We'll talk about leaving town

studded skater dress fashion blog skater dress
Dress: Boohoo
Shoes: c/o So You Shoes
Bangles: Primark

This is less of a "what I wore" post and more of a "what I'm gonna wear" outfit, I'm hopefully going  out out on Saturday and I reckon this boohoo dress is the one. Swap the tights for lashings of fake tan and I'm good to go. I don't know if the fit of this has photographed very well but it's so so flattering, and there's a bit of an underskirt so I can shake my junkinthetrunk without any cringey moments. I also reckon nude is a nice colour for us paleys as it doesn't make us look washed out - I say this but I'm still planning on using at least half a bottle of my trusty L'oreal sublime bronze!

In other news I'm moving! It's only a 5ish minute drive away but come January and I'll be the proud renter of a house. An actual house! With a garden! Plus the owner is a lady I work with who knows I have a cat so there'll be no last minute stowaways of Theo and he can roam freely. Ah I'm really excited, only downside is that if I stay working where I am I'll have to give up the beloved mini to Thomas and actually do some exercise and walk to work : / Sigh. Although if all goes to plan I'll be in a new job asap.

So that's me done, I'm off now to have a bath and prepare for yet another frightening interview tomorrow! Oh and if anyone recognising my song title, youtubed it, and "skanked" around their living room THEN I LOVE YOU.

I'll never be Christina Ricci

velvet skater dress skater collar dress black velvet dress white collar satchel bag
Dress: c/o Oh My Love
Bag: c/o Brand Village
Tights: Pretty Polly

Soz for being a bit too "c slash o" in this post, but the bag and the dress went so well together I couldn't resist. I actually love the fit of this oh my love dress, it's perfect for indoors-during-chilly-weather wear as the sleeves protect your arms without getting overbearingly hot in a chunky cardigan. I quite like the cut as well, it's rather slimming and flairs out at the leg chunk length. Plus it's velvet, which I'd be way more excited about if my cat wasn't ginger and if he didn't have a penchant for rubbing his face on everything. The bag is from brand village and satchels=love.

I've been to view a house today (another renter) and I'm confused. It's nice, it's a house, it has a garden BUT it'd mean either a 40 minute walk for me or shelling out for another car as Thomas works the other side of town. I'd like to mull it over for a while but my current contract has almost run out. Hmmm decisions decisions.

Also it looks like I've become something the me of three years ago detested, have a looky here to see why, ah I'm such a fickle character when it comes to clothes.

E-tail Webstores Competition Entry

So the little gems at e-tail are holding a bloggers competition to win 500 nuggs for christmas! All you have to do is create a blog post promoting one of their brands/deals/discounts they have on at the moment. So without further adieu here's the most cringeyest thing I've ever put out there on the internet...

Soooo if you love Motel as much as me and want a massive 30% off, just click here, my favourites are deffs the Cilla sequin dress and the Annali strapless dress, all you have to do is enter USSALE30 at the checkout and BOOM, you have a cheap as chips gorgeous party dress.
Also, if you want to enter the e-tail competition yourself then the details are here, please link me if you also do something 'mbarrasin as I like a good giggle - this time it just happens to be at my own expense.

Revlon Lip Butter: Strawberry Shortcake

revlon lip butter revlon strawberry shortcake revlon beauty revlon lip butter swatch

I held out for ages on buying the revlon lip butters, I didn't really believe the hype and they just seemed more glossy than colourful to me. I'm not a matte girl by any means (dry lips a plenty) but I often go for a creamy finish with lasting colour, give me a mac creamsheen or a topshop velvet finish and I'm sold.
I'm rambling. Point is I bought the Revlon Lip Butter just because it was part of a Boots 3 for 2 and I'm easily swayed by a discount, I also went for Strawberry Shortcake because I'm a sucker for a pink lip.

Anyway I was oh so pleasantly surprised by this little tube of goodness. Not only is the packaging pretty but the product itself is amazing. I now want them all. You've probably heard a gazillion things about these but I just wanted to say, for anyone that like me thought "Pah! It's just a glorified gloss", you're wrong, oh so wrong. The formula will make even the dryest of lips look nice and shiny and the colour actually lasts a lot longer than I imagined, plus even if it does start to fade they're easily re applied without the use of a mirror!
Revlon, you're a beaut.

