When Robyn kindly offered to guest post for me I was rather happy, she has a fab blog and fab hair which I want. Now
Jumper: Pull and Bear
Dress: Primark 
Belt: Primark (came with trousers) 
Shoes: Matalan 

Hello there! I'm Robyn and I blog over at Robyn Mayday. I'm rather excited to be doing my first ever guest post here over at Eloise's blog as she's genuinely one of my favourite bloggers and she owns a ginger babe of a cat (I'm quite the mad cat lady, I'll warn you now). I'm sure the rest of you, like me, hope she has a fab honeymoon in Mexico - land of the evilest spirit of all (on par with vodka), tequila.

I've been wanting to try out the whole 'dress-as-a-skirt' thing for a while now having seen a number of bloggers making it look so effortless. The thing is for some reason it's not so effortless, at least not to me! I don't own many dresses and jumpers that are compatible with each other, but I've found this is one combination that does work. And I'll admit, this white material can hardily be called a dress - it's quite a risque length! But I always make sure I pop a pair of shorts underneath, we all know what a gust of wind can do to our modesty. The shoes are proving a little problematic really - does anyone else find that they'll buy a shoe that fits perfectly in a shop, but once you wear them out they become the most uncomfortable thing you've ever had the displeasure of wearing?! I think it's something to do with the material of the shoe. But I keep telling myself that wearing these shoes that make my feet claw-like after ten minutes of wear will stretch out in time! I really should have bought a size 6.


  1. Loved this outfit - you look gorgeous! Xx.

  2. You look SO niceee! Love it xx

  3. This outfit is super cute!



  4. Oh wow, your top is awesome <3

  5. I love this look! I need to find the perfect jumper to layer over dresses! x

  6. Absolutely gorgeous jumper, this is a style I can never get to work properly!

  7. Your outfits and you are gorgeous. Nice and innocent look! Try embroidered polo shirts, it might be so good on you!


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