Yellow polka dot bikini

Despite it being christmasy and an all round nice time of year, I'm still having honeymoon blues and dreaming of going back to Cancun. Me and Thomas have even been looking at possible holiday destinations for next year and obvs this means new bikinis. I say bikinis plural because there's always different things to do on holiday that warrant different type of swimwear, and I've managed to whittle it down to the three staples.

swimwear bikinis
We've all been there, that moment after an ungraceful slide where you try to emerge from the water like some sort of aquatic goddess only to find your bikini bottoms twisted and your chebs on show... I've learnt that whilst probably not the most attractive of bottoms, boyshorts are the most practical waterpark / water activities and do help save some unnecessary cringe moments. 
bikini summer
Now I'm no longer a young whippersnapper support doesn't go amiss, and these two are underwired for comfort whilst walking from shop to shop, or bar to bar.
small bikini
Obvs you've got to have a not-so-practical-but-looks-awesome bikini for days where you don't plan on moving ten feet away from the beach, I love the halterneck style of these and hope that one day I'll have a stomach like this 

So there's my bikini survival guide if you will, perhaps not the best time of year to be posting about swimwear but it's always good to be prepared!

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  1. I always pack too many bikinis when I go away...can never be too prepared! I'll never forget the time I was in Corfu a few years ago with a friend and we went to a waterpark. My bikini top fell down when we were wandering through the KIDS part. And my friend noticed before I did. Woooooops.
    Love the last bikini on the right! So pretty. I want to go on holiday now! x

  2. This has made me cream white sand and bright blue sea :( would love the esxape the cold and lie on the beach somewhere! Need to work on a bikini body though before summer comes around


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