Quite the unobtainable Christmas wishlist

 boots bags dogs

1. Mac Pro Palette £6.50 // 2. Ted Baker Blouse £99.00 // 3. Marc Jacobs Bag £1,065.00
4. Miu Miu Tote £850.00 // 5. Jeffrey Campbell Lita £84.00 // 6. Michael Kors Watch £229.00
7. Jack Russell Gimme // 8. Benefit Brow Zings £22.50 // 9. iPad Mini £269.00

I did one of these extravagant posts last year and actually managed to snag three of the eight things on there, although this year I've set my budget that little (over a grand bag anyone?) bit higher so I reckon I'm punching above my weight! Bargain of the day goes to Cruise Fashion for the £84 Litas, I don't even care that I'm late on every bandwagon, these are neutral and will go with anything. I also don't really need or have any use for the iPad mini, it just looks pretty and will fit nicely in any of these oh so beautiful bags - I just know I'm going to have handbag filled dreams tonight.
As for the Jack Russell I just think he'd be a cute little amigo for Theodore, they can relive so many disney movies and spend hours frolicing in the flat - that is if Theo doesn't claw his eyes out with his death pads...

22 Grand job in the city that sounds nice

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Dress: Primark
Cardigan: Ebay

Why hello there £5 dress. Yuppers this dress was only a fiver. A mere five pounds. To be honest it's not the most exciting of dresses but it has dogs on and a collar so it was an instant winner for me. This little ensemble is one of my work wears, it's an outfit that's been donned for the office twice now and I know it'll never make that transition into the realms of weekend wear again. Does anyone else do this? As soon as something is worn for the daily grind it instantly gets labelled as too dowdy for the weekend by me - oh I can be so fickle with my clothes!
I like how my face mimics a weekday too, hello frown.
Not much else to bore you chaps and chapettes with really, I'm typing this with a belly full of spaghetti on toast (when the Tom cat's away the mice will....eat badly?) and I'm planning a catch up on the young apprentice to fill the rest of my evening, I love that programme purely for Nick.

Christmas & Bloggers

On Saturday I trained it up to Birmingham for a peruse of the Christmas Market with Emma, Claire, Victoria, Rebecca, Kim, Becca, and Maria. Despite having to queue for a Nandos it was a lovely day and made me feel all festive and excited for Christmas. I enjoyed the day so much I even took some snaps.

Looking through the photos not only makes me think aww isn't it nice being a blogger (cringe) but also that I look a bit like a Hanson Brother lately. I really need to sort out my hair sitch but I'm running low on ideas, any suggestions are so very welcome!

Winter Warmers

1. Sequin Military Jacket £52.00 // 2. Barbour Jacket £149.00 // 3. Ear Muffs £11.99
4. Black Heeled Studded Boots 35.00 // 5. Cream Fur Jacket £34.99 // 6. Bobble Hat 4.99
7. Fur Headband 4.99 // 8. Black Flat Boots £40.00 // 9. Hunter Wellies £125.00

It's not even reached the chilly temperatures of actual winter yet but my teeth are already chattering as I sit in the car in the morning waiting for the heater to stop blowing cold air onto my face. This and the fact my nose seems to be made of ice recently has got me lusting after various outdoorsy winter wear, after all, behind closed doors in the comfort of my own home I simply wrap up in a onesie.
I don't actually own a pair of wellies but I've been warned that if we get a tonne of snow this year I live close enough to walk in (ugh) and "I don't have weather appropriate shoes" apparently isn't an excuse. These hunter wellies from Number Eight Clothing should do the trick and I can pretend I'm Ollie Locke whilst battling the elements, orrr I could go the whole Chelsea hog and also don the Barbour jacket whilst swishing my hair into an overly side parting...
Obvsies the sequinned jacket and the studded boots are more cold-but-dry appropriate, I'm off to London in a couple of weeks and these would be perfect for sight seeing and anything else we can find to do that don't cost a bomb (suggestions more than welcome!).
But for now I'm resigned to the fact that I'll be a shivering Susan should the weather take a turn for the worse, although no one said I couldn't turn up to work in my onesie.

