If I Wasn't Saving For a Wedding Wishlist

1. £36 (or £26 for first timers!) Inlovewithfashion // 2. £29.99 (or £24 with code glamorous20!) Glamorous UK //
3. £24.99 New Look // 4. £23.99 (or 19.19 with code glamorous20) Glamorous UK // 5. £94.99 Jessops //
6. £30 Republic // 7. £29.99 Missguided // 8. £24 (or £19.20 for first timers!) AX Paris // 9. £40 Soyoushoes //
10. £185 Tiffany

Ah what I wouldn't do for these to all magically appear in my wardrobe, everything here is perfect for the silly english weather (ie can be Autumned up) and for my jaunt out of the country in September. Ah I lie, I can't really make a camera lens autumny- fail.
No idea why I've included a ridiculously expensive Tiffany bracelet other than I like pearls and I like to imagine I'm both rich enough to afford it and chic enough to pull it off, sadly I am neither - woe is me.
Hope everyone's having a good week so far, my attempts to be healthy that I spoke of in a previous post have crashed and burnt with mammoth force as not only did a Wetherspoons breakfast pass my lips but a caramel bar also followed suit : / I'm like Conor Maynard and I just can't say no.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid: Difference Between NW15 & NC20.

So yesterday I finally got colour matched to the Studio Fix Fluid foundation for my wedding (just over 4 weeks away!!) and was matched with NW15. I'd actually bought this foundation last year and I loved the finish, coverage, and how buildable it was, however my fear of the counter led me to think "ah I'm about the same skin tone as my friend so I'll get the same shade as her." I was wrong. I ended up with NC20 which morphed me into....well...morph and gave me the hugest foundation line which was a shame as the coverage seemed to hide my blotches for a good few hours.

So I bit the bullet and approached the Milton Keynes counter with caution, silly really as the girl who served me was actually very lovely, she slathered on some NW15 and advised it was more pink toned and would therefore stop the orange line creeping around the jaw, and after gazing at my now even skin in the mirror for a while I left a happy customer clutching my little black box.

NC = Neutral Cool
NW = Neutral Warm

Whilst most people would think that red/pink toned skin is cool, and yellow toned skin is warm, mac actually decided to mix it up a bit and do things the other way around. They class yellow as cool and red as warm. So.

NC = Neutral Cool = Yellow Toned
NW = Neutral Warm = Pink Toned.

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC20 NW15

Hopefully from the swatches you can see the difference and my rambling has started to make sense, the NC shade is fairly yellow and is obvs not suited to my skin at all, where as the NW's pinky undertones suit my fair skin tone a lot more - well not on my pale hand, look towards the wrist area!

Although it does seem to get more confusing. Some people (I'm one of these) just want a foundation that matches their skin and will use a concealer to cover up any imperfections afterwards, where as others want to counteract their tones and use the opposite shade to neutralise. So the thought for these people is that:
A pinky toned skin + A yellowy foundation = all mixed in nicely for an even face.

I can understand this but for me it just wouldn't work unless I literally used a paint roller to "do" my whole body so that no foundation lines could be seen. There seems to be so many opposing views on the difference between nw/nc online, if you've got any thoughts on it/had any bad experiences then lemme know!

Please tell me why my car is in the front yard

peter pan collar black shift dress
Dress: Clothing At Tesco

Ah there's me saying I've never owned a little black dress and then I go and buy two in a month. To be fair this was bought for interview purposes / formal affair purposes so it's justfied. And at sixteen squid I think it's justified even more! I do have a bit of a love for shift dresses as you can eat a three course meal, breath out, and still have the stomach area hidden, plus the flair at the bottom always makes my legs look smaller than they actually are. Bonus.
I don't know if anyone saw my tweets last night but I'm on a complete chocolate and sweet ban from now until the wedding and already I'm dying with the need for sweet chocolatey goodness. My fingers are actually typing this post whilst my mind wanders to thoughts of kit kat chunkies dunked in tea and it's only been....1 day : / I try not to be a Moaning Melissa when it comes to weight but there is actually no give in my dress so the slightest .123213 of an inch will cause it to pop leaving me to saunter down the aisle in the nuddy. Plus it wouldn't help to be a bit healthier before the honeymoon considering my plan is to eat mexican scram with lots of melted cheese three times a day.
And on that high cholesterol note I'm heading off to watch geordie shore - why oh why won't Charlotte & Gary just be together and deal with it? They're like a more kebab shop less caviar version of Chuck & Blair and I love it.

