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Sequin Bow: Crown and Glory

Yes I'm writing a whole post on one hair bow but alas, care I do not as I'm in love! I'd had my peepers out on the highstreet for a sequin bow fit for a donut topknot for a while, I even purchased a couple from New Look in the hope to squish my soft spot for sequins but the yearning was still there.
That is, until I purchased this sparkling beaut from Crown and Glory for a mere £3. It's the perfect size for my little bundle of hair perched on top of my head but as soon as I get some much awaited growth i'ma size up to the medium.

I haven't been asked by anyone to shout my love for the brand like a portly town crier and I know pretty much anyone that reads this will have no doubt purchased something from there before, I just reckon Sophie has a darn good shop full of ridiculously pretty accessories that'll make any barnet bearable so go forth and have a look see!

Right, off now for a night on the sofa with the ginge and the soaps. Gail Platt/Tilsley will always make me feel ill.

Que no pare la fiesta

sequin t shirt sequin black skater skirt

Sequin Top: Missguided
Black Skater Skirt: Boohoo
Lace Shoeboots: So You Shoes

Golly it seems like forever since I last pranced around in front of my tripod to take some outfit photos! Apologies for the lotsgoingon in the snaps, after failing to take photos in my garden I spent ages roaming around my new(ish) house trying to find a hint of a blank wall but this was the best I could do, I feel the feature wall is taking some of my glory away though : /

This outfit was actually meant to be minus the tights and plastered with fake tan for my sister's 30th birthday shindig last night, I actually bought the outfit especially, however thanks to my silly stomach and having some man open it up and prod around my innards I'm a bit unmobile and couldn't attend. Sad face. Even taking these was a bit of an effort - the things I do for my little blog!

So yeah thanks to said man this week has pretty much been spent in a onesie festering on the sofa whilst the rest of the world went about their business, I forged a strong relationship with both Jeremy Kyle and the Loose Women and said a sad farewell to Big Brother. I also came to the realisation that my hair has stopped growing again and has turned into a big dry frizzy mess so bought myself a (hopefully) decent hair mask - any recommendations on the hair mask front? I went with a Redken one from lookfantastic as it was 25% off but I'm always on the hunt for more.

Right, I'm off now to toddle back to the sofa to catch up on all the blog action I've missed.

Mac Lipstick: Milan Mode

mac milan mode milan mode lipstick mac lipstick mac milan mode swatch

Milan Mode is my latest lipstick to add to my small but loved mac collection. I went to the counter wanting a vibrant bright pink and that's exactly what I got when I got my mitts on this. As I'm not usually a bold lipped gal I was drawn to the lustre finish which gives the lips a glossier, more sheer feel and the colour is buildable giving you freedom to be as toned down or as bold as you like.
You can't really see from the swatch but it has tiny (miniscule) glitter/shimmer particles that make it great for a night out as they really "come to life" one the colour is built up.

In my opinion this colour would look great on pale skinned patricias like myself and tanned Tanyas alike, and not to be all Trinny & Susanna but I'm planning on next wearing this with an all black ensemble (yes I said ensemble) on my next night out out to brighten up a hopefully slimming outfit!

A Post About Underwear

Everybody wants to wear figure flattering fashions, especially when it comes to underwear. There’s nothing more confidence-boosting than wearing underwear that holds you in all the right places as well as showing off your best bits. If Gok goes by this, then so do I!

The Body Shaper 
Body-shaping underwear is fantastic for hugging your figure – long gone are the days when body shaping bras and knickers were only available in boring beige shades. Nowadays you’ll find body-sculpting knickers, bras and bodices in an array of lacy, raunchy and exciting colours – think siren reds and exquisite lace detailing as well as floral embroidery and mesh panelling. It’s the perfect way to feel gorgeous and comfortable in your own skin.

Push up and gel bras
Who says you can’t fake it a little? If you want to accentuate what you've been given then a push up bra is undeniably the easiest way to achieve this. Again, it’s all in the textures so opt for lace, satin or sheer fabrics. Studs and rhinestones have made a striking comeback and we’re starting to see this trend take firm place in some underwear styles.

