Becoming one of those people

disco pants

Blouse: c/o Fashion Union
Disco Pants: American Apparel at Asos
Converse Brogues: Office but now £30 at Amazon
Bag: c/o Marc B

Yeah so I haven't rushed to Elveden to take these photos, they're actually a week old- I fail as a blogger. I've not a lot to say really! The Monday woes have crept in and I'm now sat on the sofa craving cake whilst Tom plays cod. I really do need a Harry Potter port key to take me to the Sainsburys bakery aisle whenever I please, to think that I could now be sat surrounded by choux buns is the stuff of dreams.
My love for cake has also persuaded me to join a gym - come payday tomorrow and I'll have become one of those folk who excercise. It's honestly something foreign to me so walking into a gym is going to be so daunting, I don't even know what to wear! Help me gym folk, to short or to trouser? Also if anyone can recommend any good classes I'm all ears.
And on a final note, my 1600 giveaway has officially ended and the winner is...(drumrolls)...Sophie!

1. Mod dolly denim dress // 2. Zara Studded Bag // 3. Motel Daisy Dress
4. Motel Paisley Playsuit // 5. Nars Sheer Glow // 6. Crown & Glory Bows
7. Large Hair Donut (only 99p!) // 8. Size? Converse

Ugh I hate not having a set payday, since I've started my new(ish) job my payday is whatever the last working day of the month is, so some months I have to wait forever and during this wait my browse happy hands like to scour the internet looking for wants needs. I've been wanting a pair of converse for yonks and got a brown winter pair during my weekend getaway to London in December but these mintys I found at size? look perfect for spring/summer. I'm also ridiculously in love with this denim dress from Mod Dolly and reckon the two could make quite the 90's pair.

Oh and apologies for the ridiculous sizing of my number bubbles, I've just previewed this post and all I can see is green blobs swimming before my eyes but sadly I've "merged" it now so it'll have to stay. Image editing will never be my forte.

Hope everyone's had a good week. IT'S FRIDAY! After a fun bout of squash in center parcs last weekend me and Thomas have decided to make it a "thing" so I'll be spending this weekend looking at cheap exercising clothes and telling myself that eating haribo is now ok.

Bank Fashion

bank fashion

The nearest Bank Fashion store to me is Milton Keynes which to be honest is somewhere I don't really like to shop purely because driving there is a mission in itself, it's full of company car drivers trying to push you off the road.
Moving on before I get into a rant about how the roundabouts aren't clearly marked, I always forget that Bank have a website which I can peruse in my own time without the hustle and bustle of city shoppers knocking me with their bags. I've had a browse today and the choices above are all now sat firmly on my summer wish list, as I said in my previous post dresses have come back into my life so it was only fair that they take up three places in my top six. I'm particularly fond of this tie dye number as not only are my upper arms a sore point in the wobble stakes they're also literally a sore point once the sun gets at my fair skin so the sleeves will hide sins as well as protecting me from the evil rays, a win win!

Have you seen anything you like on the Bank website? What do you think of my choices?


Polka Dots in the Forest

polka dot dress

Dress: Topshop
Boots: New Look (similar here)

I think I fell out of love with Topshop when I graduated uni, the lack of student loan/having to pay council tax stopped me from convincing myself that £35+ on a dress was ok and I then developed a bit of a high and mighty attitude towards the store. I'd scoff to whoever I was with at the time at their ever increasing price tags and feel smug that I was no longer part of the Topshop following.
This dress has changed all that. I don't really know what it is that I love so much about it, but once on I forget that I have dirty blonde lank hair and like to flounce around thinking I'm Zooey Deschanel in New Girl. I think somewhere amongst disco pants, a 90's grunge esque revival, and collared shirts my love of dresses got lost somewhere but with (hopefully) summer comes an appreciation for all things floaty and dresses are now at the forefront of my mind alongside cute videos of cats and waiting for my lives to increase on Candy Crush.

