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sequin collar dress
Dress: Inlovewithfashion

I bought this dress as one of 2 for £25 from the Love sale and I'm still a bit undecided, I like the colour, I like the sequins, but I think it makes me look a little large. Ah well, I'm hoping a tan will do me wonders with it. Plus my lightbulb lighting and photoshop curving has made me look overly pale, I'm really struggling with lighting at the moment and I'm contemplating buying some photography lighting from ebay similar to these but without the green screen (unless you want to see me posing in front of digital Eiffel Tower and various other landmarks?) which are a bit cheaper. Has anyone used these before? Any advice?

Not a lot else for me to drivel on about today which I suppose is a good thing, the highlight of my day has been buying an umbrella which is saying something for a. The horrible weather and b. How I spend my weekends. Me and Thomas braved a retail park on a Saturday because we're just crazy like that but came away empty handed of any electronic goods, even after a sweep around Comet. Oh I lie, we bought some plates as a gift for his uncle. Exciting.
And that's me done, I'm in London and Birmingham next week for bloggery things so hopefully at the end of the day I can chill in my onesie and think "oh hasn't today been interesting", rather than "Thomas got a good deal on that £7.00 t shirt".


  1. Have a laugh lady, that dress makes you look teenytiny. Gooorgeous.


  2. Love this dress and it certainly doesn't make you look big, you look great.

  3. I think you look lovely and NOT large x

  4. as if you think the dress makes you look large, not at all! it's lovely. xx

  5. You look gorgeous! That dress is literally stunning.x


  6. This is such a pretty dress, love it.

  7. Haha you'd definitely stand out as a unique fashion blogger if you started green screening your shots with landmarks scenery lol!!

    I really like the sequin/bow detail of this dress :-)

    Dayner x UK Fashion, Jewellery & Lifestyle blog - mozzypop.com

  8. Don't worry about being pale, blame it on winter. Lovely dress too!

  9. You look fantastic- not large at all. I've never used the lighting but of you get it I would live to know how you get on :)

  10. I really like your dress, it does not make you look large at all!

    I am mega pale too. I think every pale person should embrace their paleness!


  11. This dress is lovely, it's different to anything I've ever seen before - and you do not look large haha! Winter is perfect for lounging in onesies 24/7 but the pale skin is a total downside!

    Jessica xo

  12. I really like this dress, jazzy and it doesn't make you look large at all (silly moo!)I am usually pale but I am full on Casper at the moment!

    Maria xxx

  13. I love the dress! It doesn't make you look big at all



  14. It categorically does NOT make you look big. I love the sequin collar effort! xx

  15. Awh I think it's so cute. Maybe put a nude thin belt round the elasticated waistband, will just cinch you in a bit if you want to show off your figure more. I swear I do that with all my outfits! It is a beaut dress though, I like it!


  16. Ahh, I love that dress and I think you look lovely in it, so don't worry! It really suits you! I thought the 'hello pale arms' was some sort of wall decal.. I think I need more sleep haha x

  17. I love it! I don't think it makes you look large but maybe try a belt around the waist, it will define your cute shape!

    Love your blog btw I'm not following :)


  18. You definitely DON'T look large!


  19. love the cut outs on the neckline!

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style

  20. Ohh, you look beautiful in this! The dress is so pretty, I am in love.
    Xo Jane


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  23. Love this


  24. You look stunning! I love how you manage to make everything look slightly fairy-tale like (I think its that gorgeous hair of yours) bargains are never to be sniffed at lady! Even if they do seem boring ;)


  25. the dress is really lovely!


  26. It's beautiful, perfect party dress!! xx

  27. Wow, that dress is so beautiful! It looks so good on you.

    <3 Melissa

  28. I love that dress :) It's really different but so pretty!
    Love Holly x

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