True love is not the kind of thing you should turn down

Rebecca is my room buddy and I've shared a good plastic cup of skittles vodka with her. You'll like her. She's nice.

I'm Rebecca, and about to start my last (and final - gulp) year at the University of Liverpool, studying English. My blog's called It's Cohen, and is a mixture of outfit posts and film photography, and illustrates my inability to shut up about the most mundane things.
I've been following Eloise's blog since I met her over a year ago, and have since bonded over Big Bird coats and cold sores. When I heard she was going to be married to a guy with one of the coolest surnames around I was bloody excited for the pair of them. So now I'm going to steal a little bit of her blog to show you what kind of thing I would wear to a summer wedding.

Stripy dress: Madewell.
Peep-toe heels: Primark
Leather clutch bag: Luella
Pearl necklace: mum's
Clip-on earrings: friend's nan's(!)

Something old: The earrings. Belonging to my friend's nan, she's had them in her room for years. Upon discovering (with a surprising amount of shock - is it really that uncommon??) that I don't have pierced ears, she gave me a collection of sparkly things that my inner magpie has been grateful for ever since.
Something new: The shoes. Just because they're from Primark doesn't mean you can't wear them! And, in all honesty, who'd know?
Something borrowed: The necklace. I didn't actually tell my mum I was going to liberate these for a while...
Something blue: The dress. Ish. You can't beat stripes! And blue is my favourite colour to wear, all year round. I know it's the bride's job to follow it, I couldn't help but take the rhyme a little literally myself. I hope the newlyweds are having the best time swanning around on their honeymoon, I'd jump in their suitcase if it weren't for weight restrictions on luggage - sigh.


  1. Ooh I like this post :) as an English graduate from liverpool university I'm gonna have to go and check out Rebecca's blog now!! xx

  2. You look bloody lovely Rebecca! A Madewell dress eh? Lovely! the whole outfit is very snazzy indeed x x

  3. love the look, its so classy with pearls and stripes! not too overdone for a weddin, just perfect! i will visit ur blog soon Rebecca x

  4. You look lovely, perfect summer wedding outfit!

    Maria xxx

  5. Gorgeous dress! It'll be really perfect for wedding :-) Liking the effect of your photos too

    The Young Bridget Jones

  6. IT'S ME (pro commenter 2k12) xxx


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