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My job see's me sitting at my desk from 8:30 till 5 wearing a snazzy headset and talking a lot, but some reason I find my makeup doesn't last as long as it would on a busy Saturday? I blame the eye rubbing and the sticky office climate (gross).
So here's a combination of products I've found work well together and withstand the 8 hour days, probably not the best bunch for a hot day but for an aircon-ed office they're quite the team!

Mac Prep & Prime Skin Enhancer - I've raved about this enough (see before and after pictures here) but all I can say is god sent. Be gone blotches!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - I'm on my third tube of this and don't think I'll ever get bored of it, my skin is pretty dull and this works wonders on my sallow and getting old skin. I mix this with the heavier double wear and the two cuddle together and produce my dream foundation.

Estee Lauder Double Wear - I have the Estee Lauder double wear in "cool bone"which is one of their newer shades for us cool toned folk, I've heard a few gripes about this not being pale enough (at the time we were told it was a replacement for shell)  but it's probably the best match for foundation my skin has ever seen.

Benefit Hello Flawless - I've been wearing this for three years. At £25.50 I wince but I don't think I could ever cheat on it with another powder. It works a dream at setting any foundation and doesn't look cakey at all.

Mac Mineralize Blush I have this in the shade warm soul and it looks incredible against both a fake tan or pale skin. Plus the coral slash orangey shade doesn't clash with my freckles. I want more.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Ah I do like to glow. I can't imagine ever getting up, looking in the mirror after applying my makeup, and not seeing soft and gentle shimmering away on my cheeks. This is another pricey purchase for me but I've used it pretty much everyday for around 8 months and I'm not seeing even a hint of pan.

So that's what I slap on my face for a day at the desk. What are your favourite long lasting prods?

Everytime I look for you the sun goes down

lashes of london lace shift dress shift dress

Dress: c/o Lashes of London

Recently I've been loving loose clothing and choosing comfort over anything else so when I chose this shift dress I was rather apprehensive as to whether it'd look any good on my bod. After posing infront of my fence in it on a stormy day I've decided it'll make the perfect night out dress, it's figure hugging enough for an evening but not so much that it ventures into the dreaded bodycon territory. Plus it has a collar and who doesn't love a collar nowadays?
My shoes are my trusty New Look heels but looking at these photos I reckon a nude pair will look a lot better, I do love nude shoes but I'm just so clumsy on a night out and know I'll end up scruffing them up on the first wear!

Changing the subject this weekend has consisted of broken boats (more on that in another post), alcoholic smoothies, sunburn, the usual Geordie Shore catchup, and a lot of roast chicken. Oh and getting drenched whilst venturing outside to get chips from the outside freezer. Exciting stuff I tell thee. Does anyone else feel a bit underwhelmed by this series of the shore? Nothing other than drinking seems to be happening and everyone seems a little bored with the whole thing, as much as I hate to say it being a die hard fan, I think it may have had its time. Saying that I still obsessively watch every week and wish I could be as tanned as they are!

Right, off to decide what to have for dinner, Tom has just got in from work so I know the cooking finger is going to be pointed at me but I am the worst food maker-er in the world.

Arm Candy

Ever since I decided I wanted to buy a nice bracelet in New York I've been peeping at different sites for different treats for my wrists. And by nice I mean better than my usual chipped primark numbers. The issue I have is that my wrists are really small, so small that they make my hands look like big giant mickey mouse hands, and I find it hard to find something that isn't too tiny or too clunky.

Anyway I digress,  I've found that Avenue 32 have some incredibly pretty pieces if you're up for "splashing the cash" (I really hate that phrase), and I've found three bracelets that I would be more than happy to own - I'm just gutted now that the scratch card I bought earlier wasn't luckier!


Having re visited my small wrist issue I think number two might be a bit too chunky for me but I love it all the same, and number three is just ridiculously pretty and dainty. My favourite has to be the rose gold bracelet by Eddie Borgo though, I reckon rose gold looks amazing on any skin tone and it's girly with just enough edge to it. Gimme.

So now I have a bracelet wish list as long as my arm I just need to plan loads of soirees to wear them too...I'm kidding myself, I know I'll just end up prancing around my house in them showing my arm off to the cat.

collaborative post

Tinker tailor soldier sailor

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Dress: Newlook
Wedges: Newlook

Ugh I hate it when you buy things then see them in the sale,  whilst getting the link for these wedges they're now only £12! Gah oh well.
I find I have a love hate relationship with Newlook. In the summer I love it, everything is a great price and doesn't look too much different to it's more expensive rivals, however when it comes to the chillier months and they bring out their autumn/winter range I always struggle to find something that doesn't look cheap.
But onto the love so I'm not being a negative Nelly, these wedges are amazing. They're comfortable, affordable, and pretty basic so they should last a couple of summers without looking too dated. The dress is the first "aztec-y" thing I own and I'm rather fond of it, plus at £14.99 newlook is starting to rival Primark's prices!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend, I got back form visiting my sister in Lincolnshire yesterday and had a wins time, I hadn't seen her or my nephew in an age so it was great catching up and pretending to be a troll. Plus I had the biggest hot chocolate ever and a bbq so my belly was as content as I was. Sadly the weather isn't looking to great today and it's the penny pinching end of the month so the plan is to tidy the house and watch films all day...crazy days.