If, when you think of dressing gowns your mind conjures up images of fluffy, bulky pyjamas then think again – this season it’s all about the sultry kimono! Embrace your daring side and opt for a lace kimono that would look amazing thrown on after a shower or opt for silk and satin materials if you want to keep covered up and stay pretty at the same time.

Retro Appeal
Styles and trends come around every forty years or so. That said, if you’re after a vintage, retro appeal to your underwear, why not look back to the 1970s for some inspiration?

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My Second Christmas

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My parents live in Spain and my sister is a 2 1/2 hour drive away so we don't often get to spend time together as a family. This year Moms & Pops decided to re create Christmas in a barn conversion buried within the peak district which is where I've spent the last few days. We stayed at Smalldale Hall Barn and I had an awesome time eating, drinking, and getting too competitive with board games - I'd highly recommend keeping away from Cranium if you hate loosing even the slightest bit!
The weather obviously knew it was Christmas 2, the snow this past week has been a bit mental hasn't it? Luckily it was only a short walk to the pub and my trusty uggs kept me toasty during a mammoth snowball fight, a snowball fight where Thomas hit me square in the face, no spouse loyalties in this household!
So yes, all in all a great cosy weekend and I'm now sat in my freezing little house watching Jeremy Kyle wishing I could go back!

Review: Benefit Away we Glow

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Two things that spring to mind when I think of Benefit are their kitsch packaging and their ability to pull off a good Christmas gift. This year was no different as they seemed to throw cute little packages of cosmetic goodness at us in abundance and therefore made Christmas easy for both me and my sister. Great minds obviously thought alike as we both ended up buying each other Benefit goodies, whilst she unwrapped Upgrade to Gorgeous I was tearing into Away we Glow and huffing that her wrapping was better than mine.

Away we Glow is a great little kit featuring a whole lotta items in one making it perfect for travelling, something I'm guessing the guys n gals at benefit thought of when branding it. Rather than waffling on about the palette as a whole I'm seperating this here review into the different products within it. Soooo

Coralista Blush: A pretty coral (duh) blush perfect for spring/summer. I'd wanted to try this for yonks but didn't want to shell out the 23.50 for a full size if the colour was going to be too bright on my pale
skin. It isn't. It's lovely and peachy and pinky and I don't think it will be leaving my face anytime soon.

Eyeshadows: I've been using the two darker shades the most for work (which I actually just typed as worky by mistake, gross) and the lightest shade for inner corner action, all the shadows are buildable and long lasting with a nice soft finish.

Life on the A List Lip Shine: I'm not a massive lip gloss girl as I just end up getting annoyed when my hair sticks to it. That being said I've only used this once but the colour was noticeable without being too bright and it had a sheer finish. It was quite sticky but most lipglosses are.

Bad Gal Mascara: Oh bad gal, I'm a fan of thee and always will be. They're Real has tried to theive my affection but I'll always love your huge brush. Full review here.

High Beam: Again, another love. If you want your cheekbones to be more noticeable and like a dewy finish to your skin then try this.

Sun Beam: Another highlighter but this is perfect for winter fake tanned/summer actual tanned skin. Whenever I think of fake tan I always hear that girl from Sorority Girls in my head, "Then another layer of fake tan, then i hairdry my bodddehh", if you know what I'm on about lemme know so I don't feel like a freak.

So thats that, on a non beauty note I'm off to watch Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents and by the time I get enough signal to upload this (the wonders of tethering) it'll probably be over and I'll probably be all cringed out.

Barry M 146: Dolly Pink

lipstick barry m barry m pink lipstick cosmetics barry m 146 swatch pink lipstick
Barry M 146: Dolly Pink

It's no great revelation that I'm a big fan of Barry M, I prefer their nail polish over models own and I'm fast becoming a fan of their lip paints having previously kept away after being told they're drying. After a bit o' research it seems the texture can vary between lipsticks but the three I have seem fine!

Dolly Pink is pretty much what the name suggests, a bright vibrant pink perfect for a night out and I've found brightens up an all black outfit really well! It's not overly matte and glides onto the lips well, it can also be added over a lip balm for a more glossy finish.