Anywayys these photo's were taken in Center Parcs where I've just travelled back from today, I took a few snaps so I'll upload them into a post but overall I had a rather lovely weekend away and developed a penchant for squash - even if it did give me booty pain.

Moroccanoil I Love You: Review

moroccanoil moroccanoil
The cheapest I can now find the 100ml bottle is £30.45 at Feelunique

I was one of those people who heard all the ravings and good things about Moroccanoil but stayed away because of the high price tag. Although as Jessie J says it isn't always about the money money money, sometimes you do need to treat yourself. Ok she didn't say that last bit, that was my subconscious.
Anyway it was Kayleigh's recommendation that finally pushed me into handing over my card digits to Lookfantastic about a month ago as I will be forever jealous of her hair. It was on offer at the time (125ml for the price of 100) and I found a 15% discount voucher so got it for £25 which I didn't think was too bad as I'd heard that it lasts forever.
I've been using Moroccanoil for over a month now and I can't imagine ever not using it. The website claims it nourishes, conditions, and brings to shine to your barnet and it has certainly delivered all three to my heat and bleach frazzled locks. I'm not sure about the smaller bottles but the larger sizes come with a pump so you have more control over how much you use, with this being an oil you definitely need to use sparingly as too much could result in a greasy looking "do". I tend to run it through my hair (starting mid length) before blowdrying which helps prevent frizz and definitely leaves you with a more manageable mane, then once my hair is dry I'll add more to the ends before topknotting or after straightening.
Another pro of Moroccanoil is the smell, I have a sensitive schnoz and tend to be put off products due to an overpowering scent but this just smells...well...gorgeous. It reminds me of holidays and I don't know why but I like it. So here's to the miraculous hair oil - may we have a long and prosperous relationship.

Revlon Lip Butter: Sweet Tart

revlon lip butter revlon lip beauty lip sweet tart

When I opted for a Lip Butter as my freebie in the awfulforyourpurse boots 3 for 2 deal I was planning on going for one of the new shades but ever the pink lover Sweet Tart is what I was drawn too, and I had to be speedy as makeup shopping when Tom is in the aisles tapping his feet can't be a lengthy process.
Anyway like all the Revlon Lip Butters, Sweet Tart is moisturising and easy to apply, it doesn't stick to any dryness and you can apply it in a rush without a mirror - wins. It is a lot more pigmented than the other two I own but you can apply lightly for a spring/summer daytime look or build it up for a bolder night time lip. I'm not too sure is the bolder colour suits my cool toned pale skin but I rather like the effect of a quick swipe.
I'd say Revlon are definitely my favourite "drugstore" brand and the lip butters are one of the reasons why, at £7.99 they're not as cheap as your rimmel or your barry m's of the lipstick world but definitely worth a purchase (or two).

Hair in a Yeah (and a bit)

I did a hair in a year post last year to document how and if my hair actually grows, as I suspect it gets to a certain length and then becomes stubborn. So I took a snap of myself yesterday and hair are the results (ho hum).

hair growth

To be honest I'm not that impressed with the length in a year, however my mane aim (I need to stop with these puns, I really do!) was to grow out the extra short layers that had to be cut in after the top half of my hair literally snapped off. With some hefty trims I managed to do this and I'm now happy with my thicker looking locks. Ish. I long for one of those totem styler things to get big n' bouncy waves.
So a bit of a short post really. And a bit of a selfish post, I'm sort of only writing this so that next year I can compare because contrary to what many a twitter chat says, sometimes bloggers do post for themselves - oooh controversial!

1600 Followers Giveaway!

real teqniques giveaway blog giveaway makeup brushes

Real Techniques Core Collection
Bioderma Sample Sizes

When I started writing this blog back in 2009 I never thought that eventually 1600 people would be reading it, I remember being astonished that 28 people were interested in what I had to say and regularly commenting. So this little giveaway is a thank you to everyone that takes the time to read/comment/and talk to me on twitter, you're all rather awesome.

