Calling All Cars

topshop smock dress topshop dress topshop red lipstick

Dress: Topshop
Boots: Ebay
Necklace: Forever 21
Lipstick: Mac Brave Red

It's Friday Friday gotta get down on Friiiiday.
Thank god it's Friday night and I just just just just got paid.
Anyone who knows that second one, well, kudos to you. 

I never buy anything from Topshop anymore, partly because I go in and feel sad I'm not 18 anymore and partly because it's so darn expensive nowadays. Saying that though anything I have bought from there has always lasted a while and triumphed against my tumble dryer of doom so maybe I should venture in more often.
Oh and yes this is the dress from the post below, no fear of outfit repetition over here! The boots I'm equally as in love with and I'm so impressed with how comfy they are considering they were cheapy ebays. 
Did I mention it was Friday? I'm quite excited as tomorrow I'm hopefully going blonder and won't be a Mousy Martha anymore - You said she was mousy! Again, points to you if you know where that's from. I'm having a full head of highlights as I don't want to go wild with  the bleach and have all my hair fall out again, that wasn't a nice time. I'm also planning on taking advantage of the three for two on models own nail polishes so come Saturday night I'll be mourning Take Me Out whilst feeling like a new woman!

What're you're plans for the weekend? 

60s Style Ponytail Tutorial

 photo 60sponytail1_zps6e693832.jpg  photo 60sponytail2_zpse05f24d4.jpg

I was sent some products by John Frieda, and instead of talking about them in a review I thought I'd put them to the test in a tutorial. Enjoy my cave girl head.

A Valentine's Mini Break

billesley manorbillesley manor gardensbillesley manorbillesley manor gardensbillesley manor barntravel productssnap

After spending Valentine's day at work secretly hating all the smug girls in the office who had flowers delivered to their desk, I trundled home expecting dinner and a night watching The Wire.... actually that's exactly what I got on the Friday night (along with some mint Thorntons, heaven), but i was also surprised with a nights stay in Billesley Manor where we got married back in 2012. 

If you didn't follow my blog back then I basically had every brides nightmare - 3 days before my wedding day I was told that due to a tumbling turret in the castle I'd originally booked 2 years beforehand the venue was going to be closed on my big day.  Oh there were tears.
Anyway I was told I had to move the whole wedding and decide on a new venue sharpish, luckily Billesley Manor was one of the options and the lovely staff did everything they could to make my day as special as it could be. Despite only been given three days notice they organised everything perfectly and other than my embarrassing dancing to Lil Jon Get Low, there were no hiccups. 

So obvs I was thrilled when Tom had booked us another night there, we drove up in my little fiat on Saturday afternoon, checked in, then spent the rest of the day strolling around Stratford before getting ready for a three course meal. We had a cheeky beverage in the bar then spent the rest of the night chilling in front of Saturday night tv with a Rekorderlig - classy. 

Our room was gorgeous, to be honest when they told us we weren't in the main building I was a bit disappointed and expected something a little basic. I was wrong. We stayed in a converted barn in a massive but cosy room that had all the original beams and a larger than expected bathroom. 

I had such a lovely weekend and would highly recommend staying here for a night or two. There's even a spa, swimming pool, and gym if you're feeling active!

Waving Goodbye to Winter

 photo george_zpsa3228f14.jpg

Kimono // Cami // Polka Dot Shirt // Cheetah Dress // Tote // Satchel // Leggings 

As soon as it gets to March my wardrobe is always divided into two, the hangers on from winter willing for the cold weather to stick around, and the more laid back Summer gear waiting for the elusive English sun to make an appearance.
And whilst I take a minute to cringe at how I've just personified my wardrobe, I give you some rather fabulous transitional ideas from George who seem to be on top of their game with prints at the moment. Firstly this dress, I'm a massive fan of animal print and have always had a soft spot for a shift dress so combining the two is clearly my fashion OTP.  It seems a lot of other stores are keeping animals solely for the oversized smock dresses and as hard as I try not too, I will always look like a sack of spuds in one of those!
Floral prints are clearly here for the long haul and this Kimono is such a bargain if you want a taste of the trent without spending too much, for me they're also practical as they're a bum coverer over leggings which is always a win.
Speaking of leggings, these black one's are actually described on the website as "treggings" so I imagine they'll be like the Zara one's everyone seems to have, but at £12 they're cheaper and more accessible. Plus they'll be easier to sneak into a trolley during the food shop...

I'm actually really surprised with how "current" the supermarket's fashion offerings are nowadays. Back in the day it was pretty limited and I guess that's why a lot of people don't actually go looking in the likes of George for weekend wear. I really need some new tops for my recently booked Cancun trip so I know now where I'll be stocking up!

