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Hello everyone! I'm Claire and I write Jazzpad, a UK Fashion & Style Blog. While Eloise is away celebrating her big day and the start of her new life (bloody hell that sounds grown up) I'm here helping out fill her big shoes. So, inspired by these big shoes, here is my guide to shoes that every girl should own!

Electric Blue Doc Martens (belonging to the best mate) / Silver Glitter Flatforms, at the Next Press Day AW12
Kicking things off with a bang, I like shoes that make a statement, so I think every girl should have a pair of glittery, shiny, or downright RIDONKULOUS boots that are the centre of attention. Having footwear that steal the limelight can take the attention away from anything else, so it's best to play down the rest of your outfit to make the most of such vibrancy down below. Ahem.

Cream suede sandals / Coral flats – both Spartoo 
Flatforms that aren't startlingly glittery are also a good addition to any shoedrobe. This cream suede pair could look really sweet with ankle socks, so they needn't be just a summer pair. Ballerina flats in general are any girl's must-have. They needn't be boring though, so a bright colour worn wih jeans are just the job for a busy day!

Leopard print courts, Spartoo / TUK Underground Creepers 
The shoes on the left tick 2 essentials for me – leopard-print and court shoes. For days when you mean business (and obviously that happens at least once a week), I can't think of a more perfect pair. Could have written purrfect then. Didn't. And, I know, Creepers aren't to everyone's taste, but I love them. And I have to throw in one wildcard, right?

Sperry boat shoes / Tribecca UK studded Platforms
Finally, some killer shoes to blow the rest out the water. Take a twist on a classic style and go for something unusual and eye-catching, like these boat shoes. Or, sod the pain and the expense, and go for some stupendously high boots. This pair is exceptionally sexy!

Well, hopefully, that's filled at least one of Eloise's shoes! What is your must-have shoe of choice? You might have guessed by now that I'm a bit of a shoe addict, so come and share the love!

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  1. love them al and the ridonkulous blue doc martens are gorgeous but just can't justify a third pair!!! xoxo

  2. I adore the studded platforms! I need a pair


  3. Replies
    1. I LOVE those studded platforms! I just got some patent Dr Marten dupes and have no idea how to wear them :(

  4. I ADORE all of these choices, Kate's DMs are beautiful!

    Maria xxx


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