The only thing that's slightly annoying about these is Bazza's choice of nameing/numbering, some websites refer to the lipsticks by the number and some by the name so if you're looking for swatches prior to buying it can get pretty confusing. It also seems to attract ginger cats which can be an issue if you're more of a dog person.

Philosophy Body Scrub: Pure Grace

philosophy skincare philosophy scrub skincare scrub

I was sent this philosophy scrub to review a while back but due to the move/lack of internet it's taken a while for me to get it up on the blog, which has actually given me a long old time to give a tried and tested review and I can tell you my verdict is....WINS.

The Pure Grace scrub has hot footed it up to the top of my favourite exfoliators, I'm not an avid skincare user (I know, bad blogger!) but I do have to make sure I exfoliate my skin before tanning as I can turn into a bit of a scaly sally in the winter and using a scrub stops my fake tan going all patchy and gross. This does the trick far better than other scrubs out there and the rather lovely smell actually manages to hide some of the biscuity fake stench, always a plus. It's a gorgeous fresh scent that leaves you smelling super clean, it's not fruity and not sweet but I can only describe it as, well, clean. 

The scrub itself is also oil free making it great for the summer months when our skin may be a little more moist (ew!) due to the heat, and gives such a smooth finish on the ol' pins that even I might be tempted to go bare legged this year!

And finally the packaging, oh the packaging. Usually I'm a sucker for kitsch but the product description has done it for me this time, what's not to like about something that calls you beautiful and radiant? It's like having your own personal magic mirror without having to actually see a makeup-less reflection in the morning. I'm not complaining about the size either, granted it might not be best to take travelling but  a whopping 652g will keep you squeaky clean for a long old time!

Casually dressed and deep in conversation

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Jumper: c/o Sheinside
Disco Pants: American Apparel
Shoes: Converse

I'm a reet Casual Casandra lately, although moving house and plenty of packing/cleaning calls for casual really. This jumper was actually sent to me before Christmas and I realise I'm doing the whole winter jumper thing a bit late but it's just so comfy. The shoes were a spur of the moment purchase whilst trekking around London last month, they're trainers, I haven't worn trainers since Secondary School!
This ensemble is actually a trip to Sainsburys to buy cleaning products outfit so Im a bit of a cheaty blogger but my clothes are all currently in suitcases, cardboard boxes, and a funky smelling washing machine. Plus it wasn't just any visit to Sainsburys, this visit included a ride on....THE TRAVELATOR. I was a little bit gutted when it didn't turn out to be this one and was infact merely a glorified escalator but still, I can now say I've entered the fruit and veg aisle in style.

I'm now off to drink a brew in the new living room and settle down to CBB. Anyone else fascinated by Heidi & Spencer? I just want them to spend a whole episode talking about the hills.

Late night booty calls, shiny disco balls

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Sequin collar shirt: Glamorous (house of fraser)
Disco Pants: American Apparel (asos)
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: New Look

I did it. I caved and bought the AA disco pants, and I'm not sorry. Not one bit. I actually bought them a few weeks ago and have worn them oh so much but due to the awful weather it's always been bad lighting and I haven't managed to snap away. In my defence I did wait until Asos had a 25% discount code going so I managed to snag them for £52.50 which, considering a lot of the dupes are around the 30 mark, isn't too bad non? But yeah anyone suffering from the "shall I shan't I" debate with these should deffs go with shall, they're awesome. One last snippet of disco pant info though - they do give so don't be dissolutioned into thinking you've piled on the pounds if they come up a bit tight at first. I'm a size 10 so went with the smalls and I really struggled doing them up at first but after a few wears they're fine.

Enough outfit talk, 'tis the New Year! I reckon the majority of people will be busy tucking into another roast and watching the last bits of festive tv with a brew or two, and I'm sat here feeling very jealous of you people as once I'm up and out of this onesie I'll be packing my flat into boxes ready for the move at the weekend. Even though I feel like crap (the ush winter gripes, sore throat etc) I'm actually really excited as despite this sounding extra corny it does feel like a new year new start sorta thing as I'll have a new house and a new job come Monday! So this year, rather than sweating the summer away in a first floor flat I'll now be bbq-ing with the best of 'em whilst Theo can roam around freely and for this I am content.

Hope everyone else had fun celebrating last night!

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