Win £50 to spend at Inlovewithfashion

So the lovely folk at Inlovewithfashion have offered one of my readers £50 to spend in store which I'm incredible jealous of as they have an awesome sale on at the moment. I've had a browse tonight and I'd probably be tempted to buy all of these below, I actually have the long sleeved playsuit in black and it's so comfortable and flattering for a night out.

 photo inlovewithfashioncomp_zps180f2a62.jpg

All you have to do to enter is compete the little rafflecopter thing below : ) One of the entries is to link your favourite inlovewithfashion item - go to the site by clicking here

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree

christmas decorations festive decorations christmas tree christmas snow tipped tree festive

Firstly apologies for my awful photos, my dslr decided to stop it's autofocus from working so I had to make do with my phone camera. Luckily the kind people at Curry's replaced the camera so normal photos shall resume as of tomorrow. So this year me and Thomas decided to live life on the edge and invest in a new tree as ours had become "gappy" and the cat had pawed at one too many branches, this one was a bit of a steal from Tesco at £35 - I really wanted a frosted one and most of them were around £70 so as soon as I saw this it was trolled without a second thought. Anyway once we had the tree it was time to set the evening aside to decorate the house and listen to Christmas music so I donned my onesie, lit the caramel yankee candle, and blasted out the tunes. I feel I'm showing my age in saying this but I actually prefer cosy nights in to nights on the town going cray to Pitbull recently, I just can't cope with all the pretty youthfulls looking better than me! Luckily a survey by Ladbrokes Bingo showed that 70% of women prefer a girls night in so I feel better knowing I'm not the only one reaching for a brew rather than a glass of wine! All I need now to complete my christmassy living room is this Merry Marshmallow candle which I've been wanting for ages, as soon as payday hits it's going to make a sneaky appearance in my ebay basket : )

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Christmas Out Out Outfits

christmas dresses

Outfit 1: Top // Shorts // Clutch // Shoes
Outfit 2: Dress // Lipstick // Shoes
Outfit 3: Dress // Clutch // Shoes

I want to be invited to a christmas party or some other sort of festive shindig so I can go wild with money I don't have and buy one of these outfits. Every year I say I'm going to get a sequinned dress and every year my wardrobe remains sequin dress-less. I'm in love with this Gabby dress from Motel,  the iridescent green version is a vision of beauty too but chances are I'd get the chance to wear it once in fifty years - I'm hardly the party animal. The other dress and the spangly top are both from coast which I always thought was for mature evening / bridesmaid dresses but after having a peruse tonight there's a few more items that have made my mental wish list!
And my last love, the sequinned clutch. I reckon if you're a bit apprehensive of turning yourself into a disco ball in the name of festive frivolity then accessorising with sparkles is the way to go and this clutch is such a bargain! Plus it has a shoulder strap so you don't have to be a single handed Susan (kudos to those who get the reference) all night.

So these are my picks for this year, would you wear any of these for a night on the razzle this month?

A chilly eve's wishlist

cosy nights in

I'm actually writing this curled up in a new pair of pj bottoms and wrapped up in my dressing gown (or housecoat?!), the cat was curled up next to me to create the ultimate cosy picture but he ran off, no doubt to go and rub his face on Tom's shoes. Everything on this list would make me a very happy and warm gal, I clearly seem to have a thing for rabbits but the pyjamas and slippers are adorable, I think I might have had a pretty similar pair when I was younger but the dog always ended up chewing on them. I also LOVE the onesie and the pjs, I do actually have a boohoo onesie already and it's probably one of the cosiest I own (I may have 4...), it's also not gone all funny and bobbly in the wash like the Primark ones do.
The pyjamas might be a little higher budget wise but I can't say no to something if they have bunnies printed all over them! These are from Figleaves and there's so many gorgeous pyjamas on that site, I just want to live in pjs...

I've had a pretty busy couple of weeks / weekends. I had New York followed by work, then family staying over followed by more work, and this weekend I'm heading up t'north to dish out presents to my family which is always a bit manic if not a little awkward - I only see most of them once a year so polite chit chat will prevail and I'll no doubt be told all the same stories all over again by the more elderly relatives!

 I do get to see the sister though which is nice.
With all this going on I cannot wait for Sunday where I'm going to do nothing but laze around all day watching christmas films, burning candles, and drinking tea. I say this every year but the Santa Claus movie with Dudley Moore will always be my festive favourite!

