I buy books, I never read

 photo sugarhill1_zps6c6124ea.jpg photo sugarhill2_zps51c8dea3.jpg photo sugarhill3_zpsbf02d775.jpg photo sugarhill4_zps577ef891.jpg photo sugarhill5_zps51499038.jpg

Top: c/o Sugarhill Boutique
Leggings: Next
Boots: Ebay
Jacket: Matalan (£7.50!!!)

I was sent this top from Sugarhill Boutique a few weeks back and I hadn't known what to wear it with until I spied these thick black leggings in next t'uther week. Luckily I had a cheeky £10 next voucher so only had to put a tenner towards them which I'm more than happy with. They're sort of a cross between disco pants and regular leggings in thickness, but they're not high waisted so the comfort is still there meaning the mcflurry I had earlier didn't give me any jip.
I guess you can compare them to the Zara pair that are doing the rounds but I can't actually seem to find them online anymore, so anyone like me who missed that band wagon - Next is your saviour!
And the jacket...oh the jacket. I never have a right old rummage in the sales so always end up bargain less, but this baby was a mere seven pound fifty and I left Matalan feeling like a complete smug Sally. 

Hope everyone's had a good weekend, my Mum's visiting my abode but the weather has been miserable so it's been tv, films, cups of tea a plenty, and natter central. I've left her to her own devices whilst I put this wee post together so I best be off to make another brew!

Hair How-To: Backcomb and a Braid

ghd hair products 60s style hair braid wavy shoulder length

I was kindly sent some ghd products to try out and rather than write about how they've worked for me I thought I'd try something different and video a tutorial. My camera would't focus for some reason but the quality is much better if you switch to hd.
I took inspiration from the tutorials on the ghd hairstyle pages using the braid from the festival hair page and the back combing from the party hair page. They've got a load of videos uploaded and I've now got the bug for trying new styles so I'll definitely be trying more.

Hope my makeup free face doesn't put you off coming back!

A snowy start to the year

white christmas snow

According to Jessica Bridge from Ladbrokes:"The odds suggest a White Christmas might be making a late appearance this winter." So with the weather getting worse I thought I'd compile some of my cosy indoor favourites if, like me, you're not one for cold toes and damp clothes.

TV: The Following

If you're into the US dramas or liked a bit of Dexter then you'll definitely like this series and I thought I'd show it some love as I don't think it got the recognition it deserved last year. It's basically Kevin Bacon trying to track down a growing cult of people who kill because, well, they're freaks. After seeing Sleepers many moons ago I was put off the Kevster but this show will make you love him, it's a 15 parter that gets you addicted after the first episode and great to watch in bulk.

Game: Cranium

Cranium is played in teams and it's a bit of a cringe fest but great to play after a few drinks. You win by sculpting things out of playdough, being awesome at drawing with your eyes closed, impersonating celebrities, and knowing trivia. Be warned though as this can cause family arguments if you're a little bit competitive!

Gaming Game: Call of Duty

I'd heard about Call of Duty yonks ago and thought it sounded like the kind of thing those chaps who frequent Games Workshop would play. Then a few months later through sheer boredom whilst Tom was at work I picked up a controller and gave it a whirl, six hours later he came home and I was still going strong. If I try and explain it it'll sound boring as you pretty much just run around killing people, but it's great to play online and so addictive. You can connect your ps3/4 or xbox to someone you know any play them too which is fun if there's headsets involved.... ha I sound like such a geek.

Film: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

It's a cult classic and a true teen film before the likes of American Pie took over the genre. Directed and written by John Hughes (Home Alone, The Breakfast Club, Beethoven...), Ferris Bueller's day off is about Matthew Broderick and friends venturing out into the city and having a tonne of fun whilst everyone else is working or at school. It's 80s so a little cheesy but you don't really have to concentrate too hard and it's still enjoyable even if you were born after it's release in '86.

Snack: All the sweet stuff

So I know everyone wants to be all fit and healthy as it's the new year, but when it's freezing outside and you're snuggled up in a onesie it's the perfect time to get any leftover Christmas chocolate out of the cupboard. My favourites are anything minty. 'Specially the Thorntons mint box. Gimme!

