Ebay Bargains

ebay bargains

For the past couple of months I've been saving for my New York trip (hurry up November!) which has made me very skint and has resulted in many an ebay trawl. I thought I'd share some of my favourites so far that'll be perfect for the upcoming Autumn months, I'm so tempted to just go cray and buy them all.
As depressing as it is these four items have been the highlight of my Sunday, oh these and a few episodes of Ray Donnavan which is filling the weekly void waiting for Dexter episodes, anyone else a fan?
Hope everyone's had a good bank holiday weekend, I'm such a smug Sally tonight as I've got an extra day to go off on a jaunt to London tomorrow for a lunch cruise and a whirl around the London eye. Because of this it's an early night for me and a date with a bottle o' fake tan!

The sunlight hurts my eyes

river island skater dress blue cut out dress

Blue cut out skater dress: £20.00 Riverisland
Lace Shoeboots:  £21.99 soyoushoes at ebay

I've been eyeing this dress up for ages so when it went down to £20 I rubbed my mitts together with glee, River Island isn't really a shop I go into much but they've got some gorgeous dresses in at the moment. I'm loving this coral paisley dress too and it's next on my wishlist. The only thing with this blue number is it's really thick and stretchy and therefore kinda tight but then again I have put an extra comfort layer on recently so it's an excuse to get myself to the gym. I'm also excited to get my hair fully back to blonde as I reckon this bright blue will look nice with a heap of fake tan and light hair.

Speaking of hair has anyone ever had hair extensions? I've been looking up on different methods and I'm thinking of taking the plunge in a couple of months after my new york trip. I've found this person on facebook that lives near to me and pilfered this photo from her before and afters - whaddaya reckon?

 photo stezzies_zpscddee976.jpg

oh and on another hair related note I filmed my second ever hair tutorial over on my youtube channel and would be ever so happy if you had a look/lemme know what you think? I'm not very frequent with my videos but I've started to get into the whole talking to the camera thing a bit more recently and I'm open to suggestions : )

What I've been up to today

what's in my bag
berry smoothie hair bow

So I don't think I've actually just sat and wrote about, well, nothing on here for a long time. I know plenty of bloggers spend their weekends at pretty hotels and along lovely beaches but as Thomas works a lot of weekends I'm often left on my own like a hermit. So clearly I get up to a bunch of exciting things... when the cat's away and all.
I lie, today I ventured into town for my second ever eye test just because I had a free voucher from work which gave me some dollar towards glasses if I needed them,  I guess they feel guilty for chaining me to a pc for 8 hours a day. Anyway my peepers are fine but my eyes felt pretty violated after the experience and I was left feeling slightly offended after the chap doing the test decided to tell me I had one pupil bigger than the other. When I said I'd never noticed it he literally shoved a mirror an inch from my face and was like "LOOK, LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE." odd.
I also tried on a bodycon dress in h&m and was shocked to realise it didn't look too horrific! However since coming home I've googled it and found this picture of Cara Delevigne wearing it and know my pins can never compete. Sigh.

And the rest of my day was spent making a delicious smoothie, filming a what's in my bag video for my youtube channel , and turning my hair into a bow. I also ate a chicken and sweetcorn sandwich for dinner and caught up on Geordie Shore.

So that's my Sunday, now I can see why I'll never be a lifestyle blogger!

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush: 41 Healthy Mix

 photo potblush1_zps01cb0aac.jpg  photo potblush2_zps53f3c22b.jpg  photo potblush3_zps448e892f.jpg  photo potblush4_zpsa199f2a5.jpg

My blush collection is hardly massive, I think if I really dig around I could come up with a grand total of about 5, being a freckly freddy it's not something I wear everyday as I don't want them to mix and give me big orange splodges on my cheeks.
Although last week I grabbed my first ever bourjois blush (and actually my second ever bourjois purchase!) when everything was on 3 for 2 in Boots and I have worn it near enough every day. The colour is a gorgeous highly pigmented pinky peach that can be applied with a heavy hand for a dramatic look or with a slight swipe of a brush for a fresh faced day time affair. I'm a fan of the small packaging too, I know a few people are against the petite pots as they're not as cheap as other brands for what seems like a lot less product, but for me it fits nicely into my handbag and is quite a reasonable excuse for me to buy more! Can't say I'm over the moon with the little curved brush though and as with most free-with-product brushes it's gone in the bin, it's just so small and sehr rubbish!
Oh and there's another thing I'm not too keen on but I'm going to assume it'll be a love hate thing - the smell, it feels like I've gone to visit an elderly lady and dived face first into her bowl of pot pourri. It does go really quickly though and just leaves you with a pretty flush that lasts ages.

Right, off to watch this one direction programme that's constantly being advertised on channel 4, these girls look pure cray.

Lush Bubble Bar: Creamy Candy

creamy candy bubble bar lush bubble bar creamy candy

In November I will have been writing this here blog and reading others for four years and in that time I've seen many of my faves rave about Lush, especially Charlene! Despite all the products looking amazing the stench of the shop has always put me off, I've ventured in a couple of times in the past only to be overcome by a blanket of smells which has resulted in a headache and a hasty retreat.
I am a massive bath fan though, more so on a cold winters eve, there's nothing better than a deep hot bath with a good (trashy) book and masses of bubbles. So my love of the tub was strong enough to get me to visit Lush again and I came out with their cheapest bubble bar - Creamy Candy.
If I'm being honest my reason for buying this scent was the price, Lush advise you to use the whole bar in one go and with the priciest one being £4.25 they're a bit of a luxury. Creamy Candy was £2.50 which isn't too bad for a first time experience.
So did I like it? Well I loved it. The scent was girly and sweet and definitely worked as an air freshener for my bathroom before I used it. I did find it a bit odd crumbling something that resembled hard playdough under the tap but after a bit o' swishing around I was left with a glorious amount of bubbles. The scent also lasted a while on my skin afterwards which was a win, and now I want to try all of them, especially the ones that turn your water a different colour as I'm a sucker for a gimmick.