Hurry up with my damn croissants

 photo lovegreendress1_zps2a332ac0.jpg  photo lovegreendress2_zpsf1263fa8.jpg  photo lovegreendress5_zps689d935d.jpg  photo lovegreendress4_zps75928b2b.jpg

Dress: c/o In Love With Fashion
Blazer: River Island (similar here)
Boots: Ebay

I never buy things in green. I'm not too sure why. Perhaps it's because I associate it with Rik Mayall or perhaps its because I live in fear I'll look like a cucumber. I do like this green dress though, not just because it's pretty and lacy but also because it hangs over protruding body parts hiding a multiple of sins and will be perfect to smuggle a Christmas dinner under.
Speaking of Christmas dinners, I learnt today that my team at work are all going out for lunch to celebrate the occasion to a chinese. I'm all for a sweet and sour ball but not for a Christmas meal! Silly Sallys.

More Silly Sallys can be found below, this video has done the rounds yonks ago but someone on my Facebook wall posted it earlier and I chuckled...GIDEON

Ok I smashed your Corolla

 photo fashionunionshirt1_zps5e80407e.jpg  photo fashionunionshirt2_zps5d4dd7c7.jpg  photo fashionunionshirt3_zpse91bfbd9.jpg  photo fashionunionshirt4_zps73fd56d9.jpg

Leopard Shirt: c/o Fashion Union
Disco Pants: American Apparel
Boots: Ebay
Bowler: h&m

So for the first time in a long time I'm not forcing you to view my legs and instead went for something a little more androgynous with the whole shirt and hat combo. I love how this fashion union shirt isn't too fitted but is cropped enough not to look like something worn by Tom from big bro circa 2011.
And to change the subject, IT'S DECEMBER. I even went wild and bought a new christmas tree this year along with some odd/ugly trinkets from tesco and a light up tree topper. Sadly I haven't been that wild with my gifts, last minute present shopping has sent originality packing this year and I'll be giving the ol' cliched gifts to the fam. To be honest though I'd actually be really pleased with "smellies", people never get them anymore in the fear they're not being quirky enough and I miss them. Bring back talk!

Right I'm off to watch drifters - my Facebook is full of hate for the show but I love it!

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Thanksgiving Outfit

 photo shelikesplaysuit1_zpsa2c53acd.jpg  photo shelikesplaysuit2_zps5f8c6ab1.jpg  photo shelikesplaysuit3_zpsf8a3e498.jpg

Playsuit: c/o She Likes
Boots: Ebay

I actually took these photos before I left for New York as I just knew I had to wear this playsuit for thanksgiving as, well, it has my name! Turns out it was absolutely freezing there so I teamed this with a bright yellow furry cardigan that resembled Big Bird which I felt was quite apt for the occasion. I love this wine colour and always find I'm drew to it as the colder months draw in, and another plus is that it's currently 30% off at the moment if you enter BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout, festive wins all around!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend, it feels mad that I left the hotel yesterday morning clutching a Dunkin' Donuts mint hot chocolate and only just got back today, I took a zillion photos and spent (and probably put on) what felt like a zillion pounds so expect a photo heavy post soon, but for now I'm going to cuddle Theo and watch the x factor results....I didn't ever think I'd be saying this but Luke Friend to win!
Skimlinks Test

Why do they always show close ups of drinks being poured on Made in Chelsea?

 photo pussycatlondon1_zps191c96ab.jpg  photo pussycatlondon2_zpscfea1b52.jpg  photo pussycatlondon3_zps49d5bd36.jpg

Dress: c/o Pussycat London
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Boots: Ebay

Ugh it's Monday, the weekends go way too quickly for me, one minute I'm watching monsters inc wearing some snazzy 3d glasses whilst munching on a kit lat chunky and the next my alarm's going off at 6:33 am. I swear someone speeds up time on a Saturday and Sunday.
Anyway here is a new dress which I like a lot. It's that perfect dress that can be worn for work and out of work providing no one from the office spies me and thinks I have no clothes! You can't see from these snaps but it has a tie around the waist that does up at the back which makes the skater skirt even more floaty and flowy and helps accentuate a waist if you have one, in my case it just sort of sits on it.
This particular little number is £25 from Pussycat London but they've also got a sale on at the mo with some lovely dresses for £17, I've set my sights on a paisley lace one for any festivities that may come my way this year!

