Benefit Confessions of a Concealaholic

benefit makeup beauty erase paste medium confessions of a concealaholic
(left boi-ing 01, right 02)

I'm a massive benefit fan and wanted to get my grubby mitts on this little kit for yonks, so when Asos were doing a 25% off way back before christmas I rubbed my mitts together in glee like a creepy mastermind.
Confessions of a concealaholic retails at £28.50 before any cheeky discount codes and consists of

That Gal (7.5 ml- full size 11ml)
Erase Paste in medium (3.2 g- full size 4.4)
Boi-ing 01 & 02 (both 1.3 g- full size 3.0)
Lemon aid (0.9 g - full size 2.70)
Eye bright (0.9g - full size 1.4)

I'm a sucker for a brightening product and I'm always on a quest to make myself look bright eyed and bushy tailed on a morning when I usually feel the opposite. That being said my high hopes for this palette weren't met as much as I'd have liked which isn't down to the products themselves but the choice of shades and the packaging. In their full size counterparts both lemonaid and boi-ing are in airtight packaging making the product creamier and less drying, I get that it's difficult to merge these together into one travel friendly palette but the cardboard box esque packaging of confessions of a concealerholic just makes both chalky and dry. The same goes for eye bright really, I'm not sure if the full size pencil has a lid but it seems to have set in pan form making it difficult to get at with the brush.
I'm a fan of mixing a bit of that gal with my foundation and erase paste is one helluva concealer but unfortunately it's a little bit dark on me - can't blame benefit for that though, the finger points at my ghostlike skin tone!
Overall I wasn't as impressed with this as I have been with other benefit kits, they can usually do no wrong in my book but I kind of feel like I built this up in my mind to be something it just isn't. Sigh.

Obsessing over Kevin Bacon

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Cream Blouse: c/o Fashion Union
Lace Skater Skirt: River Island at Asos
Boots: c/o Fashion Union

It's been a typical Sunday in the Wren household today, woke up late, had a quick trip to Sainsburys (I feel I'm cheating on Asda but it's closer now, sigh), stopped off at boots, and now I'm already settled down on the sofa for a night of Kevin Bacon in The Following. We were planning on going out for food but then the idea of buying a feast of snacks for a night in front of the telly for half the price of a meal out seemed more appealing, this seems to be happening a lot lately, probably a telltale sign I'm becoming elderly.
So yes. Paprika Pringles and Kevin, wins. Oh and I bought a new wardrobe yesterday....I. am. old.

Next weekend should be a bit more rawkus for me, I'm finally dropping the hermit title I've adapted recently to go for a night on the razz with Katy, Kim, & Claire , I canny wait! Although I have nothing to wear. And I'm running out of fake tan. Woe is me.

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Review

avene cleanser skincare cleanser

Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser £8.00

Everytime I've tried a different cleanser (which to be fair isn't that often as I'm useless at keeping up a skincare routine) I end up kicking myself, my skin is hyper sensitive and pretty much anything I whack on it leaves me blotchy, itchy, and dry. I was talking to a girl at work who used to be a skincare consultant about my skin woes and she recommended Avene, I'd heard of the brand before but hadn't really looked into it and definitely didn't realise it was aimed at those sensitive skinned Susans like me.
I bought the Extremely Gentle Cleanser about 4 weeks ago and have been using it daily since, it has minimal ingredients to prevent reactions but still does a good job of removing the daily grub of life off your face, and the lack of fragrance/oil makes it the perfect cleanser for me.

The only thing that isn't 100% is it's ability to get eyemakeup off, although I'm willing to sacrifice this for a less harsh product. With this particular cleanser all you have to do is massage it in, wipe off with a cotton pad and you're good to go -no faffing around with water,cloths etc.

Overall I'm really pleased with this product, it makes my skin feel soft without any irritation and I think I've found a chum in Avene.

Boohoo #Globalstyler

boohoo skater dress

Floral Skater Dress: c/o Boohoo
Shoes: Soyoushoes 

When Rosie from boohoo got in touch and asked if I wanted to feature something as part of their #globalstyler campaign I obvs jumped at the chance. I've become more and more impressed with boohoo recently, they have some amazing "out out" dresses all for overdraft friendly prices that actually  stand the test of time. I chose this floral number as I don't think I'll ever have enough skater dresses and 3/4 length sleeves are my upper arm's best friend - anything that disguises wobble whilst at the same time hides the streaky part of fake tan is a win with me!

Global Styler gives boohoo fans a chance to win a holiday to a destination of choice (I'd so go back to Cancun) by downloading the speech bubble and snapping themselves in their hometown/city, pretty simple non? More info can be found here so get your skates over there and give it a go!

Oh and I wish my legs looked like this forever, sadly my footballers thighs were off enjoying a 10 minute mini break during the taking of these photos but as soon as the mammoth heels were kicked off they were back. Right, off to watch Corrie, tis what Mondays are made of.