Vo5 Give Me Texture Review: Before & After

vo5 give me texture Photobucket
vo5 give me texture before and after review
vo5 give me texture before and after review

In the tune of Rihanna I found love in a hair powderrrr. Yes it's actually love. I've always had fine hair (which has got worse after years of heat torture) but thankfully was graced with having a lot of it. Sadly due to said fineness after straightening I'm usually left with a limp, lank barnet that wouldn't know texture if it came across it in a dark alley and texture shouted "Hello I am texture!" at it.
Thankfully not too long ago a miracle white powder was born which didn't involve men with moustaches and law dodging and I've been an avid user ever since. The Vo5 Give Me Texture powder promises to give instant volume and "oomph" whilst gripping the root and preventing limpness. I have been told that it's not great on darker hair as the matte finish it gives can take out any shine making your hair look a tad dry, however I couldn't recommend this enough for any shade of blonde.
For 7g it's around £4.00 but I recently bought two for £5 in boots so you can get it cheaper from time to time, and a little goes a long way....unless you have a pilfering boyfriend.

I Only Have The One Pose

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Dress: Topshop
Denim Shirt: c/o Glamorous 
Daisy Necklace: Newlook
Bangles: Primark

Gutted, just linked this necklace and it's now in the sale after I paid full price two weeks ago, sigh. I posted about my first ever dabble with the lbd last week and here it is in all it's glory made into more of a casual affair thanks to this denim shirt from Glamorous. I'm actually really happy with this, I've seen a few sleeved versions gracing the rails on the highstreet but I've been a bit wary of coming across as a. a mechanic, or b. Caggie from Made In Chelsea. With this shirt you can make it look as androgynous or as girly as you want and I approve.

Oh, and this is my 200th post! As I type this I'm expecting a whole parade to come marching into my flat bearskins and all. In reality I'm about to tuck into a double decker and a mug of tetleys. I should really cut down my chocolate in take, or at least stop blathering on about it on here. Although in an attempt to exercise I actually swam this week despite the pool being full of elderly hairy gentleman. It wasn't until the day after my colleagues decided to tell me that particular pool is a known stomping ground for perverts....

You're Always Keeping All Your Borders Up

white dress white cut out dress glamorous white chiffon dress
Dress: c/o Glamorous

I was a bit apprehensive when choosing this dress, I don't have the flattest of stomachs and was worried there'd be some sort of cut out take on the muffin top going on, however it's lose enough to show  bit o' flesh without looking like I'm bursting out, but fitted enough to still look girly and flattering. An overall win for me. It's not even that see-through either which is a bonus, I thought it'd be destined for a life of overthebikini but I reckon it can make the step up to summer time evening wear now!
Hope everyone's had a fab weekend, I got to see my parents who are visiting from Spain last night which was rather nice, but I ate a very fatty bleeding steak which wasn't very nice. To make up for this I'm planning a culinary masterpiece tonight in the form of a cheese and bean toastie with a muller corner for desert - I really know how to end the weekend with a bang!
Right, I'm off to contemplate which brow kit to purchase and attempt the mound of washing up that seems to be breeding in my kitchen, all whilst dancing around to Flo Rida.

