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I've never really looked at anything from White Stuff before, in all honesty in my mind it was a brand that women in their 40's wear whilst shopping in Waitrose for an organic dinner. Anyway clearly I was wrong because after browsing through their section online I've found loads of things that'll be perfect staples for the autumn and could easily form part of a blustery capsule wardrobe. I don't think you can go too wrong with a simple black wool coat (taking ginger cat hair out of the equation!) and this one is perfect, actually as I'm writing this now I have visions of of myself skipping and whistling through windy cobbled streets in the coat, the polka dot tunic, the scarf, and the bag. In reality obvs I'd be fighting through people who can't control their trollies in the Supermaket carpark....
So after my little online peruse I'm now even more excited for Autumn, gimme halloween and sparklers and I'm happy.

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Ebay Bargains: sheer shirts under £10

sheer shirts

Six shirts for just over £35? Yes please! Ah I want all of these, I'm planning on buying my first pair of decent jeans in a while and these will all go perfectly with them. Plus they make good work shirts with a pair of black skinnies and some ballet pumps. I'm pretty sure the horse print blouse was being sold at Zara a bit back for a helluva lot more than 6.88 too! 
Which are your favourites? Oddly enough my inner Kat Slater/Bet Lynch are pulling me towards the leopard print and I think I'll just go ahead and let them...

Captain Roscoe with a crossbow

topshop topshop vestblack boots

Vest: Topshop
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: c/o Fashion Union

So it would seem, like many other bloggers, I have lost Thomas to GTA. In fact as I'm typing this now cosied up on the new sofa all I can hear is HOMIE, MAN, and DAWG, plus lots of other swears that I won't repeat here.
I don't really have a lot to comment about on this outfit. It's pink. It's a vest. It's a black skirt. Oh and the first two photos are pretty much identical, clearly I was half asleep when photoshopping them together. Actually this vest is the first thing I've bought from Topshop in forever and I'm now seeing loads of duds in there that I want to drape all over myself, I reckon as my birthday drawers nearer and 30 doesn't seem too far off I'm having a sort of early mid life crisis. An overpriced fusha lace vest is my porsche and my harley.
Right, this has been short and sweet but I'm off to watch Celebrity Juice as Charlotte from Geordie Shore is on it and I love her.

Autumn Wish List

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Since the darker nights have begun creeping in my mind is already on a path heading straight to coats, cosy knits, and boots. This path also stops at tonnes of different online shops and my favourites folder is now bursting with clobber to keep me comfortable in the upcoming chilly months.
I'm off to New York in November (in case I haven't mentioned it enough!) and I want everything here to keep me warm whilst fighting off the crazed shoppers in the black friday sales and eating as much cheesecake as humanly possible. If I won the lottery and could afford everything on here, it'd also be quite nice to roam the streets donning some British designers and show Vivienne, Barbour and Lulu Guinness the sites. Plus I can pretend I'm a true countrywoman in the jacket and these Hudson boots. The fact that I don't play the lottery might hinder my chances of winning though, so if I could only have one of these things I'd probs whittle it down to the Vivienne Westwood bag, it looks like a purse on the website but it's actually a cute little shoulder bag! Gimme. 

Speaking of black Friday and shopping, my latest obsession is googling everything I want to buy over there and working out how much cheaper it'll be in pounds...tragic.

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As the floods move in

Printed Trousers: c/o AX Paris
T Shirt & Necklace: h&m
Boots: Soyoushoes

Oh so it starts, the cloudy days are drawing in which makes the whole concept of taking photos of outfits ridic hard. Today I had the option of going outside for good lighting and having a windswept and bedraggled face, or staying dry inside with poor light. Obvs I went for the latter. I'm definitely going to invest in a softbox this year, I know they look awesome for youtube videos but does anyone use them for outfit posts?
I am so happy I was sent these printed trousers from AX Paris, they're incredibly comfortable and hide my multitude of sins and I know fo sho they'll be whipped out when I haven't been to the gym in a couple of weeks days! Other than a black top I'm a bit unsure how to style them though, so any suggestions are welcome : )

Hope everyone's had a fab weekend, we got a new sofa in the week so obviously I had to spend most of it in front of the tv trying it out! In fact I'm reclined on it now typing away whilst watching the X Factor...speaking of which what are everyone's thoughts on it this year? To be honest I'm finding it a little bit "meh", usually in the first stages there's a load of crazy people to have a chuckle at but this time around it all seems a bit too serious. And why are all the rejected folk from the other series coming back?! You've had your time.
Oh and I'm not the only one getting comfortable, Theo wanted to show off his new bed which he's been snuggling up in today:

He takes a better picture than me!

The night I danced to Plan B

Skirt: Topshop
Dress (worn as top): h&m
Shoes: Primark

This is what I wore last Thursday for the launch of 4g with o2, when the email popped up in my inbox asking me if I wanted to go and see plan B as a blogger I obvs replied with a yes and a million exclamation marks! I love Adulthood and Ill Manors wasn't too shabby either, plus End Credits with Chase and Status has always been one of my car bopping songs....
I hadn't been to a gig in forever (think the last one may have been kids in glass houses back in 2009 when I felt stupidly old near all the scene kids...) so wasn't too sure what attire to go with and had one of the "gawd I look awful in everything" moments, in the end I just went with what was comfortable and some cheap £4 primark pumps. I was actually pretty glad I let my legs breathe as it was so hot in the o2 empire and I ended up looking like sticky mess anyway!

The event/gig itself was incredible, I got to see Steph and Laura again as well as meeting the lovely Ella, Ashley, Sherin, Kristabel and Caroline. We all got to have a natter and take some snaps/drink some beverages, query the need for a mirrored table in one of the vip rooms(...), and get over excited with the Samsung Galaxy s4's we were given to test out the speedy 4g - this was crazily generous and completely unexpected so thanks o2!!
There was a young and trendy chap supporting who did some beatboxing before Mr Drew took to the stage for his set which included all the greats from The Defamation of Strickland Banks, as well as his Ill Manors song which caused a mini circle pit of over zealous men. It all passed by in a bit of an excitable blur for me but we did spot Nicole Scherzinger jiving away in the distance and Labrinth was just below us going mental to every single song. Thanks to 4g I got to plague people on twitter and facebook with numerous photos and managed to upload videos in a couple of seconds : )

So here are some snaps from the night and the official o2 video, thanks so much to Louise for inviting me!!

In the center of the ring just like a circus

cirque du soleil makeup cirque du soleil makeup bright mkaeup

When I was asked if I wanted to take part in a circus makeup challenge I accepted, because, well, I'm never adventurous with my makeup and hide behind an array of neutrals most of the time! I was challenged on behalf of Ladbrokes to create a circus inspired look to celebrate both the arrivals of Cirque du Soleil to the uk and their new circus slot game.
I did contemplate going all out cray and turning myself into a lion or an acrobat, but then I remembered that any form of strong face makeup brings me out in the most horrific of rashes, so armed with the boots voucher given to me to take part I went on the hunt for bold, bright, clashing colours for some kind of fancy eye.
Now as much as I like using makeup to hide my flaws I've never actually tried anything like this so it's a first time for me, and as much as I probably wouldn't go and get my weekly shop looking like this, I had fun experimenting and paying around with looking like a rainbow!

August Favourites

august favourites

I was going to write a post about everything I've been using this month, but I've just uploaded a video to youtube so I thought it'd be easier to just whack it on here instead.

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