I only went and got shortlisted

When I received an email today telling me I was one of the ten shortlisted bloggers in the Glamorous competition I was initially shocked...

Then I was super happy. Theodore was indifferent.

Basically my collage that I showed here got shortlisted on the Glamorous Facebook page and if I get a lorra likes I could get my grubby mitts on some vouchers. If you could do me the pleasure of liking my collage (click the link!) I'd be eternally gratefull and over a million moons.
Obvs if you think my choices are hideous then you don't have too, and Theo isn't really trying to hypnotise you with his saucer eyes....honest.

Studs and Bingo

uk fashion blog outfit post studded jumper fashion blog outfit uk fashion blog
Studded Sweatshirt: c/o Glamorous
Disco Style Leggings: Ebay

I know I've already addressed the boob situation with the scrawlings on my photo, but can I just join everyone in a wtf? It looks like I'm harbouring traffic cones under there! No idea how my camera picked up on this as I'm not exactly gifted in that department.
Moving on I’m turning into a right little top knotter aren't I?, I just hope today’s effort will make Claire proud as she is a topknot connoisseur . I was sent this jumper a few weeks ago by the lovely folk at etail on behalf of Glamorous and I feel quite “on trend” with it. It’s not often I feel on trend, which is silly as I write a fashion blog, but sometimes I think I’m getting a bit too old to be rocking things like bralets and printed leggings.

 In typical British style I’m going to note how horrible the weather has been today, and the fact that today is a Monday makes it even worse. There’s nothing more disheartening than suffering the Sunday night dread then waking up to a sea of dreary and glum clouds on a Monday morning. I do have a few things planned this week to look forward to though which makes a change from my usual reality tv and chocolate feasts, for tomorrow I will be going to…..bingo. I know this is a hobby more suited to the elderly and those that don’t brush their teeth on a regular basis, but once you get over the smell of the bingo hall it’s actually quite fun! And it’ll be nice if I can win some dollar before Christmas.

Hand on Hip is how I do.

sequin collar dress
Dress: Inlovewithfashion

I bought this dress as one of 2 for £25 from the Love sale and I'm still a bit undecided, I like the colour, I like the sequins, but I think it makes me look a little large. Ah well, I'm hoping a tan will do me wonders with it. Plus my lightbulb lighting and photoshop curving has made me look overly pale, I'm really struggling with lighting at the moment and I'm contemplating buying some photography lighting from ebay similar to these but without the green screen (unless you want to see me posing in front of digital Eiffel Tower and various other landmarks?) which are a bit cheaper. Has anyone used these before? Any advice?

Not a lot else for me to drivel on about today which I suppose is a good thing, the highlight of my day has been buying an umbrella which is saying something for a. The horrible weather and b. How I spend my weekends. Me and Thomas braved a retail park on a Saturday because we're just crazy like that but came away empty handed of any electronic goods, even after a sweep around Comet. Oh I lie, we bought some plates as a gift for his uncle. Exciting.
And that's me done, I'm in London and Birmingham next week for bloggery things so hopefully at the end of the day I can chill in my onesie and think "oh hasn't today been interesting", rather than "Thomas got a good deal on that £7.00 t shirt".

Boohoo Wishlist

Last year as we got closer and closer to the dreaded-by-some c-word (no not that word!) I posted some outfits that would be perfect for the season to be jolly. I've only gone and done the exact same thing this year, but this time everything's from boohoo and all the party dresses are under £30 - bargain!

christmas party dresses

I actually already own the third dress but I've got my sights on the other four, although according to my mother bodycon doesn't suit me. She actually saw these photos, didn't realise it was me, and said "That dress would look a lot better on your sister than it does on that girl." Brilliant. Thanks Mum.
With that in mind I think I'm going to stick to what I know this season and embrace the skater dress, I love how the three I've chosen are pretty much identical shapes but look so different and all can be styled up or down, and I'm definitely going to get my mitts on a pair of studded chelsea boots to toughen up my ever growing collection of girly dresses. Looking at these outfits now I reckon you could add a  oversized sequinned clutch to any of them for ultimate Christmas (there I said it) sparkle.
So that's my December wardrobe totted up in my mind, now I just have to cross some people off my Christmas list so I can by them all....I kid! Are any of these taking your fancy?

