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I've been reading Steph's fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog for yonks and was thrilled when she offered to guest post for me! So here's to the first time I've ever let another blogger loose on the pages of this here blog....

Hello lovely blog readers of Eloise ♥
I have some bad news, I am not she. My names Steph and I all the way over from my style diary blog Stephanie Dreams. As the newly Mrs is off frolicking in the sun, I'm here to keep you company for a while.
This September I am off to Bestival on the Isle of Wight, I'm super excited and have gone shopping mad already. I thought I'd show you what's on my lust list (and maybe a little out my price range)
The floral crown is just stunning, the colours, the flowers. Stunning. Flowers in your hair at a festival is a must, one thing you need, then that is it
This fringe vest is super cute, and easily shows your easy hippy chic side. Wear it over anything and it can change your outfit totally.
Oh my, hello star shorts. How beauitful you are. Shorts at a festival are the one! They're so easy to wear with tights or high socks. The star detail on these are a little different, but just scream festival fashion to me.
Studded Doc Martens, need I say more ♥

Have you been to any Festivals this year? What are your must-haves? Let me know if I'll see you at Bestival Lots of Loves, and hopefully I'll see you soon. Steph xo


  1. I literally just fell in love with them studded Doc Martens!

  2. one of my favourite ladies, on one of my favourite blogs. AMAZING.x

  3. This head piece is awesome <3

  4. Absolutely gorgeous boots - I think I'm in love! xxx

  5. Those boots are to die for!!!! Love the festival look!
    Robyn Mayday


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