Christmas Out Out Outfits

christmas dresses

Outfit 1: Top // Shorts // Clutch // Shoes
Outfit 2: Dress // Lipstick // Shoes
Outfit 3: Dress // Clutch // Shoes

I want to be invited to a christmas party or some other sort of festive shindig so I can go wild with money I don't have and buy one of these outfits. Every year I say I'm going to get a sequinned dress and every year my wardrobe remains sequin dress-less. I'm in love with this Gabby dress from Motel,  the iridescent green version is a vision of beauty too but chances are I'd get the chance to wear it once in fifty years - I'm hardly the party animal. The other dress and the spangly top are both from coast which I always thought was for mature evening / bridesmaid dresses but after having a peruse tonight there's a few more items that have made my mental wish list!
And my last love, the sequinned clutch. I reckon if you're a bit apprehensive of turning yourself into a disco ball in the name of festive frivolity then accessorising with sparkles is the way to go and this clutch is such a bargain! Plus it has a shoulder strap so you don't have to be a single handed Susan (kudos to those who get the reference) all night.

So these are my picks for this year, would you wear any of these for a night on the razzle this month?


  1. Loving the middle look!

  2. Loving that middle dress, so fun!!

  3. i'm not huge on sequin dresses but the first outfit is fab, although the thought of going out in shorts and no tights at the moment is a little scary! x

  4. Ooh, nice picks! Loving the centre outfit especially- can't go wrong with sequins and a red lip :)


  5. I love the dress on the third outfit but I'd be most likely to wear the first outfit :) I'm not confident enough to stand out in a sequin dress, haha!
    Cute Christmas outfits :) I hope you have a lovely Christmas!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  6. I love them all but the shorts are super cute. I would want some thick black tights to cover my white legs though ;) xx

  7. I have my eye on a pretty clutch from Coast - couldn't believe how much their range seems ot have expanded lately, I used to only think of them as bridesmaidy dresses..

  8. These are all so pretty, very festive!

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