So thanks Lush, now I want to have first class baths all the time.

Five dangerous fashion trends: How trying to look good can come at a price


We all want to look great, no matter what we do, right? Even if we’re just running a few errands like going to the bank or even doing the laundry at home in front of the family, paying a little attention to our appearance has become something of a regular ritual. For many of us, it’s having a shower, putting on our best clothes and applying an appropriate amount of cosmetics, and that’s fine!
Looking good is great, but there are a few trends which might not be quite so good to follow, but what are they? Here, we outline ways in which overdoing it might actually be harmful to our health:

High Heels
They’re often at the top of the list of things we want to wear, but they’re not the sturdiest. Data from First4Lawyers shows that 9% of women experiencing fashion-related injuries were hurt by a slip/trip as a result of wearing cheap high heels. Basically, if you see a bargain pair of shoes you like, think twice before handing over your money!

Large bags and purses
Large handbags are being rocked by the likes of Victoria Beckham, and can be pretty cool to wear, but are they all they’re cracked up to be? 13.6% of women owned up to being injured while carrying them, and it’s easy to see why. If not held properly, they might cause neck, elbow and lower back pain, especially if you’re following Posh!

Tight waist belts
Another trend which seems cool on the surface, the more you think about it, the more uncomfortable it seems. If you’re wearing a belt that’s a little too tight, it might cause nausea and dizziness. Joan Collins will tell you exactly how it feels, as will the 2% of women who said they had been affected themselves.

The ‘perfect’ tan
Being tanned is fun, especially in summer when you want the perfect beach body, but overdoing it can be painful. As 5.5% of women revealed, they have been hurt using a UV tanning bed, and no wonder. If used a little too much, it could cause dry skin, premature aging and even, in extreme cases, some forms of cancer.

Body piercings
This is another surprising one, but is becoming more popular with women. 4% said that they had been hurt by catching their earrings on something. It’s painful just thinking about it, but thinking carefully before having your ears pierced might help.

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be more dog grendon lakes dragonfly zego zego boat

Last week o2 challenged me to be more dog, when I first read the email I was a little confused but after reading Sarah and Steph's post this turned into a nervous excitement. I spent way too many evenings sprawled out on the sofa alongside my ginger cat watching big brother so I knew straight away I was going to get my mitts on the dog box. When I read the piece of paper telling me that I could take a friend to experience a ride on a zego I had to google what one was before I could get truly excited! I'm really claustrophobic and had a sinking feeling it was going to be like zorbing which to me is a ridiculous concept. Luckily there was no swealtering hamster wheeling involved and I was more than happy to get on the water, plus when I google mapped Grendon Lakes I was pleasantly surprised to see it was only half an hour's drive away.

I roped one of my besties Rachel into being more dog too, and when we got there I was pleasantly surprised that somewhere this nice was so close to home. It was a gorgeous day and there were tonnes of people on or around the larger lake (in the second photo) doing watersports, having a stroll, or just enjoying an ice cream in the sun. We made our way around to a more private lake away from the crowds and waited for our instructor. Sadly when he came he handed us two hard hats and lifejackets, hence why there are no photos of us, we looked like berks, but safety first and all that I suppose....

After watching a chap whiz around the lake (and watching the zego break down!) we tightened the straps on our sexy helmets and climbed aboard, ready to whiz off into the distance....sadly the boat died and we had to float back to the shore at a snails pace so the instructor could clear the propellers of weeds. 'barrasin. But then we were off, the wind in our hair and the lake scum spraying into our faces, it was pretty awesome and the zego was going so fast it was bouncing up into the air. Until it died. Again. In the middle of the lake. And we were stranded.
10 minutes of bobbing along in the water later a jet-skier kindly swam over to de weed us and we were back to being adrenaline fuelled speed boat sallys, we whizzed around for about half an hour before deciding we'd been dog enough and it was time to laze in the sun like a cat.

I'd definitely recommend having a go on one of these but if I'm being perfectly honest I wouldn't suggest doing it in Grendon, this may be because I'm bitter that the instructors left us stranded for so long and didn't attempt to help us! The Zego itself is the perfect way to inject a bit of adventure into a weekend without going all out cray, and I had a lovely sun filled Saturday enjoying parts of my shire I didn't know existed. So thanks o2 for helping me #bemoredog !

What to do when you have too many clothes

Image Source - weheartit

I'm sure we're all guilty of it, grabbing that pair of rainbow sequinned trousers in Primark because they were  only a fiver, or buying something completely the wrong size because we might wear it one day. Every year I have a massive clear out of my wardrobe (and my draws under my bed, and my two chests of drawers...) to find either 1. I'm re united with hidden treasures, or 2. I'm faced with a spontaneous purchase that has never seen the light of day.
So what to do with piles of unloved clothes? Well there's always ebay but to be honest when it comes to selling that site angers me, I always under estimate the postage and end up not getting as much for something as I'd hoped. Plus you get some right little blighters on there that refuse to pay, or change their mind last minute.
Enter Music Magpie which now offers a service where you can sell your clothes in a pretty hassle free way. All you do is enter your loot, eg "topshop dress", add the size, colour, and material, press add item and you'll get a price for it. Plus sending it all is completely free and if you have over 25 items they'll send a courier around to collect it, which in my book beats standing in the stuffy post office queue.
I actually want to download the app and use it to scan all my dvd barcodes, I have the likes of The Lizzie Maguire Movie and New York Minute taking up space in my house and as much as I love them, I feel it's time to move on.

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