And on a completely unrelated note, I need hair tool suggestions. I'm currently curling my hair with ghd's - anyone know of something that holds a curl in a bit better or is quicker to do? I'm after beachy waves like this person here. Suggestions much appreciated : )

Date Night: Burgers at Buddies

 photo buddies1_zpsf66b1a5d.jpg  photo buddies3_zps62918df1.jpg  photo buddies5_zps07507ec9.jpg  photo buddies4_zps69b1ed6d.jpg

A couple of weeks ago me and Tom managed to get a bit of time together (a rarity when your boyfriend husband works in a pub) so we decided to don our winter warmers and have a stroll around the town fair. Obvs it was full of screaming children and cheesy happy hardcore music so we left pretty quickly and just happened to find ourselves in my favourite local chain Buddies.

There's now eight of these American style diners around Northamptonshire but on a quiet weekday evening the one in the town centre has to be my favourite, tucked on a backstreet between two other restaurants it's a cosy little haven of junk food goodness with a burger menu that can be confused for a novella. Mine in the photo is one of their "shrek" burgers which consists of a beef and a southern fried chicken burger topped with garlic mayo and lettuce, I swear I put on the pounds just looking at it but it felt so right. Tom had some sort of pulled pork wonder and despite the Sundae menu looking incredible (I'm now drooling over "mint stint) we were both too stuffed to contemplate desert so let our stomachs settle with a cheeky milkshake.

The prices at Buddies are pretty decent too and for me it wins every time over tgi's or any other similar style of eats, I think for all of this plus drinks we spent under £30, and you get some rather snazzy paraphernalia to look at whilst chowing down! We ended the night with a drink in the oh so classy lloyds and came back home to watch Karl Pilkington befriend a weird looking boy with too much plastic surgery. So overall a fab night!

So if you're ever in the area then deffs give it a go, or if you just want some food porn then have a peep at the never ending menu here

This post isn't sponsored, I just like food. A lot. 

Winter Wishlist

 photo beautyfavouritescc_zpse1e895fb.jpg

With only a mere 264 hours (not that I'm counting...) until I venture to the USA for the first time in my life, I decided to make a sort of visual list of products I want to buy. I can't believe November has come around so quickly, when we booked the holiday way back in March it seemed a lifetime away but now with just over a week to go I'm dreaming of beauty products and American style desserts. I'm just not looking forward to the flight much, last time I "did" long haul to Mexico it seemed never ending and the girl in front of me just had to recline her seat all the way back....

I actually stalked all of these for the prices in dollars and couldn't believe how much cheaper everything is. Actually I was looking at the real techniques brushes too and all the face ones are around £5 each! Just shows how expensive our little isle is. It's been decided I must buy Rockateur, I already have sugarbomb but it needs a little boxy friend.

Sorting out money to travel with has been a bit more complicated that I thought it'd be, it only dawned on me the other day that taking a wad of cash probably isn't the best idea and I didn't realise debit cards charged for a percentage of every transaction abroad either. So my options were either to sort myself out with a credit card for security or buy one of those pre paid things that are similar to old school travellers cheques, there's lots of credit card deals out there but I've left it a bit late to sort one now so I've gone with the latter.

Any tips for a New York newby? After all my research my money tip for anyone going overseas would be to check your bank account a few times during your trip to make sure you're on top of any unwanted charges. Oh and check the weather before you go, I booked the "starlight cruise" then realised it's going to be around 2 degrees at night time, other than that I'm all ears to your suggestions!

My hat makes me look like Mr Ben

Dress: c/o Chi Chi
Bowler: h&m
Boots: Ebay

Looking at these photos is blinding me, oh how I'm in need of a dollop or two of fake tan on these here pasty arms. I guess it makes the dress look even more christmassy though so maybs I should just embrace it.
Anyway this dress is from Chi Chi who actually have a sale on at the moment, I love how their skater dresses aren't hoochie mama short and I'm eyeing up the Bryana Dress which is now a mere £19! I've just looked at my last Chi Chi post, clearly I'm drawn to bedazzled shoulders which is probably a subconscious rebel against the fact I used to have oversized bulky ones - I was a mean butterfly swimmer.

