Sleek Rose Gold Review

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I've only just started to dabble in blush, being overly red anyway I've never thought about adding more to my cheeks thinking that it would result in me looking like one of those killer tomatoes. However after seeing so many rave reviews on Nars Orgasm I decided to purchase it's cheaper alternative and added Sleeks Rose Gold into my online basket, the only downside being I'm impatient and don't like to wait for the postman. Turns out I had to wait longer than usual (2 weeks in fact) as Sleek decided to cancel my order and not tell me : / I was going to take some sort of stand against the brand but the blush looked pretty so I ended up buying it from Superdrug anyway - I'm easily swayed.
The blush itself looks quite dark in the pan and definitely something I'd normally be wary of slapping on my face, however once blended it gives a subtle shimmer that has just the right amount of gold in certain lights. It isn't too chalky and I'd even go as far as to say it was £4.49 well spent. Shame about the online service though.

Can't Stop Listening to Ne Yo

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Lace Dress: c/o Glamorous
Bangles: Primark
Sandals: Primark

I love the length of this dress, I can show off the pins without revealing too much bum cheek which is nice and I really like this coraly pinky shade, a colour I once thought would look more tomato against my blotchy skin but have now been proven wrong!
I'm actually sat with my laptop perched on my knee with Hollyoaks in the background (how awful is Doug's accent?!) and despite having a million things to write about I'm at a bit of a loss for words. If you follow me on twitter you've more than likely heard my tales of woe over the last week but I'm going to write it down here anyway, if not to vent more than anything else. Last week I found out that my dream wedding venue, the venue we booked almost 18 months ago after falling in love with it straight away, ended up losing part of a turret after the torrential rain we had. Said turret decided to then crash through the roof and then fall through into the floor below causing evacuation (according to the news) and closure for two weeks with plans to open next Friday. Next Friday is my wedding day and we haven't had 100% assurance that everything's going to be up and running by then, we've pretty much been told that the whole wedding will be moved to a shoddier and less pretty venue or that my wedding will take place under a jungle gym of scaffolding....
So other than wait around for answers I've been making a list of last minute things I need to do which is actually a lot longer than I anticipated, and thanks to stress I've been re united with my old friend the coldsore. Wins.
Ok moan over, apologies if I've been/I'm about to be a little absent on the blog, although I have got some guest posts coming up soon from some lovely blogger ladies so keep your peepers peeled (gross) for these!

Max C London Giveaway

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Playsuit: c/o Max C London
Bangles: Cheapo Northampton Shops

I heard about Max C London at the first brumbloggermeet and was rather thrilled when they offered me an item from their website and one for my readers! Obviously I chose something floral and I'm so pleased with the fit, it'll be perfect for cancun adventures and will look good under a chunky knit if this crazy rainforest type weather ever goes away.
Anyway all you have to do to become floral clad like me is enter via the Rafflecopter form below and Max C London will send you the playsuit in the size of your choice. I have noticed they've sold out of 10's which is my usual size, however due to the material and stretchyness the 8 they sent fits swimmingly so fellow tenners fear not!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sugar Rush Cakes

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Bit of shameless advertising here for my friends new business but I think we can all agree that she's pretty good with her cakes non? Anyway Sugar Rush Cakes are based in Northampton so if you're in/near the area and enjoy a cake (or in my case 2 or 3) then I reckon you should definitely consider these! There's more detailed pricing on the site but a three tier wedding cake starts from as low as £180 and a pack of 12 custom cupcakes are £15 at the moment.
Obvz she'll be doing my wedding cake and from the samples I had (which you can see here) I cannot wait to tuck in, would it be un ladylike of a bride to start scoffing with her hands? Anyway the business has just started using the ol' twitter so it'd be lovely if you could give her a follow @sugar_rushcakes