Collaborative Post

Barry M Lash Modelling Mascara

barry m mascarathey're real dupe mascara beauty makeup

Barry M Lash Modelling Mascara

My blog seems to be turning into more "Frolics and er, some makeup reviews" nowadays. I tend to go through stages of buying makeup then get more into buying clothes so I guess it just shows my lack of consistency!
Anyway,  onwards to this mascara, and oh Mr M. you really have worked your magic this time. As you can see from the first photo my eyelashes are pretty fair/bordering on grey so it's difficult to find a mascara that will make my lashes all dramatised and fluttery. I've been using the Benefit They're Real mascara for a while now and at £19.50 a pop it isn't a cheap addiction, but I seem to be getting the same effect from the "drugstore" thanks to Baz for a mere £6.19.

The Lash Modelling Mascara has a plastic wand which really seems to grip at the lashes and give length,  the picture above is from one coat but after two you're left with long, thick lashes. Downside is you don't get much of a curl - but that's what curlers are for right? 

It's not too smudgy either and doesn't need endless eye rubs with a cleanser to remove, with a lot of other brands I find I remove everything yet still wake up in the morning looking like a panda - where does all the excess come from?!

So product wise this is a win for me, the only downside is the packaging which does seem a little bland, but I suppose sometimes simple is better and not everything has to be kitsch to be appreciated.

Have you tried this? What're your thoughts?

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Review: Centre of Attention

mac mineralize skinfinish mc msf skinfinish centre of attention mac centre of attention
Mac Mineralize Skinifinish in Centre of Attention

I own Mac's Soft and Gentle and thought this would be all I need to satisfy my need for shimmery cheeks, that was until I stumbled across this beauty in Bloomingdales back in December when Mac had bought out their Divine Night collection. It was lust at first site, an oasis in a mass of confusing colours if you will. I bought it without any debate and since then our relationship has been so strong that there's no looking back.

The beauty lies in the contrast of the "peach pink" against the drizzle of gold which makes it not only aesthetically pleasing but also a handy multi purpose product. Each shade can be used separately as a brow bone highlight, an eyeshadow, an inner corner highlight. Or you can just take a brush and swish them both together for a gorgeous wash of shimmer to your cheeks. 

The colour payoff isn't as strong as I thought it would be, but as with all mineralise skin finishes it's all about the finishing touch, if you're looking for it to give your cheeks any colour I'd suggest blushing up first with something matte, as building this product up in that area can lead to you looking a bit glittery. If you're using any it as an eyeshadow, especially on a night out, then build away! 

I'd say this particular MSF is better for dry skin as I find the texture to be slightly more gritty,I can imagine it'd slide throughout the day on anyone with oily skin. Luckily for me (isn) I'm a dry skinned Sally so it has quite good staying power!

Did you get anything from this collection? It's one of my favourites by far.

I wouldn't be caught dead in this place

floral skater dress poppy lux poppy lux dress

Dress: c/o Poppy Lux
Bracelet: Pandora
Boots: Ebay

I've just been looking on the Poppy Lux website and the model wearing this dress has actually paired it with a bowler, now I wish I'd donned my little had for this post. Oh well. 
This swishy floral number is on sale now and in my opinion it was well worth the dollar before, it's made of soft material with a thicker underskirt which sets it apart from my usual Primark skaters. The zip at the back is a nice extra detail which I haven't added a photo of as my "sideways" pose is atrocious - I'll never be one of those effortlessly cool bloggers, my over the shoulder pictures are less "Oh you caught me looking demure" and more "why are you following me now I'm startled".

In other news I'm now on day 4 of lowering my caffeine intake in an attempt to feel more healthy, I did try and cut it out completely but mornings were headache central and I was a Grouchy Gretchn so I've reduced it by a lot instead and will probs go cold turkey in a week or so. It seems stupid but I'm actually quite amazed I've gone from 10-12 cups of tea a day to 2! In a bid to keep this up I've treated myself to some crest white strips, I'm really hoping they work as pearly whites are my latest obsession, has anyone tried them?

Mac Frost Lipstick: Angel

mac angel mac angel lipstick mac angel frost mac angel swatch mac angel

I bought Mac's Angel a while ago and it's the only "frost" finish I own which is surprising considering how anti matte I am. It was actually the colour that drew me to it at first, as always I was drawn to the pale pinks and after picking my favourite and then realising I already own it (Creme Cup is a magnet to me!) I went with Angel.
Angel has been compared with Creme Cup a number of times and I suppose the colours are really similar but I find the finishes give a completely different look. Whilst creme cup is buttery soft on the lips and perfect for day wear, Angel has a pearlescent edge to it which I find makes it better for a night on the razzle. It's also a little bit Alan Shearer but builds easily as you can tell from the ol' swatch above.
Staying power wise it lasts a good while which for me sets it apart from it's drugstore counterparts, I often find it difficult to find a lipstick suitable for dry lips that has the ability to last longer than ten minutes but it seems the frost finishes stick around for a lot long - it beats my lustres hands down.
And this probably wouldn't be a beauty review if I didn't mention Angel is known to be one of Kim Kardashian's favourites, it looks lovely on her and obvs her skin tone is completely different to mine but a quick google image search shows Angel suits pretty much any skin type.

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