I'm Like the Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Dress: c/o Lovestruck 

Firstly a big SOZ for the weird discoloured pictures, I don't know what happened, some came out red, some came out green, and photoshop just wasn't my friend today. My bedroom is awful for lighting on a good day so I suppose it's my own fault for trying to take photos on a rainy Sunday. Fail. I'm also a bit leany, I don't have a peg leg - honest.
As always it's been a relaxing and lonely weekend for me, Thomas has been working an insane amount of hours at work so me and Theo have spend Saturday and the majority of today watching tv and drinking tea, oh so much tea. I've also whiled away a lot of time on rightmove, I don't even know why as I'm years away from saving anything near a house deposit but I'm longing for the day I can let myself into my own home on an evening and not have to live in fear of the estate agents. Speaking of which they've put my rent up AGAIN. Swines.
And finalllly I did a wee youtube video today, I'm going to leave it overnight to upload but it's just a little visual how-to on shoulder length curls. Curls which have now gone a bit messy and don't really go with an oversized knit...

But now me and my knitwear have a date with dee-dee-o-lee-ree and the x-factor, even though Emeli Sande is on it : / Why must she be everywhere?


  1. Relaxing weekends are the best...although sad that it was a lonely one for you! But you did have the cat, and a cat is great company.
    Oh tell me about it...I still live with my parents and am also years away from having my own home. I would say I'll wait til I win the lottery, but I don't even play.

  2. Emili Sande is on everything! And her song with Labrinth actually made me go to sleep - I think I'd prefer to see Rylan doing Gangnam Style for an hour than listen to it...on a positive non-X Factor note, your hair looks lovely! x

  3. That dress looks so lovely on you <3

  4. Haha love your blog title! Agree with you on Emeli Sande, didn't like her song with Labrinth!

    Gorgeous dress btw :)

  5. Lovely dress! x


  6. Emeli Sande zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ;) xx

  7. I think I'm a leaner too - sometimes I look back at my blog photos and worry that I'm incapable of standing still without falling over.

    Emeli Sandie is a bit of a massive lingerer, SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO HERE x

  8. I agree...she just pops up everywhere, ugh! Cute knitwear :)

  9. You look absolutely gorgeous, haven't seen that Lovestruck dress before, what a babe! Your knitwear looks really nice, love a good chunky knit on a Sunday sofa night! xo

  10. You look lovely, I love your hair like that!

    Maria xxx

  11. oh pretty dress... sounds like you and Theo have had a very tiring weekend :p xx

  12. he he, love your leaning photos. looking gorgeous as always even if you are multicoloured :P



  13. Lovely dress!

    Lana, xo

  14. this dress is lovely, and you look gorgeous mrs!
    i love your blog, its so full of personality!
    hope to speak soon,
    laura x

  15. Love this post :) You do make me giggle quite a bit.
    I love procrasting on Right Move and will probably go straight back to wasting my days on there after the Wedding. x

  16. Sweet Lovestruck dress :) That Emeli woman is EVERYWHERE. Guss that's what the olympics does for you...

    The Style Rawr!

  17. That dress is so lovely, such a gorgeous shade of blue xxx

  18. But.. JLS were on it too, so that makes everything better ;)

    You look gorgeous babe, love the collar on the dress xx

  19. lovely dress! :)



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