Sleek Brow Kit Review

sleek eyebrow kit sleek makeup sleek makeup brow sleek beauty
I decided to swap over my trusty elf brow kit in medium for Sleek’s Brow Kit, for no other reason than that I’m impatient and didn’t want to wait for the latter to be delivered. Oh and I hate paying delivery! The product itself is actually very similar to Elf’s and I’ve been told there’s not much difference between these and Brow Zings by Benefit, although at £22.50 I haven’t had the luxury of trying this so I’m going by the word of twitter.
The kit contains a wax to help tame unruly brows and a powder to define them, and Sleek have also thrown in two mini brushes and a tiny pair of tweezers for brows on the go. I’m not a fan of freebie brushes but the tweezers aren’t actually that bad and would definitely come in handy for those folk who aren’t clumsy like me and have the ability to apply makeup anywhere other than their own home!
The wax and powder are pretty much the same consistency as the Elf kit and really do help tame and shape although you are quite limited in terms of colour choice, especially in my closest superdrug as they only had light and dark. I opted for light but the wax does come off a little orangy so you have to be quite careful when applying. At £7.99 it is great value for money if the colour matches, however I’m unsure if I’ll re purchase again as I like ma brows a little darker.


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Black cut out dress: c/o Glamorous
Lace Boots: Soyoushoes on Ebay...(£21.99!!!)

More black! I've gone a bit black crazy recently it seems, I'm literally minutes away from plaiting my hair and making everyone call me Wednesday. I do like this dress though, another skater style which I love that can be dressed up for out out wear and it's in the running for my hen night outfit. I'm struggling to comprehend that in nearly THREE WEEKS I will be a Mrs! When I was younger Mrs was kept for teachers and scary olds and soon I'll be one of then shaking my fists at the youth of today.
I also have to mention the shoes! I'd lusted after these for a while and despite thinking of tonnes of reasons to justify the £40 on I just couldn't do it when there was dresses to pay for, bridesmaids presents to buy, and other weddingy things going on. Then I found their ebay shop and I was in heaven, I'm not sure if these have any defects as I paid nearly £20 less but they'll do me just fine!

In other news I got my side swoop trimmed today, just call me Elobieber.

Took a car downtown where the lost boys meet

denim shirt denim collar shirt
Shirt: c/o Glamorous
Tops: h&m
Trousers: h&m
Necklace: Tiffany

I think it's safe to say I'm going to be living in this denim shirt until, well, forever. It's thin and comfortable and it makes me feel like I belong at Camp Waziyatah - anyone who remembered this without clicking the link has major kudos from me.
I'd like to say today has been full of exciting adventures but with wedding countdown reaching four weeks today me and Tom are pretty much in save mode full time, although I did skip out to Asda today for some brownie mix. What? Diet? Me? I plan on eating them with vast amounts of tea tonight whilst sofa ridden with Big Brother. Anyone still watching will know last night's was a good'un and I want to see the aftermath!
My plan for tomorrow is help Thomas choose some interview shoes and eat a Whetherspoons burger, constantly on the edge living the high life me. Oh and today I listed a motel dress that I bought about 2 months ago and never wore as my boobs are too small on ebay, have a look?

Annnd I've finally started using instagram a lot more so if you want to nosey into my mundane life my username is imeloweez and I like taking photos of ginger cats.

Review: Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It

Soap and Glory scrub Soap and glory skincare scrub
My near armpit wobble is horrific, I wish I had photoshop skillz for this would be gone

My skin is quite dry and extremely sensitive, and it's because of this that my dabbles in skincare are few and far between and usually end in a sore blotchy mess. However I have found something that not only works but doesn't leave my face a glowing ball of redness a'la Darth Maul. The Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose in It is wins because it reduces pores whilst at the same time gives your face that lovely minty tingle annnnd it's a 2 in 1 mini mask/scrub so you can wash with it or only leave it on as a mask for 3 minutes - perfect for rushy Randals like me.
The directions clearly state to use a "pea size" amount and if these are followed correctly the 125ml tube would last forever, although from the picture above you can see I prefer to lather it on like plaster and do cheesy poses whilst waiting for the cracks to appear and it's still lasted a while! I don't think my camera has picked up the texture but it's pretty much an extra thick green cream with tiny exfoliating particles that make your skin feel clean and refreshed.
I'm awaiting the fanfare to come marching through my flat as this product really deserves it.
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