Payday Wishlist

1. Love playsuit // 2. Pandora bracelet // 3. New Look heels // 4. Bumble & Bumble surf spray
5. Kerastase ciment anti-usure // 6. Lush sunnyside bubble bar // 7. Satsuma body butter
8. River Island skater dress

Usually I'll have my eye on products one month and clothing the next but it seems this month I just want everything, I'll need a credit card for this array of goodness! I can't believe my click happy fingers wondered onto both the Lush and Pandora sites, something I've always previously though of as overhyped tat but for some reason I want in on the action 3 years too late... Clothing wise I'm really liking the colours on both of these, I already have the playsuit in black (see below!) and it's so insanely comfortable for a night out and does a good job of hiding my upper arms which I have a hatred for! Hair wise I'm struggling to keep away from the curlers this month and reckon the surf spray might be a good alternative - it seems to be a bit of a marmite product though and the price makes me shudder a bit.
What are you lusting after this month?

I've had Aswad stuck in my head for days

black playsuit

Playsuit: Inlovewithfashion (currently 25 % off with code sunday25 !)
Heels: Newlook
Necklace: h&m

So it's been an absolute age since I paraded around in front of my tripod whilst the neighbours look on in confusion. Why is this? Well there isn't really an answer other than I've had bad skin and coldsores recently which would have looked vile on camera. Cop out? Maybe.
It's still sort of there so I'm hoping I've stood far enough back from the camera so that you can't see it, but I couldn't not show you this wins playsuit that I bought around a month ago, especially as it's currently only £25.50 with the code sunday25. I'd wanted it for ages but it was constantly out of stock, in desperation for yet another playsuit I did attempt the motel version but it showed of wayyy too much bumcheek for my liking.

Catch up wise I've just been plodding along really, I've developed an obsession for frozen fruit smoothies which are the quickest and easiest thing ever and taste divine. Plus I bought the fruit already frozen so I didn't have the hassle of chopping everything up and peeling all the skin off, wins! Errr what else? Oh I got a parking fine for parking in Aldi whilst having my hair done which bugged me, as I even ran out pre hair "do" with dye all over my head to move it, yet as I was 10 minutes over I was slapped with a 40.00 fine, damn you parking eye!

This doesn't really have any relevance for my post in the slightest but another thing me and Thomas have been doing is buying tonnes of bags of the £1 share sizes from Mars. Each one has a code for a free cinema ticket and you only need four for a free entry. So £4 gets you a cinema ticket AND four bags of sweets! And no I've not been paid to blather on about this, I just think it's a pretty awesome deal.

Alas I feel I'm rambling now so I'm off to done some shorts, grab my Marian Keyes book and catch some ray(mond)s of sun before my cinema trip later.

Hobbs Trends

The following has been written in association with Hobbs:

Searching For The Perfect Occasion Dress

It was only last week that I received an invitation to my best friend’s engagement party and I’m already scouring the Internet for outfit ideas. I know a lot of the people I went to school with will be there and I’m hoping to impress them with my newly found fashion sense – so what have I found?

Short and Sweet

This season, I have a fashion crush on all things bright and I’ve decided to wow the other guests in red. Whilst searching the internet for suitable ensembles, I noticed that Hobbs house a number of occasion dresses in a variety of hot hues.

So far I have my eye on the Invitation Jewel Dress. I find that the tulip skirting is extremely flattering, especially when worn with skyscraper heels and my new clutch bag won’t look out of place with it either!

The Maxi Dress

Another fail-safe option is the maxi dress. Since we haven’t seen a lot of sunny weather this summer, my legs are a little pale and this longer style of dress allows me to cover them in an elegant manner. It is the perfect option if you want to cover up a little more but still keep the overall look quite light.

Monochrome Madness

A number of the autumn and winter catwalks revealed a monochrome trend which is proving to be a big hit this season. Instead of sticking to solely black and white colour palettes, this year black and white spots and stripes are taking centre stage.

The best thing about this style is you can add coloured accessories to create something truly striking.

Content has not been written by myself 
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