To enter just fill out the rafflecopter widget thing below and comment with you're email address so I can stalk you if you win : )

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And thanks to everyone who entered my last giveaway, the winner was Grace, I've emailed you!

 photo homewarebargains_zps311f83d3.jpg

I thought I'd throw together some home goodz that have been bookmarked on le laptop for a while and make a pretty albeit cheap homeware post. I already have the white dresser (or one very similar), the rosebud duvet set and the jewellery tree but now I feel I need to own it all. Maybe I should just get all the dressing tables and line them up together to form some sort of mammoth gettingreadyroomatron. 
I just reckon you can get such nice ones on ebay that are a lot cheaper than the Ikea Hemnes table that seems to be doing the rounds.
Now I've put all this together I have the urge to look on rightmove at all the nice houses I can't afford because sitting in the dark on an evening, sorting the mansions in your area highest price first and pretending you're rich is not only completely sane but also quite fun!
Someday I will live in this house and surround myself with Chihuahuas crossed with Jack Russells and ginger cats. 

Denman Dressing Out Brush

 photo backcombbrush1_zps009fcfb0.jpg  photo backcombbrush2_zps3a4f85be.jpg  photo backcombbrush3_zpsb2281dfb.jpg
Denman Dressing Out Brush £4.29 at Boots
Or you can get a dupe from ebay for £1.24 here

Despite being incredibly static, once straightened out my hair is pretty fine/flat and I end up looking like Taylor from Hanson so I usually use plenty of spray or oomph powder to get some life into the roots. I'd tried backcombing before with a regular comb but it always just seemed to make a mess for an hour before returning to it's limp self an hour later. I'd seen a couple of bloggers mention this Denman Dressing Out Brush to get a bit more life into their roots so I decided to give it a whirl and I'm actually really impressed with it! As expected the brush works better on a non hairwash days but it gives life to my roots at the slippery just washed stage too. The photos above were taken 2 hours after washing my hair and it stayed like that all day, obis the brush didn't miraculously curl it, I used my ghds for that, but I backcombed the front two sections of hair, pulled them to the side, curvy gripped 'em in and I was good to go! The dressing out brush also works miracles with extensions, with my hair being so fine the snappy grips never hold onto my head and I always have that awkward moment when you're going about your business and find a stray 'stepson on your shoulder….By teasing about 1cm of hair away from my head with this before snapping the grips in I've found I can go a whole day without losing any fake hair, wins all round!

Rene Furterer Karite Intense Nourishing Mask

hair mask hair mask beauty beauty

I was asked by Escentual if I wanted to review a product from their French Pharmacy range and being the hair product junkie I've turned into I was all over the Rene Furterer mask and couldn't wait to slop it onto my dried out tresses.
The first thing I noticed about this product, and what makes it different to all the other hair masks I've tried, is the texture. Rather than a slimy, slippery conditioner this is actually more like a thick body butter as it consists mainly of shea butter and lovely conditioning oils. I was a bit hesitant to slap it on my hair at first but now I actually prefer the texture and it seems to waste less product.
The second thing that hit me was the smell. I'm useless at describing scents but it's lovely. It doesn't smell at all "hairdressery" and it's just enough to give you that waft during the day that makes you think to yourself, "what's that smell? Oh wait it's me, wins".
Like all hair masks the longer you leave this on for the better, the packaging suggests two to five minutes but I've found I get better results if I let it do it's magic for about twenty whilst I relax in the bath. I've used this a few times now alongside other prods to whip my hair into shape and it really has made a difference, although I have noticed I get sleeker locks if I leave my hair to dry naturally after using it but that could just be my extra static hair that hates the hairdryer - Infact this is probably the case, I used to refuse to let anyone see my blowdried lion hair and hated having it done in a salon for this very reason.
So overall me and my shoulder length do are happy. You can buy the Rene Furterer Karite mask at Escentual and it costs £21.60 at the moment for 200ml which does seem pricey but for the amount of product you get and the swell results I'd be willing to shell out on it as a treat.

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