So it's Tuesday! In the mind of us 9-5ers that means it's one day until Wednesday which is half way through the week and therefore closer to Friday...and by my count that's around 30 work cups of tea until the weekend. Anyone got anything exciting planned so I can live vicariously though you? Tom's working for most of it so I'll be playing with my new camera and trying to force the cat to snuggle with me on the sofa. He just won't do it though. Silly claustrophobic cat.

Perfume Review: Marc Jacobs Dot

marc jacobs dot dot

I know this fragrance has been around for an age, and I actually bought and photographed this back in June when I bought it from the duty free store at the airport, but I thought I'd give it a few weeks of use before I reviewed it. So er... 5 months later and here it is!
I already own Daisy and always a sucker for packaging I'd had my eye on dot ever since it's release date in summer '12. My perfume preference is probably quite similar to a 15 year olds, I like sweet and fruity scents and always swoon over the smell of a hollister store!
So that being said Dot is a definite win for me, the top notes are a mixture of berries, honeysuckle, dragon fruit, coconut water, and orange blossom and the fruitiness hits you instantly on the first sniff. It's definitely a sweeter scent than it's sister Daisy and in my opinion it's a bit less overpowering and definitely more wearable if we're talking day to day.

Dot has great staying power too, I tend to spritz myself at about 7:30 and I can still smell it lingering around at 12, after two ish hours the top notes tend to die down and you're left with a mixture of it's base notes - vanilla, driftwood, and musk. For me this is fine but if you're not into musky scents then it might be worth topping up to keep it fruity.

Price wise it isn't the cheapest of perfumes, mine's the 100ml bottle and the cheapest I've just managed to find it is on escentual for £57.80, so my advice would be sample it during a shopping trip - spray yourself at the beginning of the day and see how it fares up whilst you're shopping, always works for me!

Selling My DSLR: Cannon 1100d

Edit - Now sold!

canon dslr canon 1100 1100d

I've had this camera for a year and I'm thinking of parting with some funds to upgrade, so I'm selling my 1100d for £200 and thought I'd list it here before it gets ebayed.

If you're interested comment below or drop me an email:

The Jumper & Skirt Combo

newlook skirts

The jumper and skirt combo is something that I always think looks great on other people and on the creepy mannequins in shops but it's never something I've attempted myself. With the weather getting chillier and my cheap ballet pumps being shoved to the bank of my shoe cupboard I'm now lusting after snug footwear and cosy knitwear. After being contacted by the lovely Tasha for Newlook to have a peruse of their offerings I'm loving both of these skirts from New look and they're great day-to-nightime pieces that can be easily transformed with a pair of heels and a tucked in cami. 
I reckon I'm going to have to get my hands on both of these necklaces too! 
I'm pretty impressed with Newlook's autumn/winter collection this year, whilst a lot of the other shops seem to be sneakily creeping their prices upwards, Newlook have kept their prices consistent which is wins for my wardrobe and my bank balance. Plus they seem to be keeping it simple this year which is great for capsule wardrobing.

Which are your favourite items?

Ebay Bargains: Mixed Bag

 photo ebaybargains5_zpsc6a28ce1.jpg

I can't decide if I really love this garish orange and pink jumper or if I hate it. Usually when I'm fond of something for being gaudy/horrific I end up falling in love and wearing it at all times, this was the case with this Primark dress many moons ago.
Everything else is a want without second thoughts, my favourite being the mint green coat which will be mine one day. 

I'll sing along yeah with every emergency

denim skater dress winter coat miley cyrus

Dress: Primark
Coat: Bank 
Shoes: Newlook 

Howdy, long time no blog. I'd love to say it was because I've been so busy with various exciting projects but the highlight of my week was Wednesday night's tv consisting of Freshers, Towie, Up All Night, and Gogglebox.
Plus I watched a documentary on channel four about flat sharing in London and how people have to have interviews to get a room, crazyness. One group even made their new potential flatmates dress up in fancy dress to show their "zaniness" which was awkward and fascinating to watch.

So about the outfit, I'm actually swapping this coat over tomorrow for a bigger size as it's just a bit too fitted for me and I want to layer up some snug jumpers underneath it. I do love the fur hood though and hopefully it will make my ears less sore when it's cold. Also THE DRESS. I was going to get this one from Motel but couldn't justify spending £42  - this little number was a mere twelve pounds from Primark instead, wins.