Sponsored Post, but tbf I do want them all, gimme.

Review: Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Oxygen Wow!

benefit hello flawless foundation hello flawless champagne foundation benefit foundation swatch hello flawless champagne cheers to me swatch

Firstly apologies for not showing what Hello Flawless looks like on my face, at the moment I'm too hideous in the mornings to be broadcasting myself online and as soon as I get home the makeup comes off and the onesie comes on....I blame the cold weather.
Anyway I was uhhming and ahhing about purchasing this for a while, as Benefit describe Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow as "A light to medium coverage for a natural complexion you can believe in" where as others have advised it's a little too light and a little too liquidy (if that's even a word). It was Gillian's blog post and a cheeky little lookfantastic voucher that eventually convinced me I had to own it.
The foundation itself is indeed quite light as people advised, however it's easily buildable with both fingertips and a brush for a fresh but still quite flawless look. I've been using the Real Techniques Stippling brush with this foundation and it works a treat, I have skin I'm happy within a minute of pushing down the pump! I'll be honest and say I'm not too sure what skin type this is aimed at, I have normal to dry skin and it seems to work fine for me and doesn't cling to any patches, but I've read opposing reviews from those with oily skin - some say it's a godsend, some not so much. But as I said I'm a dry Delilah so I can't comment. Another bonus definitely worth a mention is that the foundation is SPF 25 PA *** which apparently means the best type of protection out there, a win for me as I'm not getting any younger!
Despite the packaging not going down the usual kitsch Benefit route, I'm actually really impressed with the sleek bottle, the simple design, and the easy to use pump. I use two pumps daily and set it with a bit of Hello Flawless powder and I'm set for the day.
Overall I'm really impressed with this, I love a dewey and sheer finish so thought I'd be a fan anyway but it just. seems. right. If I could fall in love with a product this would be it. Although I say that a lot so It'd probably be one of those creepy polyamorous relationships. The only slight downside is the price, at £24.50 it's not a cheap date but in my (now zombified) eyes it's worth it.

Glamorous Competition Entry & Giveaway Winner!

Glamorous are becoming one of my favourite online brands, and as well as having a million giveaways on their facebook, they're now holding a competition just for us bloggers! All you have to do is create a wishlist for under £200 - the top ten will then be featured on their facebook page and the collage with the most likes will win a massive £200 to go crazy with on their website.
Ridic generous non?
If you want to enter get perusing and email your entries to emily@e-tailwebstores.com before 12th November.

Alsooo I hosted my own Glamorous giveaway not too long ago and I can now announce the winner is.....

Shabna from Scheine! I've emailed etail to let them know : )

Bejeweled isn't just an annoying notification on facebook

black bodycon dressblack dress lbd
Black Bodycon Dress: c/o Chi Chi

My face looks odd in these photos, sort of like a dog. Not too sure why. I also have acquired a belly pouch but ya'know what? For once in my life I'm not overly bothered about my tum, it's been a "problem" area my whole life and I don't think it's going to go away anytime soon so I may as well embrace it...
Self deprecation aside I was sent this Zita Dress from the lovely folk at etail and I feel all festive and glam in it, I didn't know if the bejewelled arms might be a bit much but if you can't go all out in the festive season when can you? And actually when I shimmied my way into it (an awful phrase but describes hoisting oneself into bodycon oh so well) I decided you can never have enough embellishments and the pattern is really rather pretty.

Hope everyone had a fab halloween, I was stalking everyone's costumes on instagram and getting jel that my plans were a date with Abraham Lincoln, some 3D vampires, and Dexter. Although the latter is just. so. good. Anyone who hasn't been lured into this series I really recommend getting your mitts on it and having a full on session with plenty of tea and cake, it would make the perfect weekend for hermits like me.

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