Ebay Bargains: Mixed Bag

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I can't decide if I really love this garish orange and pink jumper or if I hate it. Usually when I'm fond of something for being gaudy/horrific I end up falling in love and wearing it at all times, this was the case with this Primark dress many moons ago.
Everything else is a want without second thoughts, my favourite being the mint green coat which will be mine one day. 

I'll sing along yeah with every emergency

denim skater dress winter coat miley cyrus

Dress: Primark
Coat: Bank 
Shoes: Newlook 

Howdy, long time no blog. I'd love to say it was because I've been so busy with various exciting projects but the highlight of my week was Wednesday night's tv consisting of Freshers, Towie, Up All Night, and Gogglebox.
Plus I watched a documentary on channel four about flat sharing in London and how people have to have interviews to get a room, crazyness. One group even made their new potential flatmates dress up in fancy dress to show their "zaniness" which was awkward and fascinating to watch.

So about the outfit, I'm actually swapping this coat over tomorrow for a bigger size as it's just a bit too fitted for me and I want to layer up some snug jumpers underneath it. I do love the fur hood though and hopefully it will make my ears less sore when it's cold. Also THE DRESS. I was going to get this one from Motel but couldn't justify spending £42  - this little number was a mere twelve pounds from Primark instead, wins.

Right, short and sweet but I'm watching x factor and want to settle down with my 3 for a pound kids sweets and feel sickened by Sam Callahan.

Lush Fresh Face Mask: Cupcake

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I'd seen a few people rave about the Lush face masks on different blogs an youtube channels so I thought I'd give one a go. After reading all about the different types on the lush website I went with Cupcake as it was described as  "for those who are new to face masks and want to use something that’s cheerful and cheeky but still effective and good at its job. The serious side of this mask has linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin..."
Turns out this wasn't the best description, after using it and reading a few more reviews cupcake is actually aimed towards people with oily skin. Sigh.

Anyway I went into my first lush face mask experience with new and novice eyes, I'm not much of a skincare user due to my sensitive skin deciding to turn rosy and scaly whenever I put anything on it (for a lovely photo of this click here) but I went with Lush as I know their products are au natural and hoped they wouldn't cause a reaction. Luckily cupcake didn't, hurrah!

I kept the product in the fridge as instructed and after a long day at work slathered it all over my face and sat myself in front of the tv for 10 minutes whilst the product got to work. I loved the cooling feeling and the thick texture of the mask, but after 5 minutes the strong, fake chocolately smell became a bit too much and I couldn't wait to wash it off with warm water which took a bit of scrubbing.

So did it work? Well straight after taking the product off my skin did feel more relaxed but this could be because I'd just bathed it in warm water, and the next day I did notice my skin was a bit softer but I still had my usual dry patches around my jawline which never seem to budge.

All in all I guess this is an ok product but it's not something I'd buy again, probably because my skin isn't oily and I'm definitely no teenager! I've since researched the different "flavours" they do and Oatfix looks like the one for me.
At £5.95 it doesn't break the bank and you do get a generous helping so if you're a whippersnapper with a penchant for chocolate and oily to combination skin then it may just be the product for you.

Boots for walking in the rain

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Ok so number 5 aren't exactly the most practical for trudging around in the rain, but I've always owned a pair of trusty heeled shoeboots for nights out in the winter and these look like a great replacement for mine (which  may have part of the heel coloured in with a Sharpie...). These are all women's boots at Littlewoods and after trawling through their vast collection I just want a different pair for everyday - my autumn wardrobe is pretty much thick tights, a dress and boots so all of these will fit in nicely within my wardrobe alongside their older and more battered relatives.
Three out of these pairs happen to be by blowfish which is deffs one of my favourite brands for comfort, I hadn't even realised Littlewoods stocked them so I'm now bookmarking that part of the site!

What are your favourite winter brands?

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Ebay Bargains: Autumn's a' comin

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I've just bought a navy duffel coat but I'm so tempted by this parka, the fleece and the fur just looks so snuggly for bonfire nights etc. I want the boots too, they're identical to a pair on missguided and they're charging £40 for them, madness!
I can't wait to stop saving my money and start spending it on autumny goodness, hurry up November!

Million Voices

motel penny dress motelrocks penny red dress skater dress
Dress: Motel
Boots: Newlook (similar here)

I'd been searching this seller's ebay for this Motel dress for ages to no avail, so after being given a topshop voucher for my birthday I was prepared to pay the extra dollar and make it mine.  It's pretty obvs going by previous outfit posts that my favourite style of dress is the skater shape, I just think it's flattering and makes my chunkatron thighs look a bit smaller! This style is the "Penny" dress by motel and it's sort of a skater slash smock hybrid that sits nicely without the sack o' spuds feel a lot of smock dresses give, I'm obsessed with the sleeve and collar detailing as I'm a sucker for a daisy and all things floral so this is the dress o' dreams for me.

In non garment related news I actually don't have much, I've been living my life in a Breaking Bad filled haze recently (i'm on season 4 so no spoilers please!) but alas, I can't take Walter White seriously having been an avid Malcolm in the Middle fan a while back. Whilst he's being chased around by the cartel I just want him to don a pair of skates and recreate this:

GHD Diamond Styler Giveaway & Tutorial: Messy Up Do

When I was contacted on behalf of the hair saviours ghd and asked if I wanted to review/giveaway one of their brand new limited edition Diamond Stylers obvs I jumped at the chance! I'm an avid ghd user and recently upgraded to the scarlet styler, so I thought I'd spread the hair stylin' love and offer a lovely Frolics and Fashion reader the chance to become an addict like me with a wee giveaway (which can be found on the rafflecopter widget at the end of this post).

So a bit of background, since 2004 ghd have been in partnership with Breakthrough Breast Cancer and every year they release a gorgeous pink styler to raise money for the cause. So far a massive £6.7m has been raised, and this year for every styler purchased £10 will be donated towards cancer research. I think it's such an incredible partnership and I love seeing a brand I'm so fond of doing some good, you can actually read more about the ten year partnership here.

How I Use Them

When I got my first pair of ghd's back in my first year of uni (all the bars and clubs turned my hair into a frizzy mess, student loan well spent!) I used them purely for straightening, it wasn't till a good 2 years later that I started experimenting with curls, waves and up do's and I began to love them even more. 
So I've put together a little tutorial that the winner may be able to have a bash at, in total it takes just under ten minutes and it's great for masking post topknot and post night out hair. You can also find more styles created by ghd here : )

The Giveaway

To get your paws on your very own pink diamond styler you just need to enter with the rafflecopter widget below

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