New Found Love For The LBD

lbd black dress
Top Left to Right: Lace Bodycon // Lace Skater // High Waisted Lace
Bottom Left to Right: Laser Cut // Studded Collar // Bodycon

So last week I bought my first ever "little black dress". Yes. 24 years old and I've never worn a fully black dress before. You know how some people say "I need to wear more colour" well I've decided I need to wear more black, I've always thought that with pale and freckly skin I'm best suited to colour (like the parents that think their freckled children have to be dressed in green) but after shimmying into my slightly too tight dress on Saturday I quite liked the result! With this in mind my keyboard happy fingers went tap tap tapping onto various websites and these are the six I've got my peepers on, I do love them all but I don't know if my digestive loving stomach would look that attractive in the bodycons, oh to be toned!
In other exciting news, well probably more so for me, in seven weeks tomorrow I will be MARRIED and will no longer have the most common surname ever, the stress hasn't set in yet but I've been having some mad old dreams, from wearing a red shift dress as my wedding dress to being chased by a fat man with a tattoo of a piano on his bare belly....

Standing on the Rooftops Wait Until the Bombs Drop

Photobucket Photobucket
Dress: Inlovewithfashion
Boots: c/o So You Shoes

I'm really going to have to get used to this tripod malarkey and find a decent place to position it without a. awful lighting, and b. an awkward stance.
This is what I wore on Saturday to meet some lovely bloggers for fun times in Birmingham. Actually this is what I wore to snaffle a gbk burger in, I wore an out out (check the Micky Flanagan reference) dress for the wonder that is snobs. I had such a good day/night though which was made even better when an unexpected "Starships" popped up between the indie cindy songs and the realisation that bottles of Carlsberg were only £1.50! So to everyone that went, thanks for making the weekend a good'un and helping me forget that Thomas was off being a vile stag.
This is going to have to be pretty short and sweet, I can hear the familiar du-du-du-du-du-du-du's of Hollyoaks and I NEED to find out who Silus' accomplice is - as much as I dislike Will and his lack of facial expression, I find it hard to believe he's a killer.

Some Snaps

In the last month I've obtained two cameras and have still only pretty much taken random pictures in the flat. Here are some of them.
Wedding centerpiece pebbles Photobucket ultimate burger Photobucket Photobucket morrisons chocolate brownie caramel sauce animal onesies

I know the burger and the brownies look pretty gross but I'm not that bothered about presentation in food as long as it tastes nice, and they tasted immense. Who wants a salad built into a fortress when you can scarf down caramel and brownie slop? Ha fortress is a funny word.
So. The first picture is my cheap and cheerful wedding centerpiece which will be made to look more jazzy with gold table crystals, the florist wanted an obscene amount of money to do something pretty much the same so I bought some plastic lilies from ebay, headed to b&q and viola!
The larvely ladies in the fifth picture are Stacey and Chelsey whom I papped at towib, both are rather nice and have grand blogs so have a peruse!
And finally I feel I should explain this last snap before anyone jumps to the conclusion that I'm a creep with a fury fetish, these Primark creations have been purchased by Thomas and his friends for a LADZ stag do where the plan is to...wear them?  I think they're going paint balling dressed as penguins and tigers and generally being a LAD and partaking in other LAD behaviour. Gross.

Skin Kiss Slimming Tights

black tights slimming caffeine shift dress
denier black tights 60's shift dress sheer
Dress: Primark
Caffeine Tights: c/o Tightsplease
Boots: Newlook
Silly Itchy Head haven'tgotnitshonest pose: My own

I've worn this dress before on le blog  but I thought I'd don the shortest thing I own and flounce around the flat to see if these Skinkiss tights really will make me a slim Sally. I'm always eager to try a gimmick  and after hearing that I could reduce my thighs by up to 2 inches in 28 days it was like fate had told me to trim up for the wedding of the century. I'm not sure if fate would be happy that I'm taking the quick fix easy option and not the exercise until you can't walk route but I'll ignore that for now.
These little nylon wonders have been "infused" with caffeine which is supposed to increase your metabolic rate and therefore burn fat quicker, they were featured on This Morning and according to their review people are going crazy for 'em. They're quite pricey at £25.48 for a pack of three (making them £8.49 per pair) but if they really do give me firm pins then I'll be willing to part with my cash once these are all caffeined out.
The brand are also the folk behind the fake tan tights which I thought were a bit of a silly idea at first, but after tanning on Thursday and being left with orange thumbs and knuckles for the millionth time, it might be something I should consider.
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