Right, short and sweet but I'm watching x factor and want to settle down with my 3 for a pound kids sweets and feel sickened by Sam Callahan.

Lush Fresh Face Mask: Cupcake

 photo lushcupcake2_zps6471e573.jpg  photo lushcupcake3_zps4e84196f.jpg
 photo lushcupcake4_zps484c96b6.jpg

I'd seen a few people rave about the Lush face masks on different blogs an youtube channels so I thought I'd give one a go. After reading all about the different types on the lush website I went with Cupcake as it was described as  "for those who are new to face masks and want to use something that’s cheerful and cheeky but still effective and good at its job. The serious side of this mask has linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin..."
Turns out this wasn't the best description, after using it and reading a few more reviews cupcake is actually aimed towards people with oily skin. Sigh.

Anyway I went into my first lush face mask experience with new and novice eyes, I'm not much of a skincare user due to my sensitive skin deciding to turn rosy and scaly whenever I put anything on it (for a lovely photo of this click here) but I went with Lush as I know their products are au natural and hoped they wouldn't cause a reaction. Luckily cupcake didn't, hurrah!

I kept the product in the fridge as instructed and after a long day at work slathered it all over my face and sat myself in front of the tv for 10 minutes whilst the product got to work. I loved the cooling feeling and the thick texture of the mask, but after 5 minutes the strong, fake chocolately smell became a bit too much and I couldn't wait to wash it off with warm water which took a bit of scrubbing.

So did it work? Well straight after taking the product off my skin did feel more relaxed but this could be because I'd just bathed it in warm water, and the next day I did notice my skin was a bit softer but I still had my usual dry patches around my jawline which never seem to budge.

All in all I guess this is an ok product but it's not something I'd buy again, probably because my skin isn't oily and I'm definitely no teenager! I've since researched the different "flavours" they do and Oatfix looks like the one for me.
At £5.95 it doesn't break the bank and you do get a generous helping so if you're a whippersnapper with a penchant for chocolate and oily to combination skin then it may just be the product for you.

Boots for walking in the rain

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Ok so number 5 aren't exactly the most practical for trudging around in the rain, but I've always owned a pair of trusty heeled shoeboots for nights out in the winter and these look like a great replacement for mine (which  may have part of the heel coloured in with a Sharpie...). These are all women's boots at Littlewoods and after trawling through their vast collection I just want a different pair for everyday - my autumn wardrobe is pretty much thick tights, a dress and boots so all of these will fit in nicely within my wardrobe alongside their older and more battered relatives.
Three out of these pairs happen to be by blowfish which is deffs one of my favourite brands for comfort, I hadn't even realised Littlewoods stocked them so I'm now bookmarking that part of the site!

What are your favourite winter brands?

Featured post

Ebay Bargains: Autumn's a' comin

 photo ebaywishlistoct_zps9a52f860.jpg

I've just bought a navy duffel coat but I'm so tempted by this parka, the fleece and the fur just looks so snuggly for bonfire nights etc. I want the boots too, they're identical to a pair on missguided and they're charging £40 for them, madness!
I can't wait to stop saving my money and start spending it on autumny goodness, hurry up November!

Million Voices

motel penny dress motelrocks penny red dress skater dress
Dress: Motel
Boots: Newlook (similar here)

I'd been searching this seller's ebay for this Motel dress for ages to no avail, so after being given a topshop voucher for my birthday I was prepared to pay the extra dollar and make it mine.  It's pretty obvs going by previous outfit posts that my favourite style of dress is the skater shape, I just think it's flattering and makes my chunkatron thighs look a bit smaller! This style is the "Penny" dress by motel and it's sort of a skater slash smock hybrid that sits nicely without the sack o' spuds feel a lot of smock dresses give, I'm obsessed with the sleeve and collar detailing as I'm a sucker for a daisy and all things floral so this is the dress o' dreams for me.

In non garment related news I actually don't have much, I've been living my life in a Breaking Bad filled haze recently (i'm on season 4 so no spoilers please!) but alas, I can't take Walter White seriously having been an avid Malcolm in the Middle fan a while back. Whilst he's being chased around by the cartel I just want him to don a pair of skates and recreate this:

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