I remember we were driving, driving in your car, then the clutch failed and we were stuck on the A50


Skirt: £12 Boohoo
T Shirt: £9.99 Newlook
Shoes: Primark (old)

So yeah my rubbish car failed once again, last year I shelled out over 1k on repairs and yesterday the clutch decided to completely give out on a dual carridgeway on route to Stoke. Brilliant. I'm now debating whether to keep it (it's a rather pretty cream mini) or just cut my losses, although in a year the clutch, radiator, and starter motor have all gone so what's left now to go wrong?

Moan over, I like this skirt a lot and for a measly £12 you can't really go wrong so I'm obvs already debating the other colours ready for the spring. I'm not liking my hair an awful lot though, it just seems to have gone all, well, bleurgh. I've been toying with the idea of using an ombre kit on it to hide the fact my roots are horiffic but my hair's already in need of some serious tlc so I reckon anymore lightening may just push it over the edge and out of my scalp.

I'm at a bit of a loss now as to what to type as the majority of my weekend has been spent chastising myself for never getting breakdown cover. I can hear my stomach rumbling so the plan for this evening is scrambled eggs & spaghetti on toast (just call me Nigella), a bath, some fake tan, and a lot of blog reading. T'ra!

Mac Gleam Eyeshadow: Current Favourite

mac gleam eyeshadow mac lustre eyeshadow mac makeup

I would never in a million years pick a pink eyeshadow for myself. Actually I lie, I'm pretty sure when I was 12 I had a pink shade from some £2.00 palette that I loved and was distraught when it cracked. I digress, when I had my pre wedding makeover appointment at mac and the lady put this down in front of me I think I actually sniffed in disgust. Glittery and pink was not how I imagined my preened and flawless wedding face to look.
I had to eat my words (or thoughts as I'm not that horrid!). Whilst gleam looks a bit too pink in the pan, out of it it transforms into a shimmery peachy pink with a rather pretty gold shimmer running throughout. Being a lustre finish it isn't overly pigmented so you do have to really pack it onto the lid but the result is amazing and it has great staying power. I'm going to use a hideous cliche here and say it makes my blue eyes "pop" but tis true! It really compliments my pale skin tone and along with a peachy blush and a nude lipstick I had a natural "english rose" wedding face that I'd never have thought to go for before if it wasn't for the nice Mac girl.

She Fell Over

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Dress: Mela Loves London at Newlook (but I've spied it for 17.99 here - gutted as I paid more!)
Brogues: Primark

Apologies for my absence, since moving into my house in January I still don't have any internet and have been surviving by tethering my phone, which can become quite difficult when you have no signal! Hopefully wifi will be within my grubby paw's reach in a week or so, that is if EE act faster than they do on the phone, 25 minutes I was on hold for the other day! If I hear Katy Perry The One That Got Away one more time I won't be responsible for my actions...

Also, apologie central for the bad photos, I had a pendant light casting a yellow glow in my face thanks to the lack of natural light in England today, and with that true to form it has just started sleeting. Brilliant.

Anyways I bought this dress in Newlook yesterday whilst shopping with a bud, it was a bit more than I'd usually spend so I wasn't actually going to buy it but she made me. Literally pushed me to the counter and got my card out for me. Ok I lie, but it was a bit of a kick in the teeth when I saw it for £17.99 on ebay. Sigh. Hope everyone's had a lovely weekend, and to those who love trashy tv as much as I do, did you see Emma fall down the stairs in Take Me Out last night? My favourite bit was the WHY ME. I can relate, three times in public in one night is my record.

Hunting For Witches

Photobucket Photobucket

Peter Pan Blouse: c/o Mina uk
Disco Pants: American Apparel via Asos
Blazer: River Island
Shoes: Primark

Hello! I'd written this whole blog entry plan for this week which clearly went out the window as I haven't posted ergo I am rubbish. I was sent this blouse from Mina uk a while ago and got so caught up in the general hustle and bustle of life that I completely forgot to blog about it which is silly as I love it. A lot. I find a lot of my tops are a bit too revealing for the ol' DP's, I don't want to flash upper arm and reveal my thighs to the world so long sleeved collar tops make the perfect partners in my eyes.

Oh wow, completely off subject but as I write this I'm watching a repeat of an old Charmed episode (something I've never watched in my life) and it's so bizarre...a man is shrinking people, setting them in clay and "collecting" them for "one of a kind figurines". Were all the episodes this creepy?!

Anyways I've had quite a nice weekend, Tom's dad and nephew came for a little visit and we ate a rather tasty chicken korma and played some kart racing, granted not the stuff of adventurers but we live a way away from our families so it's nice when we get visitors, especially now we have an actual house! I'm planning on spending the rest of my Sunday videoing myself in the form of a 25 facts video (yeah yeah overdone but I likes 'em) and watching The Witches which I've just seen is on channel 5 later. I'll admit I let out a woop.

Also, my hair isn't actually this long. I wish it was. This is fake.

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