A chilly eve's wishlist

cosy nights in

I'm actually writing this curled up in a new pair of pj bottoms and wrapped up in my dressing gown (or housecoat?!), the cat was curled up next to me to create the ultimate cosy picture but he ran off, no doubt to go and rub his face on Tom's shoes. Everything on this list would make me a very happy and warm gal, I clearly seem to have a thing for rabbits but the pyjamas and slippers are adorable, I think I might have had a pretty similar pair when I was younger but the dog always ended up chewing on them. I also LOVE the onesie and the pjs, I do actually have a boohoo onesie already and it's probably one of the cosiest I own (I may have 4...), it's also not gone all funny and bobbly in the wash like the Primark ones do.
The pyjamas might be a little higher budget wise but I can't say no to something if they have bunnies printed all over them! These are from Figleaves and there's so many gorgeous pyjamas on that site, I just want to live in pjs...

I've had a pretty busy couple of weeks / weekends. I had New York followed by work, then family staying over followed by more work, and this weekend I'm heading up t'north to dish out presents to my family which is always a bit manic if not a little awkward - I only see most of them once a year so polite chit chat will prevail and I'll no doubt be told all the same stories all over again by the more elderly relatives!

 I do get to see the sister though which is nice.
With all this going on I cannot wait for Sunday where I'm going to do nothing but laze around all day watching christmas films, burning candles, and drinking tea. I say this every year but the Santa Claus movie with Dudley Moore will always be my festive favourite!


  1. Perfect cozy picks! Those slippers are adorable :)



  2. Lovely wish list, I love everything on there! Love pjs and warm things :) x

  3. I love the slippers, they are so cute :)

  4. Lovely wishlist. I smelt the candle the other day - it's gorgeous. I've been burning Sparkling Snow, which is also really lovely.
    I watched Santa Claus last night! It was a box office flop back in the 80s apparently - how?! I do not know! xx

  5. I would love a new yankee candle to light over the weekend. I love my frosted cherry one from last year x

  6. mm yes please this must be the cosiest wish list ever! x

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