eye shadows, they're £17.00 each which makes me wince a little, but you get 2.2g of product compared to the 1.5g in the regular shadows. 
So what do you think of Smutty Green? I know some people say green eyeshadows should be for brunette beauties only but I do like my greens and I'm not too bothered if it clashes with my eye colour!

L'oreal Infallible 24 hr Stay Fresh Foundation

L'oreal infallible foundationl'oreal 24 hourl'oreal high coverageinfallible foundation

Please ignore my unruly brows!

I don't know whether it's because I've been under a rock within the blogging community for a while, or whether people haven't really tried the extra eight hour version. Either way I haven't heard much hype about the new(ish) L'oreal infallible 24 hour foundation. 
I've tried for years to get the perfect medium to high coverage foundation that'll cover up hyper pigmentation and the weird splodges that form when my freckles get too close together. I've dabbled with double wear, buffed with benefit, and masked with mac, but nothing ever seemed to give me that full-but-not-crusty coverage I craved. That was until this little beauty found it's way into my basket during my pre holiday splurge, I was looking for something that would stay strong when faced with humidity in an evening and the 24 hour part called out to me.
As you've probs guessed, the coverage is definitely high to medium so it's not a foundation you'd want to wear for a summer's day at the park, but for nights out or sat in an air conditioned office it's a winner. Teamed with my real techniques buffing brush it gives the perfect matte finish and actually makes me not hate my skin. I wouldn't say it's a 24 hour foundation though (not that I know anyone who would want to be made up for that long), I generally put my makeup on at around 7am and by 4pm it's not as noticeable and my skin hangups start to poke through.
As with any "drugstore" foundation the shade range isn't massive with eight to chose from. I originally went with "rose beige" which is number 145 but after a couple of days found it seemed to darken after half an hour so I bought Natural Rose in 125 and mixed them together for my perfect match!
The packaging didn't wow me but it's a sturdy glass bottle with a built in pump which is something I love the hughstreet brands for, as if the high end brands don't charge enough for 50ml of product, they then decide to add over £5 extra for a pump?! 
So overall this is my new favourite foundation, I've been wearing it every day (other than a Sunday, Sundays are makeup free gross days) since I purchased it last month and I couldn't recommend it enough for anyone after a cheaper full coverage foundation. It's currently £9.99 in boots and they've got a 3 for 2 on at the moment.
Have you tried this? Whaddidya reckon?

Gooey Snickers Brownies

snickers brownies

I wanted to bake something really quick and easy t'uther day and found a recipe for snickers Brownies on My Baking Addiction which looked easy enough for a novice like me to follow. I've taken some snaps of how I did it and changed the measurements to make it a bit easier if anyone wants to have a go : )

brownies bakingchocolate bakingchocolate brownies photo brownies4_zps2b20d5bf.jpgbaking photo brownies6_zps22c7826c.jpg photo brownies7_zps87479195.jpg

Head on Collision

floral jumpsuitfashion union playsuitcomfy jumpsuitfloral playsuit
Floral Jumpsuit: c/o Fashion Union
Sandals: Newlook (similar here)

If someone had told me a couple of years ago "one day you'll be donning a catsuit and posing for internet pictures" I would have probs gagged,  I hated "catsuits" and the woman on Human Traffic in hers made me feel a bit sick. Although present day me loves a jumpsuit, they're just so darn comfortable, especially the ones with the elasticated waistbands that hide all kinds of sins.

This one's from Fashion Union and they've got some other really pretty printed numbers on their site, especially the palm print playsuit which I have a date with come payday. I just think playsuits and jumpsuits are so versatile, casual enough for an impromptu trip to asda for sweets (this happens a lot) but can easily be dressed up with heels and a blazer for an eve.

If anyone's still reading this part all the way down here, I need help! I'm so tempted to get my hair cut  similar to Lizzie's, Lily's, Lorna's, and Laura's but my name doesn't begin with an L so will I be able to pull it off? I'm just getting a bit annoyed with looking like a Hanson brother.

Mac Eyeshadow Review: Swish

mac swish eyeshadowmac swish swatch
Mac Swish: £10 if bought in the pan

I've got a so many Mac eyeshadow photos and swatches so I thought I'd make a start in getting some reviews up on the blog. I reckon Mac and Urban Decay will always be my go to brands for eyeshadow just for the sheer amount of choice, the naked palettes mean you don't really need to look for neutrals again and with the mac pro palettes you can create the palette of dreams specifically to your preference.

I bought Swish on a bit of a whim last year purely because it looked all nice and shimmery in the pan,  before that I hadn't gone anywhere near a pink eyeshadow since the days of jewelled hair springs and buddha beads - anyone remember them? I had a pink (of course) bracelet from New Look that I would not take off

 Anyway I digress, as the sun seems to finally be making a bit of an appearance I've found myself gravitating towards Swish. It's a frost finish which can sometimes mean a lack of pigmentation but the colour payoff with Swish is actually quite strong, especially if you pat it onto the lid with a dense brush rather than sweeping it on. As it's part of the frost clan there's a shimmer running through it to give an almost iridescent feel which really makes your eyes look brighter if added to the inner corner.

It's actually quite versatile which isn't something you'd first think, I've been using it with mac's expensive pink or UDs half baked for a warmer look, but apparently it's also meant to look great with silvers and greys which I'm yet to try.
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