What are you're favourite ways to hide from the cold?

Collaborative Post

I think I'll have myself a beer

 photo primarkswing2_zps16dbc74b.jpg  photo primarkswing4_zps5a354fe8.jpg  photo primarkswing1_zpsdc671a38.jpg  photo primarkswing3_zps87c5167c.jpg

Dress: Primark
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelet: Swarovski
Jacket: Miss Selfridge

Ew I look really ghost like and sunken eyed in these photos. I do like this dress though and it was really cheap, like a tenner cheap. Good old Primark always comes out trumps for work wear and their dresses seem to last forever, although on this one the sleeves seem really tight but that could be due to the extra Christmas layers I've embraced - be gone after eight chub!
I managed to take these photos in the 5 minute interval from the stupid amounts of rain we've been having and in a moment of madness removed my jacket, just look at those goosebumps! I'm not usually a summer person but it's got to a point now where light evenings and chirpy bird mornings will be welcomed with open arms as soon as they get here.

Oh and in completely unrelated to Primark dress news I bought a new car! Me and Thomas were sharing before and picking him up from work at 1am then dragging myself out of bed at 6:30am for my 9-5 was becoming a bit much, I was permanently a sunken eyed Susan. But alas! Ive got myself a little blue motor now  and the thought of going to bed at 10pm after Big Brother excites me....man I'm getting old.
Are there any Big Brother fans still out there? It's been 14 years but I'm still as loyal to it as ever and one day I will have Emma Willis' job

And finally I'm not an alcoholic, I'm just excited to see Reel Big Fish next month.

2014 New Year Resolutions

I don’t think I’ve ever made actual new years resolutions so this is going to be a first for me, and by doing it online there’s now a record of them so it won’t just be me who knows if I don’t stick to it! So I’ve got two main ones followed by a few slightly more shallow ones, read on if you will.

1) Be More Positive - 2013 has been a bit of a rubbish year mainly due to one thing and I’ve found myself getting sucked into a hurricane of negativity and not really having the energy to focus on anything else. I’ve found my blog has gone downhill and all the bitterness has spilled over onto my twitter account as well as effecting my job. Whilst it’s easy to spend an evening wallowing in bed I’m planning on channeling that man who sang about looking on the bright side and making 2014 an all round more positive year. Whether that comes from socialising more, starting a new hobby, or getting my booty back into blogging, there will be a lot more positivity in the next twelve months!

 2) Become a Healthy Heather - In the last few months I started to notice my clothes were getting a bit more snug, and a quick jump on the scales the other morning confirmed my suspicions, I’d gotten heavier. Probably a lot heavier than I’d thought. Believe it or not I’m actually a member of a gym so I’m going to start taking inspiration from Charlene and whip my body into shape. Within this comes eating better too, I’m planning on giving up the takeaways (pizza hut and big mac meals i’m looking at you!) and embracing making more of my own meals. Hello white meat and veg!

The Mini Resolutions 

 1) Exfoliate and moisturise regularly - something I always forget to do and my skin is starting to look like an elephant

 2) Purchase some anti ageing face stuff and use it - At 26 I’m not getting any younger and I’ve heard the earlier you start slavering your skin in anti ageing products the better. Crows feet be gone!

3) Make more of an effort on lazy days - On more days than I should this year I’ve spend the day in a onesie with greasy hair, it may sound shallow but getting showered and putting on a nice outfit always helps me feel ready to take on the day and will probe help with the whole positivity thing too.

4) Keep up to date with laundry - Sounds ridic but I tend to wear everything I own before doing a load of washing. This needs to stop.

5) Get my hair all shiny and long - I want a glorious mane of hair and in order to do this I need to make time to actually put treatments etc on it. It would also be a good idea to stop killing it with ghds on a daily basis…

So that’s everything. If you’ve done one of these posts and have similar resolutions then let me know, or better yet tweet me and we can maybs help each other with them through the year.
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