Bodyshop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder

bodyshop bronzer bronzing powder fair skin bronzer
Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder : £13 * (currently £7.80 using the code "extra treat")
Bodyshop Bronzing Brush: £16* (currently £9.60 with the same code)

I haven't ever used any bodyshop makeup products before so I'll say now that I've been pleasantly surprised with this bronzer. To be honest the reason I've never really tried it was the price as the brand seems to sit between "drugstore" and high end and I hadn't realised that all the crazy online discount codes counted for the makeup as well!
So I have the bronzer in light matte which is the palest shade, there are four in total and I reckon I could have gone slightly darker but the shade I have will be perfect for pale winter days when I'm in need of a bit of colour. I would say though if you're a fair and looking or an all rounder then to go for fair matte.
The finish is as the name suggests matte which is a first for me as I'm always drawn to shimmery blushes and brozers. It's a simple, basic bronzer which is easy to apply all over without looking muddy. The finish would also make it perfect for contouring so I may have to use the discount myself and get some more!
I've been using the bodyshop bronzing brush to apply the product and the two together are a dream. The bristles are ridiculously soft and the company size makes it easier to control and perfect for travelling. On a completely unpractical note I also like how it looks on my dressing table!

Spain: home from home

Despite my parents living out in Spain, I really don't get to visit them as often as I'd like as there always seems to be something stealing all my holiday days from work. But when I do get the chance to go I always have the most relaxing time and end up getting all sad when it's time to leave. I thought i'd split my little weeks holiday into two posts (we spent a few days in an apartment at the beach) with a sort of home type one and another with some "out and about" photos.
I do hope I don't look like a complete braggy aggy with this, to be fair it's my parents house and not mine so I've got nothing to brag about, it's just where I spent last week so I thought I'd share!

spain pool

I'd probably have been happy spending every day around the pool floating around on my lilo and looking like some sort of beached whale whenever I tried to get on or off it, on a clear day the views are amazing and we were graced with gorgeous weather for our visit.

 photo spainh2_zpsddf4f774.jpg
 photo spainh3_zpsc035f095.jpg

This little gazebo esque thing is great to escape to with a book when my skin felt like it was actually frying. I'd like to say I was reading something oh so philosophical whilst gazing into the mountains, in fact it was Lauren Conrad's fictional series...

 photo spainh4_zps8b0c84e8.jpg  photo spainh5_zps62fddef4.jpg

The summer house is such a cute little corner of the garden but it gets ridiculously oven like in there, so other than venturing down to squee over the stray cats and try and make friends with them (they were having none of it) I didn't spend much time down here. It's a favourite of my nanna's when she visits though - she hides down here with numerous cups o' tea.

 photo spainh6_zpsa5aae2a1.jpg

Shamefully the bar is where I spent a lot of my time getting over competitive with the family playing pool. I swear whenever I play there seems to be so many new rules made up and everyone has a different set. We eventually had to resort to google during a game of doubles to see who was right...

 photo spainh7_zpse2c66a0b.jpg

This is meant to be a homely esque post yet this is actually the only photo from inside the house. I used to stay in this room every time I visited and it's probably my favourite. However lack of aircon and sharing with Tom (i swear boys emulate heat) ruled it out this time. Sigh.

 photo spainh8_zps0edf61b3.jpg  photo spainh9_zps83a1ce77.jpg

I think the original plan was for them both to make one together but they ended up doing their own and obvs liking their own best. Which one do you prefer?

So there's a nose around the house o' mum and dad and where I stayed during my AWOL time from the blog. Despite coming back on Tuesday after being at work this week it feels like an age away and I want to be back there this instant. Instead I'm going to have a bath and apply some fake tan as all I got on the holiday was a load of fresh freckles!

It's a Holi-Holiday

 photo denimshirt_zps8cd2a895.jpg

Playsuit: c/o Ax Paris
Bag: Primark
Sandals: ebay (similar here)
Denim Shirt: Theived from Thomas but from originally from Hollister 

Ha. Pale legs and holiday hair, oh how I wish I would tan! Apols for my absence, I've been sipping cocktails in Spain for the past week and I had a tres amazing time. So amazing in fact that my blog sort of got sidetracked as did my previous attempts to get fit - I think I ate my weight in pastries.... I'm now debating whether to pull myself off the sofa and hot foot it to the gym or just put on some jim jams and settle down for the night.
Anyways this is just a quickie to confirm I'm still lurking around these here internets and as of today I'm back on the blogging wagon, I've got a tonne of Spain snaps to bore you with!
Right. I've decided. Gym time.

How I'm whipping my hair into shape

hair growth

1. Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde Shampoo - £7.89 inc postage
2. Tigi Urban Antidotes recovery shampoo 750ml - £11.99
3. Tigi Urban Antidotes recovery conditioner 750ml - £13.35
4. Rene Furterer intense nourishing mask - £18.00
5. Redken extreme strength builder for distressed hair - on offer for £18.99 for the mask and the extreme strength shampoo
6. Moroccan oil - £30.45
7. Label m heat protection spray - £9.00

These are the products I've been using on my bleach and heat frazzled hair for the last couple of months in my quest for long and luscious locks (check out the alliteration thurr) and they're all wonderful in their own way. I know all together it's hardly a cheap combination of products but I thought it was worth shelling out for in order for my barnet to finally look and feel healthy. And to be honest some of these have lasted ages anyway, especially the shampoo and conditioner - it probably worked out the same price as buying a few smaller "drug store" bottles.
Rather than write a shed load about how great all of these are I made a little video, if you like the whole video thing then it'd be wins if you could go and subscribe to my youtube channel!

Lusting after summer shoes

The other night whilst trying on loads of playsuits and dresses for a night out I had a bit of a strop, not only was I standing in a sea of crumpled clothes that were picking up cat hair by the second (this stresses me out immensely!) but I felt betrayed by my trusty blacks...
Because I don't go out often I always have one pair of trusty black heels that will be worn come rain or shine, and once I've worn them to death I just upgrade to another plain but safe pair. Anyway the sun had been a'shinin' that day and I just wasn't feeling black at all, so I huffed about not having enough colour in my life and donned the trusties that may have part of the heel coloured in a sharpie pen...
So that got me craving colour in my shoedrobe and thanks to bonbrix I found these beauts.

 photo bonprix_zps3d4f40de.jpg

Ok the brown wedges are hardly a kaleidoscope of brights but I liked them a lot and the wedge doesn't look too dangerous so I added them in. I just reckon all of these will be perfect for spring/summer, especially the blue block-heel sandals which look comfortable enough for holiday day wear and will also make my stumpy legs look longer.
Right, I'm off to slap on some tan so said stumpy legs will look better in heels!

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